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Lunges Exercise – Perfect For Getting Your Legs In Shape

Lunges are one of the most important exercise for legs and butt. It can be done with bodyweight or with weights. Being rather efficient in shaping legs and butt muscles it has large appliance in sport and recreation. Advantage it has in comparison to squats is that it shapes butt muscles through wider range of moves. That means larger lunge means more intense butt muscle activation.

lunges exercise
woman in the gym doing lunges. they are perfect for tight spaces exercise.

Perfect for improving strenght of quadriceps muscle, but with quadriceps, it has a fair share of influence on back thigh muscles, mostly gluteus(butt). More the lunge you make the more it affects butt muscles.

If you opt for lunges with weight, they can be done with dumbells or with a bar.All the technical instruction about lunges with weight are the same.

With only difference that when done with bar, weight is behind your head on your shoulders. Which makes lunges with weight bar somewhat harder to do than with dumbells.

Lunges with dumbells are easier, because it is easier to balance your body with equally heavy weights on each side of your body.

For some unknown reason this exercise is neglected. So in gyms we see more how people do leg extensions of quadriceps. This particular exercise activates whole muscle spectrum. Quadriceps, back thigh and butt muscles.

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Lunges Exercise Variations

  • Reverse lunge: Reverse lunge is what it’s name says. We make a step backward. Muscles activated are the same, except reverse lunges are less stressful for knees. Reason is that knees don’t go beyond your toes.
  • Hockey lunge: If we want to make lunges harder we can hold weight above our head. This activates more core muscles.
  • Combined lunge: This variation is lunge combined with reverse lunges, and by that it is more intense. We do a forward lunge, return to starting position, and then do reverse lunge with the same or the other leg.
  • Criss-cross lunge: We do this variation by putting one leg over the other. While getting down to knee height, take care that position of your front leg knee follows the line of the toes, and keep your back straight.
  • Lateral lunge: As the name itself says is this variation is done by moving one leg to the side. With this exercise you activate inner thigh muscles, while quadriceps will be minimally included.

This is one more exercise you can do in privacy of your home. It is perfect for women who do not have time or money to invest in gym.

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