Smokers Acne – Do Cigarettes Cause Acne?

Smokers acne come if you smoke too much for a long period of time. This problem is troubling a lot of people who smoke.

One of the ways to get rid of them is to stop smoking. However, there is something more.

Skin types can define affinity towards dermatologic changes. Some skins are tolerant towards acne, however, there is the other one which succumbs to this change.

Did you know that, no matter what your skin type is, acne caused by cigarettes come to most of the smokers and are very hard to be removed from face?

In this article you will find out more about acnes which come as a consequence of too much smoking and how to deal with them.

A lot of people don’t even know that this change of your skin is possible. As a matter of fact, skin change called acne is common and huge number of people have to deal with them.

smokers acne

Smokers Acne

Smoking cigarettes is very common these days. Cigarettes contain many harmful ingredients. They have bad effects on your organism.

Besides gradually destroying your organs, the contribute to faster aging and skin cracking. Therefore visual effect is that skin looks older.

Does smoking cigarettes cause acne?

The answer to this question is yes.

Looking it all in all, smoking contributes to acne and their slower healing. This is widely known as smokers acne.

Scientists from dermatology institute of Rome have proven that smoking closes pores. In addition this has a consequence red changes on your face, called acne.

According to their research as much as 42% of subjects suffer from acne. Interesting information is that most of them were female.

Women who have suffered from acne are four times likely to suffer from them in older age because of smoking. This is not connected to how much you smoke, whether it is 1 or 2 pack of cigarettes, the effect is the same.

Smoking increases appearance of wrinkles and makes your skin look older than it actually is. If you are asking how, here is a short answer.

Cigarettes release free radicals which lower production of collagen. It is well known that colagen has the job to keep our skin soft and elastic.

When production of collagen is lowered automatically is lowered the posibility of the skin to breathe. In addition skin layers are becoming dead and not capable of further oxygen trade in skin.

When you are a person whose skin is succeptable to acne, and you are a smoker, you will for sure have acne. Proof of this is one of my friends who had acne problems since her teenage days.

smokers acne

Do Acne Dissapear When You Stop Smoking?

You probably notices that smokers skin is dry and not good looking. Their skin is full of wrinkles, thin, pale and has acne.

Cigarette smoke has carbon monoxide which replaces oxygen in your skin. In addition nicotine reduces blood flow leaving skin pale and dry.

All of this, next to other harmfull materies in cigarettes, makes your skin more succeptable to acne. Smoking destroys many nutrients which are necessary for normal functioning of organism.

Nutrients like vitamins A,C,D,E are affected by smoking, and they are important for the look and health of your skin.

If you are already familiar with all this and you have decided to quit smoking, you are probably wondering how much time has to pass for your skin to be beautiful again?

As for everything in life it takes time to bring it back to normal.

To get your health back to normal and reclaim the look you want it is necessary to:

  • quit smoking
  • feed healthy
  • increase physical activity

Find out here how to start cooking healthy food.

You can get insights on how to motivate yourself to start working out and how motivation works for you here.

Here is a list of exercises which will help you improve overall condition.

When you stop smoking your body will get more oxygen. In addition this leads to good materies affect your body in a positive way. It will help your skin to be purified.

It is known that acne come due to hormonal disorders and can be caused by bad face hygiene.

Stress and genetic predisposition can also be cause of acne, but main suspect are bacterie in combination with other factors which cause them.

Then answer to this question, is that acne can be removed by quitting smoking, but it will take month or more.

Cystic Acne And Smoking – Are They Connected?

Puberty is an age which is to blame for appearance of this problem. However, we see more and more mature people who have problems with cystic acne.

Lets find out what cystic acne are and how they are related to smoking.

Cystic acne is a severe type of acne in which the pores in the skin become blocked, leading to infection and inflammation. Most of the time they appear in groups across the skin.

In addition they look very bad. This can influence your confidence. Especially if the person in question is an young person which needs to build confidence.

Cystic acne cause pain, are full of pus and leave scars which cannot be removed for years. They are very persistent. They mostly appear on face, neck, chest and chin.

