Lazy Girl Workout [Ultimate Guide]

Never heard of lazy girl workout?

Probably because there is not a lot of talk about it.

Lazy people avoid working out, because who will spend time sweating. There is a lot interesting things to do in life.

However, although you may not like this there could be a solution for you.

If you don’t want to spend time in the gym but like looking good I have selected some movements which will improve you.

There are movements of the body, not necessarily unusual movement, which, if done regularly can give your body look you want.

Certain people just do not like going to the gym. They choose different ways to lose excess weight and stay in shape.

If you are that type of person, pay attention.

I have chosen several exercises which will help you shape your body without much hassle.

You can of course pay attention to some alternatives and modify them if you like.

We all like the idea of looking good without going to the gym, right?

However, there is a catch with these exercises. They should be done daily to have any effect.

The good thing is that you can do them even while you’re out shopping.

Lazy Girl Workout – Neck

Only four exercises for, which look silly.

However, when done daily they tighten skin of the neck, normalize sleep and remove pain in your neck.

Neck gymnastics contributes to better blood circulation and reduces tension. In addition it will relieve you from paying top buck for neck lifting.

Don’t forget that the shape of your neck muscles improves your breast look.

Therefore, don’t be that lazy and workout couple of minutes a day.


Stand still, straighten your back and keep your head straight and high. This is the starting position.

Intertwine fingers of your hands and put them on the back of your head.

Slowly look down. With the resistance of your hands put your head in the starting position. Count to 30 and relax. Repeat this.

While you are doing this you can stand in front of a mirror and see how neck muscles are moving. You will know why these exercises are efficient.


Get back into starting position. Look down and put your left hand to your right ear.

Mildly bend your neck towards left shoulder, and with resistance of your hand put your head to starting position. Count to 30 and relax.

Do this again, then repeat with the other side.

lazy girl workout


Sit on a chair and force yourself up with your hands. Keep your back straight.

Arch your back, put your head backward as far as you can and count to 30.

Get back into starting position and repeat.


Get in position of the first exercise.

Turn your head to left and watch over your shoulder. Count to 30 and return to starting position.

Repeat this and then do this for the other side.

This is lazy girl workout for your neck.

Extremely simple but very efficient.

Just don’t get too lazy and try to do this every day. You will be rewarded with beautiful neck.

However, this is not where lazy girl workout ends. Let’s go on.

Lazy Abs Workout

You are probably sceptic when I say that you can be lazy and still do some exercises for your abs?

However, you can do couple of things to improve your abs with lazy girl workout.

When you do any exercise for abs you are basically contracting them.

You can do this while doing your everyday things. Just think about this for a few couple of days and you will get used to doing it.

While washing dishes you can clench your abs and release them after couple of seconds.

You can do this also while reading a book, watching a movie, preparing food.

You can do this whenever you like. Feel the ab muscles contracting and them release them after couple of seconds.

This will give some exercise to your abs. However, abdominal muscles are very hard to develop. Therefore I recommend doing abs to everyone.

Getting that belly in shape is not an easy task. Doing this will only go so far. Nothing will beat doing regular abs.

Lazy Girl Workout – Legs

If you are walking enough you can get your legs in excellent shape without going to the gym.

It is enough to walk on your toes for 5 minutes a day. Of course you can do more, but 5 minutes is bare minimum.

You can do this in your house. Going to work or coming back from it. Walking with your kid. You can do this whenever you want to.

However, what does this exercise give you?

In very short period of time you will notice that your thighs and calves are firmer.

It will benefit all the muscles in your legs. Your walking will become better, even prettier.

Walking on your toes improves circulation also. It is excellent if you spend most of your day sitting.

lazy girl workout

They will swell less and your will feel lighter in no time.

However, this is not all.

This kind of walking your whole lower body and is good for spine also.

Your back will be straight and your posture will be better. This will also help you last longer in high heels. But keep in mind that walking in high heels is not the same as walking on your toes.

For increased effect you can walk on your toes will going up stairs. This is not a hard to do exercise but will help you.


Many people find it boring how much working out is mentioned these days.

Physical activity is useful, however, if you do not want to workout I have selected couple of improvised exercises.


Shadow boxing might sound unusual, but it can be fun. There is no chances of hurting yourself.

Just throw that arms in the air while imagining you are hitting something( or someone). Try to move while you are doing it.

Shadow boxing will help you get stamina and also strengthen your arm muscles.


If you have enough space in your house you can always jump rope.

This is regularly done by professional boxers to increase their stamina and remove excess fat.

5 minutes of jumping rope will increase your blood flow, strengthen muscles and increase your condition.

In addition it will improve your rhythm and body coordination.

If you would like to find out more on jump rope benefits click here.


Imitate your favourite singer.

Play some of your favourite songs and dance to them. Move your body however you like.

This will not only give your body movement it needs but will also improve your mood.


When you are in your house fill an empty bottle with water.

While you are talking on the phone with some grab that bottle with your other hand and do curls.

Do them 10 times and then switch hands.

Yes you can workout while you are on your phone talking to someone.

This will activate your arm muscles and improve their look.


Watching a movie?

Put a chair in front of your screen and stand in front of it.

Sit on it and then stand up. This will get blood flowing in your legs and give them firmness they need.


When you are shopping you can split whatever you bought in several bags.

Get them into both of your hands and while walking lift them up just a little more than usual.

This is perfect exercise for arms and for lazy girl working out.

These are just a couple of examples which you can do. Give you imagination a test and think of something else.


Lunges are also extremely easy exercise to do.

You can do them even when you are walking. Just extend that step a little more.

They are perfect for getting your legs in shape.

If you are interested what lunges do for you click here.

You can turn everything into workout.


I gave you some examples you can do even if you are lazy to go to gym.

Keep in mind that these things combined can really improve how you look and feel.

However, not many people will have the willpower to do everything on this list.

I recommend to everyone to start working out even if it is in this way. These examples cannot replace classic workout.

But you can make your day full with your imagination.

Just think of something while you are doing anything and do it. It will surely beat not doing anything.

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