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Post Workout Tips For Everyone

I have decided to give you post workout tips for everyone. I have noticed that many of us do not have their post workout routines they should follow.

This is above all major mistake if you tend to reach goals you have for yourself.

Too many of us after workout just jump out and head home.

What to do after training?

That question is bothering a lot of people in fitness, especially beginners. Read which way is best to finish training, and here are my post workout tips to:

  • improve performance
  • lift energy level
  • regenerate muscles
  • and improve whole body health

Fact that you have made yourself workout is not enough. Training is only half of job to get into good shape, therefore it is very important what you do after one.

Before going into the list, we must first know how to end training properly. Slowing down tempo, and relax to lower blood pressure and steady your pulse, is the best way to finish your practice.

Post Workout Tips – Do This And Improve Yourself

There are numerous things you can do to help yourself after training. These post workout tips will help you increase muscle recovery and in addition help you ease your mind after training.


Even as kids we were taught that before any physical activity a warm up is needed, and after it comes stretching. As obvious as it sounds… Many people still avoid stretching after their training.

post workout tips

How many times have you finished your workout without stretching? Maybe because you did not have enough time, or on the other hand you are not aware how much influence simple stretch can have for your body.

Many people that workout make this mistake. Stretching is as important after workout as it is before one.

By stretching you will increase your flexibility.

One of the best things you can achieve by stretching is increasing  your flexibility. Higher muscle flexibility will reduce risk of ligament, bones, joint and muscle injury.

By stretching you will increase blood flow in your muscles which will affect on your muscles getting more oxygen and nutrients, therefore increasing muscle recovery after workout.

If you have back pain, it is most of the time consequence of back muscle spasm. By stretching every day you can reduce pain. In addition getting them stronger will improve how you keep your back when sitting or standing.

Stretching is absolutely necessary with any kind if training. Be it recreational or professional no matter the age.

However, you will sometimes see people do static stretching after their training. Is it right thing to do?

I think not. Keep to the normal routine. Warm up (dynamic stretching) before and stretch (static stretching) after training and you will feel positive effects of your training very soon.


Daily recommended intake of water is around 8 glasses. This can vary from sex, age, weight and from physical activity. If you train daily intake of water should increase.

Organism hydration helps muscle regenerate, speeds organism, reduces appetite, gives energy and improves physical performance. Keeping your body hydrated is important before and after workout. You body needs it to function properly.

Recovering fluids by itself doesn’t guarantee that you will rehydrate properly. You should mainly focus on electrolyte recovery. You loss electrolytes by sweating, especially natrium, therefore consuming a large amount of liquids will only result in greater loss.

You should also know that caffeine based drinks such as tea, coffee, coca cola, energy drinks are not good drinks to rehydrate. Therefore they should be avoided.

Easiest method there is that for every lost pound you drink as much water.

You should not drink all the water at once, but gradually in small portions, small sips. By taking it in large quantity you get large amount of air in your stomach, which can lead to spasm or bad feeling in you gut.

This is one more reason not to drink sodas after training.

If you have really hard training and you do dehydrate because of climatic circumstances, you need to rehydrate for at least 12 hours post workout.

Proper Diet

Did you know that 70 percent of healthy life is diet? Other 30 is workout, quality sleep and positive thoughts. Meals you consume before training can improve your performance a lot. While taking care of your after training diet will positively effect:

  • muscle regeneration
  • increase in muscle mass
  • reduce fat
  • influence your health positively

Through proper diet you will achieve your goals easier.

Here are my favorite 5 Ideal Meals After Training.


By sweating you clean toxins out of your organism and you strengthen your immune system. If you can give yourself 10-15 minutes of sauna after every training to stimulate toxins from leaving your body. It also improves respiratory system.

post workout tips

If you found time to workout, take it a step further, in addition to all that you should head straight to sauna.

