Oil For Lips – Give Your Lips Wonderful Dimension

These oil for lips will do wonders for you. This is great way to keep your lips hydrated, soft and full. In addition you will get protection from the sun and wind.

Lips are are a tool to express love, sexuality, intimacy and are a tool of verbal communication.

Full, healthy lips always have something sexual in them.

They are associated with health, vitality and passion.

For most, lips are the most attractive part of woman’s face, and very often body itself.

However, we keep labello and most balms for lips always by our side.

We have difficulties fighting dry lips in closed room, on wind and cold, on the sun.

Our lipsticks dry up our lips but we have problems finding other ways to keep them beautiful.

Balms are short lived and we cannot be without them at any cost.

While the rest of our face is satisfied morning and evening care, our lips need constant care to stay hydrated.

I believe that you have tried a lot of products and that you have at least 5 lip balms.

However, maybe it is time to quit with all that and turn to natural oil for lips.

Why Do Lips Need Special Treatment?

This is because skin on our lips is slimmer and more sensitive.

While our face skin has up to 16 layers of skin, our lips have just 5-6 layers.

Next to that this part of the skin is unique as it doesn’t have sebaceous gland.

Therefore natural sebum is out of the picture, sebum which would protect our already delicate skin from external influences and dryness.

Lips are unique just like fingerprints. There are no two same lips on the world.

Pink color of lips comes from blood color which is visible under the thin layer of skin on this part of face.

Lips are getting slimmer as we grow old as our body produces less protein. Therefore our lips lose volume as we age.

They are one of the most sensitive parts of our body. There are millions of nerve endings.

Skin of our lips produces very small amount of melanin which is natural protection from sun. This is why they are specially sensitive to UV rays.

This is where oil for lips comes in the picture.

oil for lips

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Natural Oil For Lips

Lets recap. We have the most attractive part of our body, which is in addition the most sensitive.

Therefore we don’t want our lips to be tight, crack, lose its color, get wrinkled and lose volume.

It would be ideal to have something that will solve all or at least part of needs our lips have.

I wonder if natural oils could be what is missing?

Natural oils are divided on vegetable and essential oils. Each of them are made from plants by cold pressing or steam destilation.

Natural oils contain a lot of nutrients.

They also have many healthy active matters, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants.

Each is unique and most oils can be used for beauty. Specially for face and oil for lips beauty.

Most of different balms, we tend to buy so much, contain some natural oils. They are mostly found in fantastic natural serums for lips. Natural oils in them work to protect our lips from getting old and increase lips.

There are many reasons to know and love natural oils, they will certainly help you increase care of your lips.

Pure essential oil for lips contain dynamic components which work with chemistry of our body. Therefore giving healing results.

I have found this power of natural nourishment. In my opinion I look much better than before. My lips are sensual, full and pink, however that wasn’t the case before these oils.

I am delighted with them.

I will give you more and more reasons to start with them.

However, bare in mind that most of the essential oils should be broken down in oils such as olive oil, jojoba and coconut oil. Essential oils are too strong when they are pure and can irritate skin of your lips.

Geranium Oil For Lips

Even ancient Egyptians knew of geranium oil and used it for many purposes.

They took care of their skin with it so that their tan was lighter and skin softer and more shiny.

As aromatherapy, geranium oil balances hormones, reduces stress and removes fatigue.

It smells like a dream. It has reputation of removing mental and physical stress.

This oil is good cure for dry and cracked lips. It is often found in balms for lip care.

Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects are great.

It successfully removes dead cells from skin, makes it stronger, increases cell regeneration and slows down signs of aging.

Because of its anti-age effect it is regular ingredient in cosmetics.

Always put it in carrier oil. Add 15 drops of geranium oil in 6 spoons of sesame oil( you can use some other vegetable oil).

Olive Oil For Cracked Lips

Power of olive oil is widely known when it comes to nutrition and health of skin and hair.

The same goes for oil for lips. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E which protects skin from UV rays, antioxidants which slow aging and oleic acid which regenerates skin and has anti inflammatory effects.

Therefore it is great for taking care of cracked lips.

For cracked lips treatment just rub a drop of olive oil over lips as often as you can remember.

You can also make your own balm for lip recovery.

Mix teaspoon of honey with teaspoon of olive and coconut oil.

Use this balm often to feed, hydradte and prevent your lips from getting dry.

oil for lips

Peppermint Oil For Lips

Spearmint or mint oil for lips, as you wish. Contains around 30-55% of menthol. When it comes into contact with skin, menthol causes cooling effect.

Menthol does not reduce skin temperature. It provides cooling effect by blocking calcium in nerves which are responsible for feeling hot or cold.

Message which body receives is that skin is getting cooler.

Organism as an answer improves blood circulation to heat that part of the body. This is why peppermint oil has effect of making your lips full.

Essential peppermint oil can be found in lip glosses for lip increase.

Here is advice on how to use it.

In glass container put organic vegetable oil, for instance olive oil and add 10 drops of essential peppermint oil.

