Rise Above Your Circumstances – Tutorial To Success [Detailed Guide]

We’ve all had to deal with someone we don’t stand, in this article I hope I will provide you insights on how to rise above your circumstances.

When it is your job to be in constant contact with people it is hard to keep your cool. It is somewhat normal to live with gossip and low blows.

In addition you are a lady so everyone things you are an easy target. Life and different events teach you that this is something you shouldn’t give too much attention to.

Maintaining balance in life is the most important part of growing up.

Rise above your circumstances

Many people lose themselves in transitioning from young person without commitments to someone who should have patience and wisdom to solve everything that is in front of them.

To be successful is to have mental intelligence. Emotional intelligence gives you stability in the long run.

Through this process you will meet difficult and toxic person. In addition they defy logic and puts your strength up for a challenge.

These people cause stress and negativity and I hope I can show you how to deal with them.

But first things first.

Rise Above Fear Of Growing Up

As we grow up we slowly realize that not everyone has time for parties.

Truth can be devastating for those party maniacs. Suddenly they have to stop these activities and become grown up.

In these situations it is possible to lose will and feel lonely and lost in all those commitments that await us.

Let’s be clear, you will still see different events, family gatherings and kid birthdays. However, this is often not enough for someone who didn’t miss one weekend of parties.

Once you grow up you might feel completely lonely in a room full of people.

In this period your mind and spirit don’t accept it’s new surroundings. You are faced with some sort of inner struggle. You struggle to maintain life you once had.

Keep in mind that nothing lasts forever.

It is important to recognize these feelings because that is the first step to accept that you are a grown up now.

Work on your routines and activities, this will help you reduce pressure you have with growing up. You can still do things you like just a little adjusted.

Relax with your friends with couple of drinks every now and then. This can be useful and satisfying.

You want to rise above you fear of growing up? Just be who you are. Do everything your way. Don’t lose identity in this chaos called life.

Learn to cope with pressure and practice patience.

Leaving the fear of growing up behind you will help your rise above your circumstances.

Success And Happiness Have No End

It is unfortunate that modern society describes itself through achievements.

This lower value of people who are not as successful and happy as others. Do not chase success instead devote yourself to something greater than us.

Let success be byproduct of this devotion.

Do not aim success. The more you make it a target the more you are going to miss it. Success, as happiness cannot be found, it must be created.

Happiness is created as consequence of personal devotion to reason higher than you can imagine.

Success and happiness will only find you if  you don’t think about them and keep doing what you do best.

rise above your circumstances

Knowing this will surely help you rise above your circumstances.

Life Is Not What Happens It Is How You React To What Is Happening

Attitude is much more important than facts, history, education, money, circumstances, failure and success.

If it far more important what you think, speak or do. Rather than how you look or your skill levels. Attitude is what builds or destroys everything around us.

Our attitude defines our feelings, beliefs and very often our behavior. Our attitude can be positive or negative, in addition it is sometimes neutral.

Whatever it may be, attitude has very important place in our lives. In addition this life can, truth be told, be very cruel. Different events and situations will happen whether we like it or not.

Some people have trouble accepting reality, especially if it is painful. In these situations people tend to blame circumstances in which they are found.

For them this circumstance and its outcome are one and the same. They bring rash decisions under the wave of emotions and most likely regret them afterwards.

For other people this way of dealing with reality is not acceptable. They in spite of bad situations find way to success. Why?

Because they are aware that no matter the situation they always have a choice. They choose their attitude and how they perceive things. Every day.

These positive people also know they can choose how to react to their past and all that has happened to them. They control their emotions and successfully overcome any obstacles in their way.

Most important thing is to know that you are responsible for your life.

You are the one responsible. You may not prevent bad things from happening, but you are responsible for your attitude when they do happen.

Do not allow for these things to cast a shadow on your life and days. Bad things always happen, but your reaction is what will define your character and quality of your life.

Sometimes it is hard to find solution to any given situation but here are some of the advice I have prepared for you to help.

Define The Cause Of The Problem And Rise Above It

Before you can start with solving the problem remove any prejudices you have about it.

Every problem brings opportunity to improve something that we miss. External factors only give strength to that problem, more often those problems are in us.

Accepting that problem without much resistance and finding creative solution for it is some kind of challenge you need to face.

rise above

Ask For Advice

Often we are not aware how many people went through the same situation.

Sometimes their situations were bigger and more complex. Don’t shy from asking for advice, sometimes it is much easier to perceive the problem when there is someone to help you.

Think About Solution

Seek multiple ways to solve the problem, simplest solution is not always the best one. Always have a backup plan on how to solve the problem.

Little problems in everyday life become big if you think the wrong way.

Think about what is the worse thing that can come out of the problem. Are your fears justified, are they real?

Often in these situations we don’t see solution because our fears paralyze us in taking action. This only makes it harder for you to get out of it.

How to rise above your circumstances?

Set Boundaries To Help You Rise Above Your Circumstances

You can’t please everyone. Nor you can fulfill everyone’s expectations.

Once you realize this and accept it you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

People that are more emotional tend to rise above situations by keeping their distance from mean people.

Focus On Permanent Solutions

Instead of focusing on problems these people scheme for you, focus on activities that will bring more happiness and improve circumstances.

Smart people rise above these circumstances by seeing the bigger picture. Not only the momentary problem in front of them.

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Rise Above Your Circumstances But Don’t Forget

Some say that experiences are our best teachers.

Intelligent people know this. They know that previous problem with difficult person often brings new problems.

Even when you have to give that person a second chance, protect yourself by knowledge you made previously.

This will help your rise above your circumstances in the next bad situation you are in.

Stop Negative Conversation

Bad people are filled with negativity and criticism which they transfer to other people.

These bad conversations will not help you rise above your circumstances.

Simply refuse to listen to this and avoid getting deeper into conversation you are not comfortable with. You will recognize these conversations as they bring tension and negative emotions.

Most of the time we don’t reach our goal with these conversations. In addition they suck our energy and makes us upset.

Don’t fall into this trap, avoid it.

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Stay Focused On Your Happiness

Be happy with who you are and what you do.

This will help your rise above your circumstances when everyone seem to be against you.

You will find satisfaction and happiness inside you and not from these people that tend to break everything good in you.

Facing the person that doesn’t mean good for you alone may not be the best solution.

You will always have support from people that respect and love you. In them you will find perfect ally to rise above your circumstances.

rise above


Way in which you face challenges speaks a lot about your emotional maturity and true nature.

Learn couple of simple skills that will help you overcome difficulties and turn challenges into opportunities. This will hurt the most those that don’t wish you good.

Positive perspective no matter what is happening to you will improve quality of this journey called life.

Hopefully this article will help your rise above your circumstances whatever they may be.

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