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Salt Therapy – What Exactly Is Halotherapy?

Salt therapy or halo-therapy if you like, is an excellent way to improve your health just by sitting.

Sounds unrealistic I know. However, there are numerous benefits of this therapy and I will talk about them in this article.

We all know that we should not use too much salt in our diet but this is something else. Can salt be that healthy?

What is the idea behind this?

Basically, you sit in a room made of salt, inhale salt particles which are distributed by a machine. This will make you healthy.

You don’t believe me? Stick around and find out more what salt therapy can do for you.


Ancient Greeks noticed that salt caves have positive effects for people who have breathing related problems.

Priests discovered that caves in salt rocks cause positive effects for certain type of illnesses and speed up their recovery.

They took sick people into salt caves and exposed them to specific microclimate.

For people who had severe problems they tried to increase effect of salt by crushing salt stalactites  so that sick person could inhale the dust.

It was beginning of salt therapy. These caves had clean air, high concentration of ions and no allergen.

It was also noticed that the factors which improved breathing, had effects not only during the therapy but also after.

You may be surprised by this but salt therapy was used by Romans as their main therapy for diseases associated with lungs.

However, it was also noticed that Polish and Russian salt miners did not show any of the symptoms other miners had.

As a matter of fact research showed that these miners actually had increased immune system and were healthy as they can be. Why?

Salt. But how does salt therapy work?

salt therapy

What Is Salt Therapy And How Does It Work?

Halo-therapy is natural method of curation which is based on timed stay in specially made salt room.

This whole room is covered by natural rock salt. In this room micro particles of salt are dispersed into air to create special microclimate like those in salt mines.

It has excellent therapeutic influence in curing asthma and bronchial diseases, it calms down and deepens breathing.

In addition it cleans your airways, reduces chance of getting a cold, helps with allergies, speeds up serotonin oxidation, regulates mineral balance, increases immunity and helps with insomnia.

Crystals of rock salt as natural ionizer increase quality of air because they produce negative ions which can only be found at sea.

Ionised air has positive influence on human organism. It leads to psychophysical balance and helps with concentration and work ability increase.

Amount of micro particles is much higher than when you are at sea or in natural salt caves.

However, halo-generator plays a large role here as it maintains this micro climate.

Halo-generator is a device which produces dry NaCl aerosol and blows it up to the room. It has microprocessor which with modern sensors, control amount of aerosol in the room.

In addition it controls temperature and air humidity. In these conditions hypoallergenic environment is produced.

What Are Benefits Of Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy in salt room cures and prevents illnesses with numerous mechanisms.

It cleans mucus from airways and makes breathing easier. Strengthens natural mechanism which cleans airways of people with asthma.

It reduces inflammation and kills bacteria. By reducing airway sensitivity on irritation and allergen it removes spasms. Improves lung function.

Halo-therapy reduces all pathologic processes in bronchi, reduces swelling, inflammation, removes excess mucus and acts against bacteria infection.

It is known that salt has anti bacteria effect, so it is even used in swimming pools instead of chlorine.

Halo-therapy does not use medicine so there is no toxic reaction to it. It does not cause microorganism resistance which in time need stronger dosage of medicine.

What exactly does salt therapy treat?


Sterile, clean air treats asthma perfectly. This air gets deep into bronchi and destroys viruses and bacteria.

In addition it reduces inflammation and swelling. The air in salt room also widens your airways on completely normal way.

Allergic Rhinitis

By inhaling salt aerosol cleans mucous membrane of nose and other airways.

Above all it calms down allergic reaction and quickens elimination of toxins, reduces sneezing and itchy nose.


Acute bronchitis often follows cold, while chronic bronchitis is most often found on people who smoke.

Halo-therapy kills bacteria and viruses, which cause inflammation and improves getting rid of mucus.

For bronchitis it is important to increase amount of fluids you intake so that mucus could be watered and thrown out.

Salt therapy speeds up recovery.


Salt therapy helps with nervousness, insomnia and weak concentration.

Salt normalizes electromagnetic vibrations in our surroundings as in our body.

This is how it has relaxing effect, eliminates stress, improves concentration and increases quality of sleep.

Problematic Skin

Skin is the mirror of our health.

Often skin troubles come because body has no possibility to eliminate toxins.

With higher intake of source low mineral water, salt therapy makes it easier for your body to remove toxins.

This of course has good influence on health and beauty of your skin.

Psoriasis is genetical disease, therefore it cannot be cured completely. However, with salt therapy there can be improvements.

Greater effect is seen for treatment of acne and eczema.


Salt therapy reduces swelling of airways and makes them expand.

This cleans your sinuses and airways, therefore reducing snoring and improving sleep quality.

Ear Infections

Disturbance of eustachian tube is perfect for middle ear infections.

By using salt therapy you reduce swelling of eustachian tube. This makes treatment easier and reduces chance of new infection.

Other Illnesses

Salt therapy has great effect on acute infections of upper airways and helps persons which are prone to often inflammation of:

  • throat
  • tonsils
  • sinus
  • lungs

It strengthens resilience of people prone to often virus infections. In addition it has great influence for people who suffer from numerous acute diseases.

salt therapy


There are data that treatment in salt caves betters health condition for 85% of people with mild or moderate asthma.

75% with strong bronchial asthma have seen improvements. In addition 98% of people with chronic bronchitis and cystic fibrosis.

You will breathe easier after only few sessions.

Coughing and sneezing is reduced, lung capacity is increased, therefore medication need is reduced.

Time without problems is extended and quality of life is improved.


I can testify that this therapy can help.

My brother had difficulties sleep because he is a heavy snorer.

Above all this helped him sleep and it had numerous benefits for his health.

In addition you may love this because you can relax in this salt room all by yourself.

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