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Symptoms Of A Hangover – How To Cure It

How to cure hangover symptoms? This is the question humankind has been asking for a long time, in addition I think I have found couple of solutions for you.

What Is Hangover?

Hangover is physical and emotional state which comes after drinking too much alcohol.

Alcoholics and non alcoholics have this state except hangover symptoms are stronger and more complex for alcoholics.

When we drink something – wine, beer or something else it goes to our stomach. From here it goes to our blood stream.

Blood transfers alcohol through our whole organism, and by blood stream it goes to every organs in our body.In addition, the more we drink the more it affects our behavior and organism.

Furthermore, even when we stop drinking alcohol still goes through our organism. It does that untill it is processed and expelled from our organism. This takes time.

At least 24 hours is needed to purify our body from alcohol. What happens during that time? Our organism is coming back to its normal state. Liver processes alcohol and ejects it from organism.

It takes certain amount of time for the body to recover from large amount of alcohol. Therefore, after drinking comes to sobriety phase.

This phase is called hangover.

Therefore hangover is the state of organism when its coming back to normal state after drinking. Hangover is what we feel day after drinking. This is not a pleasant state.

Sometimes it is very difficult state, one which we most of the time consider sickness. Many are not capable for any mental of physical work. Others function bu hardly.

When you look at the people with hangover the look very slow and clumsy. They move slowly, do work slowly, they don’t make any sudden moves and the hold their head most of the time.

Hangover is actually a warning from our organism to drink less in the future. This warning clearly tells us we took it too far and must pay attention to this.

hangover symptoms

Symptoms Of A Hangover


Head feels like it is going to blow up and fall apart. You cannot take the music and loud conversation.

You demand from your family to tip toe around and talk by whispers.


You feel like you could throw up at any moment. It is strong feeling this is why many people try to throw up by force but nothing comes out. By forcing it hangover becomes stronger.


You should know that alcohol dehydrates organism. To say it better it drains our organism. Organism stays without necessary amount of water and therefore strong thirst comes.


Vertigo, tiredness and slackness comes after drinking. Lack of sleep, no eating and only alcohol does this to our body.

Mental symptoms

Psychical symptoms are worsened if you find out that you did something you wouldn’t do if you were sober.

This is when shame comes and one could easily fall into depression. Moral hangover is very hard state, when person starts hating themself for getting so much drunk.

It is very difficult feeling when it comes to alcoholic amnesia. This means that after night of heavy drinking we have blackouts about what we have done during drinking night.

This can refer to some events or on whole night. Person could not remember where they was or with whom or how they got home.

This leads to fear and remorse. This creates fear of coming back into company as person doesn’t know how they will be accepted.

Why It Comes To Hangover?

It would be understatement if we said that hangover comes only because of alcohol.

For most of uncomfortable situations dehydration is guilty. Too much loss of fluids from organism. This is what alcohol boosts.

This is why it comes to cracked lips, headache and vertigo.

Because our stomach is irritated it comes to digestion problems, sickness and throwing up.

Ethyl alcohol is one of the main ingredients of alcoholic beverages. It is not just ethyl alcohol that causes hangover. Clinical research have shown that pure alcohol doesn’t cause headaches.

Every drink has different taste, color and smell. This is what give a certain “thing” for every alcoholic beverage. Therefore it is likely to add artificial components during production.

All of this things affects how strong hangover is. While pure drinks like vodka and white wine can easily be slept through, other drinks like liquers can cause strong hangover.

Different components in these drinks cause serotonin production in our body. Serotonin plays important part in how we perceive pain and happiness.

Bare in mind that beer and white wine don’t change serotinin concentration in our body that much.

Therefore it is not only important how much you drink but what kind of alcohol you drink.

When central nervous system is bombed by alcohol it goes into phase of artificial, alcohol caused, numbness and function supression.

By stopping with drinks it doesn’t go back into its normal state, but jumps into different direction, into over sensitive mode.

What Affects Strenght Of Hangover?

In addition, how you hangover will and how you will take it depends on many factos.

Are you used to alcohol? Person that is not used to alcohol has stronger hangover than person that is, no matter how much that person drank.

It often happens that someone who never drank alcohol could get drunk on one glass of wine or beer. They have stronger hangover symptoms than person that is used to alcohol.

Children and adolescents are more sensitive to alcohol than grown ups. One of the reason is that they are lighter in weight. In addition, second reason is their capacity to degrade alcohol in the liver is lesser as they do not drink as much.

