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Postpartum Recovery And Workout – When To Start?

Postpartum recovery and workout? New moms often ask when can they start with working out? Can they workout and breastfeed etc…

Congratulations, you became a mother. Although you have prepaired for this period. I have to remind you that this period of postpartum recovery is equally sensitive as during pregnancy.

Postpartum Or Postnatal

Period can be divided in 3 different groups:

  • first, period which woman spends in hospital after giving birth
  • second, 4-6 weeks after giving birth(early postpartum period)
  • third, 6 week – 1 year is late postpartum period

Postpartum Problems

After giving birth and after postpartum period, women get to experience significant hormonal changes.

Estrogen and progester, after losing placenta, get to their lowest levels, one week after giving birth. Hormonal drop will lead to excess fluid leaving your body, and will affect your metabolism, slowing it down.

Changes on your gastrointestinal system will make you want to eat more.

Ofter there are problems with hair loss, and vascular abnormalities, which arise as result of drastic fall of estrogen postpartum.

If we talk about abdominal wall postpartum, changes stay the same like they were during pregnancy, so many women could get the feeling of still being pregnant.

It takes around 6 weeks for abdominal muscles to return to state before pregnancy.

Speed in which abdominal muscles will return their tone depends on multiple factors. Most important ones are % of body fat and adequate workout.

Postpartum Health Anxiety

As one of the problems to appear during postpartum recovery is risk of depression. Many factor have their say in emmersion of depression. These are :

  • hormonal changes
  • feeling of loss after giving birth
  • intensive focus of family and friends on new mother
  • fatigue and exhaustion
  • worrying about her child
  • baby’s temper

Postpartum Recovery Depression Training

There is high importance of physical activity in postpartum period. Suitable training has effects on physical and mental health of new mothers.

Although working out, is the last thing of which new mother can think about, it is necessary to inform women about importance of it.

In fact, regural physical activity after giving birth is one of the best things a woman can do for herself and her health postpartum.

As time goes on, most of the new mother feel that they have enough energy and wishes to return to their physical activities before pregnancy. In some of those activities, physical activity is included.

Research connected to effects of physical activity during postpartum period and recovery are of newer dates.

Getting physical activity after giving birth is recommended to improve mood , reduce stress, relieve of anxiety, lose weight gained during pregnancy, improve condition, reduce risk of getting depressed.

By training you reduce risk of hipertension and pain in lumbal area.

Postpartum Recovery Gym Workout

Every new mother should pay attention on the type of training to do in this still sensitive period.

It would be ideal to choose training that is created for women that just gave birth. One that is focused on postpartum recovery.

Other thing to pay attention to is trainer competence. It is very important that with new mothers work trainers which know through what changes the body goes through. During pregnancy and after giving birth.

Most people in postpartum period focus their training for weight loss, neglecting what is important. Giving body back it’s functions and preserving health of the woman.

When the desire for weight loss is too great, women tend to do trainings that are above their level of fitness. They forget, exhaustion, baby sleeping schedule, and changes the body went through.

This will not only give bad results, it can also lead to injuries and loss of motivation.

Program of your physical activities should be carefully planned, individualised and adapted to health state of the woman.

Here are workouts you can do at home.

Breastfeeding And Training?

Working out during breasfeeding is allowed. But there are recommendation:

  • working out in moderation
  • right diet
  • adequate intake of liquids
  • wearing support for breasts
  • breastfeed before training

Workout doesn’t affect qualiti of milk, as they do not affect growth of the child.

When To Begin Postpartum Recovery Workout?

With light trainings, new moms can begin 6 weeks after giving birth. 8 weeks if it was caesarian.

Women who had any complications or had twins this period is postponed.

Before startin your physical activities, it is important do to check up with your doctor. Doctor needs to confirm that everything is alright and then you get permission for working out.

Intensity should be carefully increased.

In the beginning focus on rehabilitation exercises to improve those muscle structures that had changed.

Only then should you do condition training and power trainings.

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