Massaging Lips Benefits [2020]

Let your lips be prettiest part of your face, learn all about massaging lips benefits.

Gain volume, colour and shape without wrinkles, all that with easy natural way.

Shape and volume of lips are individual. However, all of our lips lose volume and firmness over time.

Surgery, luckily, is not the only way to slow down biological clock.

Massaging Lips Benefits For Beautiful Lips

Lips are usually first thing we notice on other person.

Ancient Chinese skill of face reading teaches us that characteristics of our lips are in direct correlation with our identity and with the way someone perceives us.

All about lips, starting with shape and size, fullness and colour sends a certain message.

On the other hand, lips are the most sensitive part of face, skin that covers them is the thinnest.

massaging lips benefits

Besides, while others do not ask the price to make their lips trendy and make them as sensual as they can, many ladies forget that lips really do need special care.

However, we all crave sensual lips. To make that desire reality it is not always necessary to inject your lips with fillers or have a surgery.

There are natural ways of caring for your lips which have very nurtured delicate skin colour for result.

In addition, volume and young sensual look of your lips will be there also.

Massaging lips will give you those benefits.

Lip colour is another goal we strive to.

Massaging Lips Benefits

We all know that any kind of massage is pleasant and useful experience.

Therefore, lets check out how massaging lips can benefit look and prevent ageing of your lips.

If this becomes a habit you can avoid invasive methods of lips treatment.

It is thought that women who have full lips are brave, confident, value friendships and social connections.

They are generous and deeply care about others. They are nurtured and naturally aspire toward parenting.

This is what makes women with full lips more passionate.

Do not be angered by this if you do not have full and sensual lips. You know how good you are and all of the above.

Start massaging your lips so that you can balance your physical look with your beautiful character.

Massaging lips benefits are numerous.

massaging lips benefits

Deeply Hydrates Your Lips

For massaging your lips you should use natural oils, balms or lips serum.

With friction massage heats up the skin and active matters from massage oil which go deeper into the skin.

This feeds the skin of the lips and hydrates.

After massage your lips are less prone to be dry. This is more effective way to put on whatever you have on your lips.

Dip a finger into honey whenever you see a jar in the kitchen.

Run your finger over your lips and then quickly massage them and leave them like that.

You will be sweet whole day, honey will feed your lips throughout the whole day.

Lips are the most sensitive part of human skin which have numerous sensors for touch and temperature.

Skin of lips loses moisture 10 times faster than the rest of your skin.

Improve Circulation And Provides Natural Pink Colour

Massage lips benefits is better circulation of skin and tissue.

Our circulation gets sleepy for various reasons.

Most of the time it happens due our modern way of living which exclude walking, physical efforts and being outside.

Massaging your lips is the way to increase circulation and speed up blood flow in your lips.

In addition massage wakes up your lymph system which increases moisture in lips.

Efficient lymph system removes toxins found in skin and tissue of our lips.

These toxins are the ones to blame for changed dark colour of lips.

Good detox with better circulation will bring back that youthful pink colour.

If you are interested in excellent advice on detox click here.

Massaging Your Lips Relaxes Muscles Around Them

I am going to be honest. If we could see our faces in certain moments we would feel well.

If someone irritated you or you are deep in thoughts about some project for which deadline is closing.

We live lives which give much more tense situation rather than relaxing ones.

Our face muscles are tight, teeth together, lips together.

This goes on every day and relaxed moments become rarity which we remember as a holiday.

Massage lips benefits are also that it relaxes muscles around lips.

In this article I will show you how to massage your lips and which region around lips should you also massage.

massaging lips benefits

For complete effect these two should not be separated. Relaxed facial muscles and lips are less prone towards volume loss and wrinkles are destroyed.

Adds Volume And Makes Lips More Attractive

Massaging your lips should become a habit.

We often that it is enough to do something for our beauty only when we have nothing else to do.

Make lips massage your daily think so that it has maximal effect.

By inciting all above benefits will make your lips rich in volume and will certainly attract eyes.

Lips massage does not take too much time but it has long term benefits in preventing ageing symptoms.

