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Parenting Guide – 20 Mistakes You Can Do As Parent

Thinking there isn’t much you can do as a parent to hurt¬† your childs educations and development? Think again. Here is parenting guide that can help you with your child.
parenting guide

1. Giving Them Too Much Choice

Do you want this or that? No! Kids want something else. A lot of parents have opionion that rich choice is good for their child. But, the fact is that in most cases kids do not need choice, they need you to be their guide. Not to bury them under choices which confuse them. As a result kids get too picky.

2. Parenting Guide – Do Not Praise Everything They Do

It’s easy to get used to praise. So kids that are praised for every step they take become dependant on praises. They stop seeing that as a encouragement but as a commitment every parent should fulfill so that kid feels good about everything it has done. Not because of the thing it has done, but because of your appraisal.

3. Trying To Make Them Happy Always And Everywhere

It is kids job to learn how to make itself happier, and not to wait for you to make them happy. Doing that, kid will every day be further away from understand what true happiness is.

4. Cuddle With Them Too Much And Connive Them

In time their goal will become that which no parent wants. When you connive them too much, in time it learns how to manipulate your and make you connive even more. Give them a finger and soon, how much they love and appreciate you, not even the whole arm will not be enough.

5. Forcing Too Much Activity On Already Active Child

A child that hard too keep “normal” in these colder days parents very often assign several activities. Thinking that by that they are giving it more time and space, but kids often start to overdoo things. So it is hard to differentiate are they still active because they are used to it, or they are hiperactive because they do not know what to do with so much activity. Sometimes you should give them space to be bored.

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6. Considering Them Too Smart – Parenting Guide

Let’s be real. Some parents call their kids smart just because they peed in the toilet. It is not a bad thing to give support to your kid, but all has it’s limits. Saying in front of them that they are too smart, kid will begin to realise that it is the only smart person in the room. This can lead to arrogance, which let’s be honest, nobody likes.

7. Religion And Ideology From Early Days

Parents think that early teaching kids about faith and ideology will get them on the right path. But, kids are too small to understand big questions like religion and ideology. Specially in periods when they will understand hipocrisy of certain people, and their habbits.

8. You Don’t Speak About Taboo Subjects – Parenting Guide

If you are going to keep quiet about some taboos, like sex or money. It doesn’t mean that the child will avoid those subjects in life. Don’t make your child find answers behind your back, you should be the one to speak with your child about it, and in trust help them with life subjects.

9. Parenting Guide – Do Not Scold Them Too Much

Glorification is bad, but being to critical about their mistake is bas as well. Constructive critic may work with grown people, but with childred that doesn’t work that way. Scolding them too much leads to kid starting to give up all too soon, and need for perfection will make them frustrated when they fail.

10. Shaming, Ignoring, Threats Are Not In This Parenting Guide

While some parents have problems with their mild approach. Some go to the other end of the spectrum. They base their education methods on shamin, ignoring and threats. Neither is good, simply because they dont have moderation. In the first case child would become arrogant, spoiled, with to much expectation from others. In the other it will become frightened… A child in fear from failure with destroyed self confidence.

parenting guide

11. Making Them Do Things Unfitting For Their Age

This can be seen in families which have a lot of kids in them. When the kids who, too small to look after themselves, must take responsibilities with their younger siblings.

12. You Don’t Limit Their Time In Front Of The Screen

Considering that it is impossible to remove screens from everyday life of you or your child. Limiting time they spend in front of them is the only and best thing you can do for your child. Kids quickly become dependant on watching digital content, so your desires to educate that child will fall into water, because only thing that child sees it a “form” of screen.

13. Parenting Guide – Let Them Be Bored Sometimes

All children psychologists say that boredom is good thing to provoke their creativity, imagination, and thinking of new ways to play.

14. Protecting Them From Consequences And Loss

A lot of parents who want to give their kids all that they didn’t have, often buy them everything they want, threaten them with no punishment. And then the shock comes. “My kid doesn’t respect anything or anyone.” Every single one of us should learn how to lose so that we can appreciate what we have and get.

15. Not Letting Them Play Risky Games – Parenting Guide

Letting them play only on playgrounds? The only place where everything is secured. It is proven that kids like that become oversensitive, insecure in social life, and less likely to take the risks in their lives.

16. You Don’t Show Interests In Their Day And Impressions

Get the habbit of speaking with your child before bed time. Show interest for everything that is in their heads. Doing that kids will get habbit to speak to you every time anything happens to it, big or small.

17. You Don’t Read Stories To Them

Although it is talked about that all the time, which can help them for their development and gaining reading habbits. It is a small number of people who read to their kids.

18. You Take Their Pacifier Too Early

Considering big evidence which can confirm that pacifier does more harm than good, leave it to your child untill it’s ready to give it up. Pacifier means more to a child than just sleeping

19. Giving Them To Eat Only Things They Like

It is not important that child is full everything it eats. It is important to get them used to different meals, so they lay foundations for healthier and more balanced diet. Giving a small amount of broccoli and staying hungry can do them more use that feeding them full with the same meal.

20. Slapping Their Butt After The Kid Turns 5

It is different when you discipline your small child by slapping their butt, that hitting the already big child. It can provoke anger and violence as the only solution.

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