Individual alcohol resistance, in addition this means that someone can drink more and not get drunk while someone else gets drunk faster. This depends on the organism itself, body build, height and weight. Of course if we drink too much, organism needs more time to process alcohol, therefore extends the time of hangover.

People who suffer from different kind of neurosis, depression, people who have stiff social and moral demands. These kinds of people tend to suffer hard depression, remorse and fear in their hangover.

Find out here how to overcome stressful situations.

Let me say something else about this.

Night spent in good mood can by itself cause headaches and hangover symptoms because of disturbed night rhytm.

Now imagine different situation. You are on your vacation. Relaxed. You have all the time in the world, you eat at a restaurant and listen to your favorite music. If you drink a lot of alcohol you will probably not sense a thing. Hangover is cured by your situation..

Smoking is also a main factor. Everywhere you go out there is a lot of smokers. This just doubles the toxicity of your body.

Hangover Prevention

Prevention means stopping something bad to happen before it happens. Therefore to prevent hangover just don’t drink too much.

If we take care of our body and our health it will not fail us. Dehydration can be avoided.

If you are going out with people that like to drink a lot think about next couple of things:

  • Before you go eat something. Eat something that is heavy and it takes time for your organism to digest. This is how we prevent iritation of our stomach. If you drink without eating you will get drunk easily. Similarly alcohol concentration is higher in your blood. We know that hangover is stronger if there is more alcohol in your blood to be processed. This is why I recommend drinking with full stomach.
  • Glass of milk can have positive effect as it reduces speed with which we absorb alcohol. This may seem funny but you should try and find out for yourself.
  • Drink only one kind of drink. Hard drinks(higher than 10% of alcohol) are to be avoided as they cause strong hangover. Wine is as good as aperitiff as any other drink. Try to finish your night with the same drink you started it. Don’t start with one, continue with second and finish with third kind of alcohol because you will be devastated by hangover in the morning.
  • Don’t drink up. Sip on your drink. Take your time to drink and you will see that you can enjoy alcohol much better.
  • Eat during your night out. Find something to snack on while you drink that will again reduce amount of alcohol that goes into your blood stream.

If you listen to these advices, then your hangover will be easy or non existent. Of course smoking is different problem which adds to hangover.

hangover symptoms

Symptoms Of A Hangover Relief

There is no cure for hangover. But if it happens again you should stick to these advices to reduce hangover symptoms.

#1 Water

Drink a lot of water to recover lost fluids. This is the most important thing that will help you to feel like you should again. However, your body asks for water so there will be no reason not to respect your bodies wishes. If you had too much to drink try to drink some water before going to bed.

#2 Medicine

You have a headache? Take some pills for it. You could also drink some vitamins to help your body recovery.

#3 Rest

It happens often that you don’t sleep at all after a night out. It is not simple to fall asleep when you are dizzy and when you have a feeling that ceiling will fall on you. But, rest is needed for regeneration and recovery. As vertigo goes you should get some sleep and rest. Throwing up, peeing, headaches can really put a stress to ones body.

#4 Workout

Truth be told you might not like this one. If you can do it you should. This doesn’t mean you should go outside with the first sunrays and go for a run. Hard training is not good for hangover as it can strenghten hangover spend the sugar you already lack. But stretching, yoga or simple walk could help increase circulation and lift serotonin levels in your organism. Alcohol lifts mood fast but brain stays slow. Therefore hormone levels are reduces, improve them by increasing blood flow in your body.

If you need advices on how to get better workout and by that get your body in shape for the next summer click here.

#5 Avoid Noise And Strong Light

Keep your sunglasses close if you are going out for a walk.

#6 Juice

Try to make some shake that you will like. It would be ideal if its made from fresh fruits. This will help you recover energy and vitamins needed.

#7 Soup

If you don’t like idea to eat something hard then try soup. Soup is rich in vitamins and minerals you lost by throwing up or over peeing. Soup can be easily made and takes least amount of energy to be eaten.

#8 Toast

Burnt toast will recover your carbonhydrates and energy. They act a filter to purify your body from toxins.


To everyone that suffer from strong hangover I can give one confort: Symptoms are only the day after and they will pass after 24 hours.

This means that you should give your body 24 hours to process the alcohol you drank the night before. This process cannot be fastened.

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