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Kettlebell Workout Benefits For Beginners

If you are wondering what are kettlebell workout benefits you’ve come to the right place.

Kettlebell is that cute little weight with a handle. It will help you burn crazy amount of calories in short period of workout.

This way of exercising is perfect for women who need to balance between work and family.

This weight is helping women around the world to do just that without neglecting their physical look or condition.

I cannot describe what this simple tool did for my physique and conditioning.

And above all it is perfect for home workout.

In this article you will get to know what kettlebell is, where it came from, what it does for your body and where you can buy kettlebells.

Of course we the perfect way to start is to know where and when kettlebell came from and learn more about it.

If you are not the workout type of girl, check out this article where I wrote about workout for lazy girls.

History Of Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell is well known requisite and part of almost any training today.

However, history if kettlebell goes way back. In Russian scripts it was called “GIRJA” and is mentioned as early as 1704.

However, in those same scripts it says that it name derives from old Persian word “GERANI” which means heavy.

Story goes that kettlebell was used a weight for some kind of auncel.

It was used by peasants who dealt with trade in Russia and Germany.

Later on, in the 1900s Russian doctor Vladislav Krayevsky came to the conclusion that kettlebell is ideal for conditioning.

Also, Krayevsky was emperors doctor and for the first time implemented kettlebell into training of Imperial Army.

Later this became Girevoy sport(kettlebell lifting) and became Russian national sport.

Today kettlebell is important for recreational and professional athletes training.

What it makes different from other requisites is its shape and weight distribution. Therefore it can be used in many different ways.

It is great choice for ballistic, explosive and complex workouts which need great strength, cardiovascular and muscle conditioning.

In one simple word it is great.

kettlebell workout benefits

Why Should You Choose Kettlebell?

Kettlebells are favourite fitness requisite for anyone who trains fighting sports.

With wrestling sports such as wrestling, judo, bjj, mma, workouts with kettlebells develops strength of body.

It also develops condition, grip and everything a fighting athlete needs.

With striking sports benefits of kettlebells workouts are power and explosiveness of hips. This is how punches are stronger.

For the rest of athletes kettlebell workout benefits are unbelievable condition, therefore it is used by swimmers, rowers, tennis players, basketball players.

Besides athletes, kettlebells are used by firemen, policemen, soldiers to keep them in shape.

Kettlebell is great choice for you if you want to build endurance, power, mental toughness, work capacity, body coordination and above all lose weight.

Also, kettlebell is exquisite for stress release, improving organism vitality, improving health of your spine and ligaments.

What is most important about kettlebell workout is that you do aerobic and anaerobic workout at the same time.

This means that next to exercising your muscles you will also exercise your cardio.

Kettlebell Workout Benefits

If this is not enough here are best 10 reasons why you should workout with kettlebell:


Kettlebells will get you stronger cardio workout than anything else.

Functional Strength

Imagine if you could gain functional strength without repeating the same exercises over and over again. Well, guess what you can. Just get kettlebell and start.


During kettlebell workout every muscle is activated to its max and actively works on preventing momentum which kettlebell produces.

Fun And Diverse

With kettlebells you have possibility to do large number of different exercises, therefore it will never be boring for you.


They are perfect fitness requisite as they do not take up large space. They need 4 workouts a week at least for 15 minutes.

You can take kettlebell with you in park or on vacation. It will give you complete training wherever you are.


Kettlebell is safe and recommended for any age, gender or constitution.

It is only necessary to pick adequate weight and training intensity.

Combination Of Strength And Cardio

For this training it is characteristic that you do aerobic and anaerobic training. Therefore you workout your muscles and your cardio at the same time.

Perfect Solution For Time Restricted People

Business people want to have best results in least amount of time.

Kettlebell is perfect for this. This training is intense, involves cardio and strength training, flexibility and a lot more.

Therefore you can make your training shorter with fantastic effects.

Fat Burn

Working out with kettlebell wastes a lot of calories, it can go up to 1500cal/h.

This high waste of calories speeds up your metabolism and increases fat burning.

If you are interested in getting fast metabolism click here to find out how.

Very Different From Barbell

Anyone who took kettlebell at least once knows what is the difference.

Kettlebell is specific in their ballistic means where ab and back muscles are in constant contraction, because they need to stabilize weight and movement of kettlebell.

kettlebell workout benefits

Kettlebell Exercises

There is so much you can do with kettlebell that I just cannot put everything in this article.

Therefore I have chosen basic kettlebell workouts for beginners.

Keep in mind that the more you workout with kettlebell the more you will get used to it.

Add more and more variations into your kettlebell training for best results.

Kettlebell Swing

If you were focused on cardio workout and forgot about strength workouts with weight you need to approach this exercise with certain dose of caution.

It is important to start slowly, with 50 swings and increase until you get to 300 swings in one training.

Beginning position should be with legs in parallel with your shoulders.

Keep your toes directed slightly outside, kettlebell is on the floor in front of you.

Get down to get it while your knees are bent a little and start swinging.

Do not lift the weight above height of your eyes and do not bend your back when you are lifting the weight up.

Some research shown that by doing this for only one minute you can burn up to 20 calories, which means that in five minutes and 50 swings you can burn up to 100 calories.

Great? I know.

Kettlebell Squat Thrust

You thought that you were doing enough squats? Wrong it is never enough.

Squats helps us ladies to from and maintain for of our legs and butt. It is what every woman needs.

Take the kettlebell and hold it tight. Keep your elbows as close as you can.

Now squat and explosively punch up and thrust kettlebell above your head.

For starters you can do 3 sets with 10 repetitions.

Kettlebell Windmill

This workout will help you maintain you obliques and add shoulder stability.

This exercise can be done any time you want to workout abs or if you want to workout your upper body.

Start in L shape position with your feet but keep your heels in line.

Keep the hip turned out on the leg that is straight, keep the kettlebell over head go as low as you can so that your other arms touches your ankle.

Best Kettlebells For Women

I have chosen several kettlebells that are currently selling on Amazon.com for you.

They are perfect for starters and I have selected few of them just based on their looks. We need to think about that also.

Kettle Gryp

This is basically not a kettlebell.

However, we all have at least one dumbell and this device can help you turn that dumbell into kettlebell.

It is perfect if you would like to change the type of your training mid workout.

You also get more than you need for a reasonable price.

Pro Form Purse Kettlebell

This lightweight kettlebell is perfect for beginners, it will also give some additional motivation for women as we like our purses so much.

Meshin Water Filled Kettlebell

This is my favourite by far.

It is water filled kettlebell and therefore it has adjustable weight.

Strencor Kettlebell

This 13 pound kettlebell is for more advanced users.

As you progress with your kettlebell workouts you will need more and more weight in it.

I have picked this one as it has pink line in it and will fit perfectly for the ladies.

Kettlebell Workout Benefits – Conclusion

There it is, I have covered what you need to know about kettlebell workout benefits and gave you at least 10 reasons why you should get one now.

In addition, you have 3 basic workouts with kettlebells, but keep in mind that you can do whatever you like.

Let your imagination think of the next exercise you can do with kettlebell.

I highly recommend this requisite for anyone who is tight on time. This is why this is perfect for women who balance between work and their family.

This is especially good for mothers as it does not take up most of their time and it hits right where we want.

It burns our fat and gives our legs tightness and oblique we need to look great for our other halves.

It is very important to mention the mental aspect of these workouts. They will drain you dry and leave your mind in peace after every workout.

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