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Stressful Definition – How To Overcome Stressful Situations

Stressful definition? Can stress be defined?

Stress doesn’t have to always be negative. When we are facing different life challenges a little dose of “pressure” can sometimes help us in overcoming our problems.

Stress helps to give all we got when it is needed. However, when stressful situation lasts long, it can have bad influence on physical and mental health.

Stressful definition.

Stress is physiological process. Therefore it is the way our body responds to challenge or a threat.

It is evolutional mechanism which helps us survive in life threatening circumstances by elevating our systems to maximum. You can say, in addition, that stress is some sort of self preservation.

Stress helps us, in many life situations, to stay focused, woke and cautious. For example, when we drive through a lot of traffic or cross the street, little dose of stress provides us security.

Stress also helps us respond to challenges.

When we have to perform publicly, study or prepare exams, stress helps us stay woke and focused.

However, there is a line after which stress is no longer help, but becomes a threat to health. Similarly it disturbs our peace, relaxness, communication and quality of life.

Stressful Reactions

There are three phases of stressful reactions which could last from couple of seconds to couple of hours.

Different traumatic events, situations and influences which life brings us we, most of the time, see as an agression. In addition as an attack on us, as injury to our psycho-physical integrity.

If it happens suddenly, as it happens with acute stress, we are shaken and out of our balance.

In every organism there is alert. Automaticaly defence system is on and we strain mentally and physicaly to endure the situation.

We grow more tense untill we manage to adapt to this new situation.

After that alarm phase, organism attempts to adjust itself to new situations. This is resistance phase.

Here, reason and will have the biggest part. They help us adjust to this situation, accept it as it is, “digest” it and overcome it.

Faster we adapt, faster we will return to our normal state and will not have harmfull consequences.

However, in this attempt to adapt, people make different mistakes. They lose hope and will to fight, give themselves to destiny, use drugs or alcohol.

In this case the whole organism reaction is bad, which is most of the time followed by mental and body suffering. In this case we say person is under stress.

As a final result of this reaction can come third phase. Phase of exhaustion. In this phase it comes to fall of our defence systems.

Third phase, in addition, can lead to symptoms of physical or mental illness and can lead to death. However, it rarely comes to third phase.

stressful definition

Stressful Definition – Symptoms

Stress is not our second nature, nor is it state which should last for long.

One of the biggest problems of today is that we are getting used to stress. In addition we often pay no attention to obvious signs which appear.

Physical stress symptoms:

  • digestion problems, constipation or diarrhea
  • insomnia
  • vertigo
  • chest pain
  • bad immunity
  • hormonal disorder and loss of sexual appetite

Symptoms which can go unnoticed but should be paid attention to:

  • concentration and memory problems
  • feeling isolated
  • frequently irritated and disturbed
  • constant worry
  • tendence toward negative thoughts

Stressful Definition – Overcoming Stressful Situations

We must admit that stress became part of our lives. It is consequnce of many things.

One of the things is, for example, to many obligations in short period of time. If this is what is giving you problems then solution is simpler than you thought it would be.


Say no to everything that is not pleasure to you. Say no to things you know you can’t do. Scream no to people you do not want to say yes to.

Stressful Definition – Why Say No?

Fact is we cannot give more hours to our day. Similarly we can improve our capabilities to some measure.

Don’t look others and theirs. Only you can know what is too much for you. Maybe these things will help you realise this:

  • Saying no is not selfish. This means that you respect your commitments and need quality time to see them through.
  • Saying no lets you try new things. If you were the one to organise your friends it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. If you don’t say no, you will not have time for other activities and interests.
  • It is unhealthy to always say yes. If you are overbooked, and by things that don’t make you happy, you will be tense and nervous. This affects your health condition.

When To Say No?

Sometimes it is hard to know which activities deserve your time and attention, and which do not.

To ease up your choice use the next strategy.

Focus on what is important.

Check you current commitments and priorities before you take up another one. Ask yourself is this new thing important and what it will bring you.

If it is something you believe you have energy to do, then do it why not? However, if you doubt you can, take a break.


Think, if the activity you plan carries short-term or long-term commitment? Do not say yes if it takes days or even months of additional stress.

Don’t do things out of pity.

Do not say yes to things you know you wouldn’t accept just because of someone elses feelings and situations.

Sleep it through.

If things before this one didn’t help you realise if you should say yes or no, take your time. Sleep on it. Give yourself time to take the decision.

Stressful Definition – How To Say No?

No! Say that out loud. You will see how it is simple to say one small word which can in addition make your life simpler.

Finally, here are some things you need to keep in mind when you say NO:

Stressful Definition – Word NO has power.

Don’t be afraid to use it. Be carefull in using phrases like “I’m not sure” or “I don’t think I can”. This can easily be signal to someone that you will change your mind after negotiation.

Be short and clear.

Give reasons why you say no. But stick to that. Don’t go explaining or justifying yourself, in addition, your choice and your possibilities are just that. Yours.

Be honest.