Scientific research shows that men have more problems with them than women.

Main causes which lead to this persisten problem are next:

  • hormonal changes which can be cause of bigger disease
  • contraception pill
  • stressful situations
  • genetic predisposition
  • unadequate face and body hygiene
  • skin type

What increases this inflammation is trying to pop them. You shouldn’t be touching them as your hands are dirty. Reason for this are additional infections which irritate and cause scars.

If you are wondering if smoking causes them the answer is no. At least directly. However, they can indirectly increase inflammation.

Smokers Acne – Hormonal Acne

Hormonal dysbalance can drastically affect your health. Lets find out how hormonal acne and smoking are connected.

Lets start with what you already know. Smoking is very harmful and should be avoided in any way you can. Avoid smoking and avoid being in a room where there is cigarette smoke.

Hormonal acne appear mostly on your back and your face. Hormonal acnes are not gender specific, but appear in the same amount for women and men.

When talking about hormones and acne, their direct corellation are hormones which through receptors in folicues regulate activity of sebaceous gland. When these gland start to work, it comes to excess sebum and as an result hormonal acne appear. They are filled with bacteria.

Part covered by acne are very painfull and sensitive to touch. This is why you shouldn’t try to pop them or touch them.

More often the whole area around acne is red and irritated and demands special treatment and hygiene. It is important to use ointment which can reduce redness and inflammation.

To get rid of hormonal acne it is important to treat the cause first. Stabilize hormones, and then treat other causes.

On of the many reasons these acne appear are for sure smoking cigarettes. Due to lack of folicule food dead cells appear.

By reducing cigarettes you will reduce hormonal acne activity.

smokers acne

Acne Around Mouth

You probably never connected these small acne aroud your lips and smoking.

Although it is not the only cause, it is very often that we see smokers have these bad looking acne around their mouth. In addition causes can be dental problems or bad hygiene. However, you should know that smoking affects these two also, or contributes to them if you will.

Small little blackheads which appear around your mouth due to large amount of nicotine. However, cigarettes themselves are dirty enough to cause them.

Red inflammated acne which appear on the sides of your lips, appear because lack of vitamins.

Treating these acne is mostly focused on increasing your fruits and vegetables intake. To increase overall hygiene of body and face which have acne. Stay away from bad habbits such as cigarettes, sweets, and alcohol.

Smokers Acne – Treatment

When we talk about removing face acne we should deal first with their causes and then treat acne as a consequence. This means quit smoking and turn to healthy life habbits.

Anyway, for startes it would be good to wash your face more often. Dry it with soft towel, and in the meantime find some natural gel against acne, one that is not too agressive.

Besides gel, it is good to have cream based on benzoil-peroxide or acetilsalicin acid. These treat redness and inflammation and succesfuly deal with microorganisms which cause acne.

Aloe vera is universal plant which momentarily reduces inflammation and reduces redness, and is very good means to fight acne.

If none of the above help you, you should seek help from your dermatologist. And as a last means use medicinal cosmetics and medics.


I have asked my friend to write about her problems with cigarettes.

“As a teenager I have started smoking. It is true that my friends put me up to it, but I have continued to smoke nonetheless. In time I started to notice that my face was more and more covered in acne which I could not remove. I shouldn’t mention time and money I spent, all in vain, because there was no solution. However, as I ran out of ideas I have decided to quit smoking, non related to my acne problems.

I never connected my acne problems with cigarettes. Between numerous things I used, I noticed that in short time after smoking my face was almost good as new. I am now convinced that I wasted my and time of my dermatologist. It was all I had to do? Quit smoking? I strongly advise everyone to quit smoking, whether they are fighing acne or not. Trust me you will help your organism and your overall look. This is a present your body will appreciate.”


I tried to pick up as many informations for you to convince you to quit smoking. It is up to you what you will do with them. I hope that I was helpful enough.

Whatever that you do, trust in yourself and believe that you are doing what is best for you. Let those smokers acne dissapear and preserve your health.

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