On the top of your finger put one drop and rub it on your lips. They will be nurtured, juicy and full, all of that in completely natural way.

Peppermint oil can be swallowed and therefore you shouldn’t worry if you eat some off your lips.

You can repeat this treatment how much you like during the day.

Cinnamon Oil For Lips

You probably know old trick to quickly increase your lips with cinnamon. Dip a wet finger in cinnamon and massage your lips which will get volume instantly.

Lets find out how we can use cinnamon oil for beauty of our lips.

This oil kills fungi and bacteria. By massaging it in your lips increases circulation. This is why it is used to revitalize skin and increase your lips.

You can mix it with almond, coconut or olive oil.

Think about it. In this combination you have oil which feeds your lips with necessary nutrients, hydrates it and you have additional effect of bigger lips.

If you are interested in what cinnamon for lips can do for you click here.

Ricinus Oil For Cold Days

It is made out of seeds of a plant called ricinus communis. It is most of all rich in fatty acids.

Out of all fatty acids it is most rich in ricinoleic acid (around 90%) which is in the group of monosaturated fatty acids. In addition these acids are favorite in cosmetics as they maintain prefered level of skin moisture.

When you apply ricinus oil on your lips it should soften and hydrate them.

Ricinus oil maintains its consistency on very high and very low temperatures and it is therefore used in all conditions.

During winter months dry air in closed space has devastating effect on our skin. After work day you move your body and your lips outside on cold weather and wind.

However, many people do not realize that your lips are dried because your skin is dehydrated.

Rub some ricinus oil on your lips whenever you want. Let your skin absorb it. In addition you will prevent dehydration and slim skin cracking. Your lip care during winter time will be unimaginable without ricinus oil.

This plant contains ricin. Therefore it is one of the most poisonous plants in the world.

However ricinus oil is not. It is in addition highly respected in healing when used properly.

For oral use it can be used as an laxative or medicine against parasites. It is great as oil for lips.

Nothing bad will happen to you if a little bit of this oil gets into your mouth.

Coconut Oil For Hydration

Primary use of coconut oil is hydration. Something slim skin around our lips needs the most.

This benefit makes coconut oil ideal for cracked lips. It can be used several times during the day. Whenever you feel like it. That bad feeling of your lips cracking will go away.

Coconut oil is essential ingredient of all recipes for homemade lip balm.

It can be combined with some of the other essential oils for ever better care.

To learn all about hibiscus and its benefits click here.

St John’s Wort Oil For Lips Recovery

There is no household which doesn’t have a bottle of this oil. Most of it is dried for tea, however, smaller amounts are always left in olive oil for 40 days to rest.

Whether you have homemade or you bought it, this oil for lips is a perfect solution.

It is traditionally used for curing smaller injuries on skin. Burns, bruising, tares and similar. Whenever you have problems with skin you should reach for this oil.

In sense of tea this plant is highly regarded as perfect anti-depressive.

It contains many antioxidants, effects are anti-inflammatory and anti-microb. Main ingredient is hyperforin which stimulates growth.

This oil makes skin photosensitive and therefore shouldn’t be used if you are going out on sun for a while.

For treatment of cracked lips and preventing them going old you should use St John’s Wort oil.

If you are using it essential you should put it in carrier oil.

oil for lips

Combination Of Natural Oils For Lips

When you get familiar on how certain ingredients act you can combine them yourselves. However here is my idea:

  • avocado oil for lips
  • beeswax
  • olive oil for lips
  • honey
  • shea butter

Mix the ingredients, put them into a box (from old balm for example) and you will always have natural lip treatment by your side.

Here are some of the advantages of natural oil for lips:

  • completely natural care
  • easy to use
  • affordable
  • possibility of combining different oils for multi effect
  • not dangerous if swallowed
  • a lot of nutrients and active matters in one place
  • absence of chemicals

However, I am aware that a lot of people live fast and don’t have time to combine different healthy oil for lips.

This is what cosmetic manufacturers have already done for you, if you find that easier. I will suggest some of the oils you should look when you are going out to buy something.

Their basic characteristic is that hey are mildly colored and with gloss. Therefore making it lip gloss.

Avon nutrient lip oil provides triple hydration and gives your lips soft natural color.

Nyx oil for lips is combination of jojoba, almond and rosa canina. It is nice because it is colored and changes gloss while protecting skin of your lips.

Clarins is combination of jojoba, cherry plum and raspberry. This oily treatment and gloss in one product has very nice color.

Price of oils for lips is higher than regular gloss. Having in mind that you get protection and gloss I believe that the prices are reasonable.

To learn how to use natural facelift click here.


I have tried to find out what are the experiences with oil for lips. Unfortunately, most of the people stick blindly to lip balm as only care.

However, most are still unsatisfied, lips are getting dry and cracked.

In addition I have tried some of these. I can tell you that they have done wonders for my lips.

My husband started to notice my lips, something he hasn’t been paying too much attention to.

Try these natural oil for lips. You can always turn back to balms if you want to.

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