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Natural Treatment For Insomnia

More than 50% of grown ups have felt the symptoms of insomnia. Grown people tend to suffer more from insomnia than children and teenagers. But everyone who does would like to know what is the best natural treatment of insomnia.

But first we should get to know what insomnia really is.

What Is Insomnia?

Difficulties with falling asleep? Waking up during night? Morning tiredness and grumpiness are symptoms of insomnia. People who suffer from insomnia lose their quality of life. Their common causes are stress, depression, medication, excess coffee, nicotine and alcohol intake.

It is a disruption which is characterised by having troubles falling asleep or barely maintaining one, or both. People with insomnia often wake up grumpy, wilingless, and in the bad mood, which affects their everyday life and considerably changes quality of life.

7-8 hours of sleep is needed for a grown up. Most people from time to time have sleepless nights, which is to differentiate from chronical problem like insomnia.

Insomnia is a very complex condition. It can depend on many connected factors, so it is very important to analyze them. And figure out if it is physical, mental or emotional states which do not allow us to fall into deep sleep.

Usually it begins with difficulties with falling asleep late at night. Sometimes up to early morning hours. Second phase or “central insomnia” is characterised by multiple waking ups follow by anxiety.

If bad sleep or insomnia become chronic, they lead to bad neurovegetative problems and depression, therefore early aging.

Insomnia Types

Insomnia can be acute and chronic.

Bad life situations are mostly the cause for acute(short term) insomnia. When a person is in stressfull situation, sleeping problems occur. Stress can be of various kind. Most known kind is connected to time zone change. People who often travel have physiological stress, and its consequence is often insomnia. Acute insomnia lasts up to a month and is easily treated.

External factors can also cause insomnia. It can be spontaneous change. Changing your bed for a hotel one. Divorce or break up, in the meaning of losing the person you shared your bed with.

Noise and light can also be a factor. Tend to leave out putting yourself to sleep by music or tv. It is for the best to sleep in complete darkness and silence.

Chronic insomnia lasts longer than a month. It can be a consequence of mental disorders or medicine or drug abuse. This kind of insomnia is harder for treatment, and there are little to no chances it will go by its own.

Insomnia Symptoms and What Causes Insomnia

Insomnia symptoms are:

  • trouble falling asleep
  • waking up at night frequently
  • waking up to soon
  • feeling tired
  • no relaxation during sleep
  • sleepiness during the day
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • bad concentration
  • diverted attention
  • stomach issues
  • bad immunity

If insomnia is disturbing your daily functions it is necessary to see your doctor.

List of what causes insomnia:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • hipertension medicine
  • asthma medicine
  • corticosteroids
  • weight loss pills
  • excess coffee, nicotine and alcohol
  • eating late at night
  • shift work
  • old age

Insomnia Treatment

Behavioral treatment is usually recommended as first treatment. Bihevioral therapy includes:

  • sleep hygiene
  • relaxation
  • biofeedback
  • stimulus control
  • sleep restriction
  • cognitive therapy
  • cognitive behavioral therapy

Sleep Hygiene For Insomnia

Sleep hygiene teaches us to healthy habbits about sleeping. It is basicaly:

  • sleeping enough to feel rested
  • maintaining regular sleep habbit
  • not forcing sleep
  • avoiding drinks that have caffeine after eating
  • avoiding alcohol before going to sleep
  • adjusting sleeping room
  • regular exercise at least 4 hours before going to sleep

Relaxation For Insomnia

Relaxation therepy includes progressive muscle relaxation from head to the legs. Therefore increasing feeling of being calm and sleepy.

It begins with face muscle contractions, for 2-3 seconds and then release. Repeat this several times. Same technique is used for other muscle groups.

It should be done in next order. Jaw and neck, shoulders, forearms, fingers, chest, stomach, butt, thighs, calves and feet.

Best used with biofeedback.

Biofeedback For Insomnia

Sensors are places on skin to keep track of muscle tension and brain rhytm. On the display you can see levels of activity, therefore reducing tensions and developing strategy for its reduction.

Stimulus Control For Insomnia

Stimulus control is based on the idea that certain people are connecting bedroom with being awake

You shouldn’t spend more than 20 minutes in your bed, trying to sleep.

If you cannot do that, get up, go to the other room and read, or find something relaxing to do untill you feel sleepy again. But do avoid things that reward your wakeness, such as eating, balancing your cheque book, etc.

If you cannot fall asleep again for 20 minutes, you repeat the process. First night you might not get much sleep, however dozing is not allowed.

Sleep Restriction As Natural Treatment For Insomnia

Some people with insomnia tend to solve the problem by staying longer in bed. They do this so the compensate lost sleep. Additional sleep during the morning makes it hard to fall asleep next night. Which again gets you to stay longer in bed in the morning.  Restricting your sleep breaks this cycle.

First step in this natural treatment for insomnia is evaluating average time you sleep during the night. Total time you are allowed to spend in bed at night is reduces to that average number, unless it is less than 4 hours.

Strict control of going to sleep and waking up is recommended. Dozing is again not allowed. This gets you losing partial sleep which increases the need for sleep during the night.

When you improve your sleep, you can gradually increase time you sleep to improve wakeness during the day.

In the first few days or weeks you may feel sleepy during the day, and wakeness is hard to maintain. Increase levels of activity when your sleepy, avoiding sedentary activities.

Cognitive Therapy

Person that are awake at night are worried that the next day they will not be efficient. Such thoughts can start a cycle in which not sleeping during the night increases anxiety. Therefore making it hard for you to sleep. It is a possibility that you will start blaming everything in your life on bad sleep.

During congitive therapy, you and your therapist remove anxiety and negative thinking. Therefore accepting the fact that bad sleep is not by itself cause of all your problems.

natural sleep remedies for elderly

Natural Treatment For Insomnia

Remove caffein, nicotine and alcohol as natural treatment for insomnia

Reducing or removing these things can be effective cure for insomnia. Alcohol is a sedative which helps fall asleep easier, but also prevents deeper stadiums of sleep.

Coffee and sodas, are known stimulus and as such can cause insomnia. Nicotine stimulates nervous system and in addition prevents normal sleep.

Carefully pick a tea against insomnia

Excellent way for relaxing is drinking tea. But tea like green, black or white should be avoided. Best one for insomnia are chamomile, lavender, rosemary.

Seek help in nature

Eteric oils and plants can help you relax better and sleep better. For instance, lavender is the most known one. Bags with dry lavender can help you go to sleep, just put them under your bed or pillow. Or you can drip some eteric oil made of lavender on your pillow.

Simirarly, valerian is used often as a remedy for insomnia. For instance cup of this tea can help you relax, and therefore fall into sleep easier.

Spend more time outside

If you have enough time on your hands, spend the morning hours walking on fresh air. In other words, being outside can help improve your sleep

In addition you should add more physical activity, because lack of it can disturb a good sleep.

Vitamin B for natural treatment for insomnia

Vitamin B is extremely important for whole organism health. Therefore they contribute to normal function of nervous and immune system. In addition help insomnia, migrene, and stress.

After that, they help reduce other symptoms caused by insomnia. For instance lack of concentration, bad memory, confusion and feeling desoriented.

Find out more about vitamin B rich foods HERE.


Turn off your tv, phone, computer. Remove any noise makers in your room.

Make it dark in your bedroom, and do not overheat it. Temperature drops while sleeping, therefore there is no need for high temperature.


For instance excess weight can be one of the problems which can lead to insomnia. However if you want to lose weight and help your problem with insomnia, you can check out my other article about weight loss HERE. Therefore having natural treatment for insomnia.

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