Removes Wrinkles

Muscle relaxation and nurtured hydrated skin are the best defence against lip wrinkles.

How To Massage Lips?

Mix brown crystal sugar and honey.

Apply to your lips and massage gently with circular motion. See? Your lip massage has already started.

Brown sugar is perfect for lips as it is natural hydration which attract moisture from its surroundings.

Tiny sugar particles gently sand surface of your lips removing dying cells.

In combination with honey which feeds, hydrates and softens lips, you will never go wrong with this combination.

After this massage your lips should already be plump, pink and sensual.

However, keep in mind that this combination can damage your lips if  you use it every day.

It is enough to use honey and sugar twice a week. But keep massaging your lips everyday.

Apply massage oil, for example organic coconut oil is perfect.

Use it plenty on your lips and around them. However, if you do not have coconut oil you can use some other oil, face cream, lip balm.

Move top of your index finger from the middle of your lips toward its corners. Repeat this three times.

Stretch your lips a little bit and continue massaging in circular motion on bottom lip.

Make sure that you have enough of your preferred choice of lubricant for massage so that soft skin of your lips doesn’t crack.

Take some more oil and go to the next phase, pinching.

Gently pinch upper lip between thumb and index finger and pinch gently your whole lip. Do this for the lower lip also. Repeat at least three times.

Look yourself now, there they are. Your juicy, plump and sexy lips are already there.

Laughing Will Also Help

I heard an interesting claim. If you laugh a lot there is not a chance in the world that you will get wrinkles on your lips.

Laughing is the best possible gymnastics for face and lips. Laughing is the cure against ageing.

Remember, goal is also to strengthen muscles around your lips which support their shape and prevent wrinkles.

Here are some of simple moves to massage which stimulates your lips and strengthens muscles around them.

Cover your lips with a hand and drag horizontally on side.

massaging lips benefits

In this part of face there is most of the tension caused by stress and this is why your lips are often tight together.

As this is safe path to getting wrinkles by using this massage you will release yourself from the tension in this area.

Now repeat the procedure with your other hand and other side.

Repeat this at least 10 times for most effect.

Massage For Plump Lips

Next to desire for pink lips without wrinkles, we would all like a tad bigger lips.

There is nothing we can do about it, beauty standards have changed a lot. But, have no fear, massage can help your lips be bigger also.

Step #1

Heat up surface of your lips by tapping them with both index fingers. Press gently. This stimulates circulation and relaxes lips and muscles around them.

Step #2

Press index fingers into corners of your lips and stretch them, hold this position for 15 seconds. This step relaxes lips and improves form of corners of lips.

Step #3

Put your index fingers above your lips approximately in the middle. Massage by circular motion moving toward the end of your lips. Repeat three times.

Step #4

Repeat step number three for your lower lip.

Step #5

Put your thumbs bellow and your index fingers above your upper lips. Connect parallel index finger and thumb. This way you will feel your lip getting inside of your mouth. This is one advanced movement which will increase your lips. Hold your lip in this position for three seconds but be gentle.

Step #6

Repeat step number five for lower lip.

Step #7

Pinch middle of your upper lip and hold it for 15 seconds. This will add colour and volume into your lips. It is safe and without risk unlike lip vacuum.

Step #8

Repeat step number seven for your lower lip.

Step #9

Pinch middle of your lip for 5 seconds, move from the middle to the ends of your lip. Repeat for both lips. This massage move helps in creating naturally seducing lip shape.

Massaging Lips After Fillers

Massaging lips with fresh fillers can lead to unwanted movement of fillers.

However, in certain cases massaging your lips after fillers is necessary. This will be part of post op nurture.

It is possible that lumps can be created in your lips or that filler not distributed equally.

How and when should you massage your lips after fillers should be told to you by your doctor.

My advice is not to do anything until you consult your doctor.


Trust me when I say that nature has provided for all of us. We all have something exceptional in us.

However, if this is not the case with your lips I suggest that you do try with massaging your lips and with natural products for lips care.

This should be tried before your decide to increase your lips in other ways. But keep in mind that massaging lips benefits are there for the taking.

Do not forget we all carry something with us that no one else has.

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