Don’t make up things just to avoid something. Truth is always the best way to say no to a friend, family or associate

Be ready to repeat yourself.

You may have to say no couple of times before someone accepts it for an answer. When that happens, just remember why you said no first time, then similarly repeat yourself.

It will not be easy and simple to say no, especially if you are a person that is there for everyone and everything. This is, therefore, why you need to say no. It will make your life simpler.

If you are one of those people who plan every detail of their day, when something goes wrong you fall into stressful situations.

Maybe workout can be solution to your problems. If you don’t have time to go to the gym click here to find out best workouts you can do in the comfort of your home.

Know Your Priorities

With two business reports you need to send, project you have been working on for some time and you need to finish it finally.

Similarly your friends birthday party, your list of assignments is endless. However, so is fear you feel when think about how to squeeze everything in short period of time.

Although you cannod predict every aspect of your life, you can learn you to solve a lot of things just by knowing your priorities.

Deal with things by urgency and spread your activities. Only by doing that you will make progress in doing things which will certainly reduce stress during work.

stressful definition

Give Yourself Some Hobby Time

There is no better way to overcome stressful situations than activities and hobbies that you enjoy.

No matter what your hobby is, a decision to make a break from your chaotic schedule can be just what you need to replenish your energy.

Stressful Definition – Avoid Self Guilt

Among many positive things you do in your life, the way how you treat yourself should be that positive example. Sometimes that is not the case.

Sometimes you blame yourself for being in a hurry and forgetting lunch, or maybe you forgot to charge your phone which turned off exactly when you needed it.

No matter what it is, your first reaction shouldn’t be to blame yourself but to make peace with that. Similarly it can happen to anyone.

In the end to blame yourself for every small mistake is not healthy. In addition this is only proof that you are human.

Be Flexible

It is key to know that reaction on everyday stressful situation can be your desire to have control over everything. In that case you need to find compromise.

Your airconditioning is malfunctioning? Here a chance to go to that coffee place, while it is repaired.

You need to learn to adjust to unpredictable and unplanned situations. Therefore you will succesfully you all your jobs during the day.

Seek Comfort

When we go through tough periods in our lives, we often think that we are alone.

You are wrong. Allow your friends and family to be there for you. Don’t hide in your room and escape reality. Allow them to help you, make you laugh and be there for you.

When you don’t know what to do, call them. You can only complain to people you care about and know that they care also. They will give honest advice.

Surely after a conversation like that you will feel better.

Stressful Definition – Consequences Of Stress

Increased body weight.

Comfortably eating crazy amounts of food can be activated by stress.

If emotions and tiredness make you eat it can be a problem. When you are tired, you will probably choose unhealthy food, often relying on fast food because you’re tired.

In addition, cortizol(stress hormone) can lead to slowed metabolism. This combined is recipe for increased body weight.

It is harmfull for our skin.

Thanks to increase of androgen during stressful situations you can be prone to acne. There is also probability that you will lose more hair than usual.

Stress can weaken you immune system, therefore causing other skin problems. Unfortunately, weakened immune system can also mean that you need more time to deal with the problems.

We know it can be hard, but pay attention to what you eat.

Here are some advices on how to cook healthy.

You are slow and in pain.

Maybe you didn’t know this, but stress can affect your muscles in a bad way.

This happens because your blood pressure and heart rate are increased. In addition, this can make your muscles sore and inflammated. Massage or a good stretch can help.

Although stress is part of our lives it is important to know that it can lead to unwanted effects.

Workout against stress, focus on what our body and mind need.

Sometimes you just need break, in addition, sometimes you will need to take a good look in your life and realise what is causing it.

Nothing is worth our health.

stressful situation

Stressful Definition – How To Avoid Stress During Life Changes

Whether you are going through a tough break up, loss of job, family problems… You cannot let stress and depression eat you.

Having in mind that it is hard to stay positive through these things I have decides to share with you some advices on how to stay positive.

Accept your problem.

If you run away from it be sure that it will catch you eventually. Don’t run from it, face it.

In case you are going through a loss, break up or sorrow of any kind, allow yourself to be sad. Stay a day or two in the house, cry, watch tv, read a book or simply sleep it through.

Sooner you realise what is the problem, sooner you will overcome it. Accept the fact that things happen for a reason and that is time to move one.

When you are ready to accept that, you are ready to move on.

Get into tub.

Fill your tub with warm water, add oils and add candles. Relax in warm bath while you listen to relaxing music.

Just half hour of this can help you relieve yourself from stress.

Stressful Definition – Changes happen for a reason.

Although you think it is impossible that sorrow happens for a reason, trust me you are wrong.

Unfortunately, many life lessons are learned the hard way.

Sometimes life prepares us for bigger situations and problems. There is always a reason why something is happening, it may take time to realise this.

Don’t lose hope because everything will come to place. Think about positive side of your problem, lessons to be learned and how you can change this situation.

When one door closes another one opens.

I thing that definition of stressful situation is a hard one.

Hopefully I have helped you overcome your stress and give you a way into your palace of calmness.

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