Don’t be afraid that it is smoking hot in there. Here is a list of things that sauna does for you:

  • relaxes your muscles
  • warm air in sauna opens your skin pores
  • induces sweating
  • cleans your skin from impurities
  • eteric oils used in sauna works wonders for breathing
  • has good effects on your cardiovascular system
  • increases immunity
  • burns fat more than you think

Vitamins and Minerals

Proper diet also includes balanced intake of vitamins and minerals. After training magnesium is recommended for muscle regeneration stimuli. Eggs, spinach, bananas… Pick your favorite and get those nutrients in!

Supplementation is recommended for all physically active people, as it has all nutrients. Although it can’t replace proper diet, it can serve as addition to it which will make it easier on your diet.


How many times did you have strong pain in your muscles after training? How many times you went to training after that and train hard?

However, what can help with that pain and is massage right solution for this problem?

Scientific research done in Ontario has proven that massage right after training affect two different genes in your muscle cells. First one affects reduces inflammation, the other one increases mytochondric activity in your muscle, which leads to creation of energy.

Mytochondria are the main place where energy is created in your muscles. It is proven that when muscles are used to hard training, number of mytochondria is increased.

In addition this is why massage is important after training as massage increases production of mytochondri in muscles.

Post Workout Tips – What To Avoid

Of course that many of the beginners do not know what things they should avoid after training. I made a list which will help guide you through your after training period.

Many things are subjective, but I think that this list will be good for vast majority of people who workout.

You Skip Cooling Down

Light aerobic workout with 20 percent less intensity at the end of your training will help you refresh and recover your body.

Ice bath and adequate light clothes are also useful.

Not Taking Your Clothes Of

If that smell is not enough reason to take your clothes post workout then I have news for you. Above all ask your dermatologist how bad idea that is.

If you do not change your clothes on time, sweat will fill your pores which will make your skin breathing heavy. In addition if you have a cut somewhere bacteria can cause an infection.

However, it is not just fresh sweat dangerous for your skin. If you wear the same unwashed shirt couple of times you will increase possibility of gaining skin infection.

Walking Barefoot In The Dressing Room

This is one nasty habit. Unless you like fungal infections on your legs, experts suggest that you should dry your legs with towel after every shower.

However, if you have already caught something like this you should start finding some dermatology sprays.

You Do Not Rehydrate

Believe it or not, during long and intensive workouts you will spend almost half a liter of fluids.

There is a simple solution. Measure your weight before and after workout. For every lost pound you should intake 1.5 l of water. You electrolytes will also be at risk, you should therefore add some food (fruits or anything salty) or drinks ( sport drinks or juice), groceries which have potassium, sodium and magnesium.

Not only will you feel better with adequate hydration, you will also have less chance of overeating your next meal.

Not Enough Pause

Think of yourself in the next situation.

You have started training, you are doing well but you do not want to skip a training for one day? Mistake.

Several days of pause is necessary. If you do not have adequate rest, your risk of getting injured and chronically tired will lead to psychological manifestations like depression and anxiety.

This means that if you do train a lot you need at least 2 days a week of rest.

Having trouble motivating yourself for training? Click here to find out how you can boost your motivation and improve your training performance.

Too Much Rest

On the other hand too much rest is also not good. Especially if your perfect rest is laying on your couch for half of the day.

Try not to be completely inactive, take a walk or do some other sport.

This will help you return to your training routine mentally and physically fresher.

post workout tips


There is of course numerous things people do after their training.

Many do not have possibilities that other have, such as sauna or massage after training. However, you can improvise. Put your mind to it. It will help your overall recovery and state of mind.

Above all you should not approach training as something you MUST do, approach it as something you WANT to do. In this way everything you do related to your training will appear easier.

I am strong believer that training can help you in ways you cannot imagine. This is why I hope these post workout tips will work for you.

However, I wrote this article when I caught my husband doing at least 3 bad things on this list after his hard training.

It came to my mind that there is a lot of other people who do not have insights on what to do and what not to do after training.

Hopefully this will help many of you to realize that your post workout routine is as important as your training if you want to see some results.

Thank you for staying with me and hopefully I can change my husbands routines after his training.

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