Jump Rope Benefits – Jump Rope For Cellulite And Health Benefits

Jump rope benefits against cellulite?

Of course. It is one of the methods with which you can quickly and easily remove that orange peel look of your thighs. You are asking how?

Stay with me for some time, I will explain this to the details how jumping rope can help you. In addition you will find out how it affects your whole body.

It is time to return to our childhood and do something healthy for our body.

Cellulite is global problem, which most of the time affects women. It is mostly linked to increased body weight, although it doesn’t need to be necessary.

Except estetics, which women find very important for their confidence, cellulite can damage your health.

Muscles on that spot become non elastic and lymph nodes are formed which slow down normal circulation.

Before everything, we must deal with causes of cellulite. However, as a preventive measure we can include physical measures, not so agressive and hard, like jump rope against cellulite.

How Does Jump Rope Reduce Cellulite

If you do have problems with cellulite, I suggest that you try to jump rope. Why?

Because when you are most active your whole body is activated and all muscles are moving.

Jumping rope is a game which we all played in our school breaks and done it regularly. We always like doing that. We never saw it as some physical activity, but as a way to have fun.

Today things are a little bit different.

Any kind of activity is suppressed with new technical achievements and quick way of life which has harmed our health and looks.

If we put our phones for a little bit and use that time to jump rope, there would be much more use. We would be less stressed and mentally rested.

With just 15-20 minutes of every day jumping, you will lose around 300 calories, therefore bringing you results you want to see.

Just think about how much time you need to workout to lose that much calories.

Advantages are numerous, and only one them is weight loss and cellulite destruction. Besides, this exercise activates all muscles and therefore brings balance to your body.

When you think about it, whole body is activated in these 20 minutes, a trait which only swimming can do.

When we jump rope, in these moments our legs are tighter with every jump, arms also, stomach is flattened and fat deposits are melted.

Jump rope benefits are numerous if its done regularly. You will tighten your whole body and gain necessary condition.

Another great combination for cellulite loss is being hydrated enough. It is important to drink enough fluids while doing jump rope and it will pay off.

This forgotten game will bring you back to your childood and make you feel young and good again.

jump rope benefits

Jump Rope Benefits

You should jump rope barefoot or in some light sneakers. In addition you shouldn’t jump on hard terrain.

This excellent condition training strenghtens muscle, bones and ligaments. It has very good effect on your joints and knees. In addition it is great for stress relief.

Jumping rope is a sport which has numerous health benefits. It is great for your cardiovascular system and condition overall.

Jumping rope benefits for your respiratory system and lungs can be seen after 10 minutes. If you try to do some more complicated forms it can improve your cognitive capabilities.

With this aerobic training you also improve your concentration and balance. Athletes are recommended to jump rope before every training for warm up, it is in addition useful for movement coordination.

There are also jump rope benefits for your shoulders, this is important for your posture.

Here is a list for all jump rope benefits I can think of:

  • improves cardiovascular system
  • strenghtens muscles
  • burns fat (excellent against cellulite)
  • develops better coordination and balance
  • improves explosive strenght of your jump
  • tightens muscles

For 15-20 minutes of jumping rope you will burn around 300 calories. However, this is relative to how fast you jump and how much you weigh.

Jumping rope is a way of exercise which is near perfection. It should be used to stay in great form or just for fun.

Jump Rope Benefits For Legs

There are certain spots which tend to have more cellulite than others. These are thighs, legs and butt. However, cellulite can also appear on calves and arms, usually due to excess weight.

Our legs and butt have the most cellulite, these are parts of our body which tend to store more fat than others.

As I already meantioned, by jumping rope we move our whole body and mostly our leg muscles.

If you are wondering does jump rope affect cellulite on your legs, the answer is yes. If you have trouble with leg cellulite jump rope is the right exercise for you.

The main thing about this exercise is that it saves time and provides fantastic results. For jump rope training you only need some space, rope and your good will.

In less than a month you will have legs you only dreamt of.

If your goal is to lose weight fast maybe click here to find out which diet can get you fast results.

Cellulite can also appear on skinny people. There are several causes of cellulite.

Do you know what leads to cellulite? Here are some of the main factors:

  • modern way of life
  • sitting on computer
  • wrong diet
  • lack of physical activity
  • reduces water intake
  • drinking to much sodas and eating sweets

This is why jumping rope is important, for at least 15 minutes a day. For starters you can begin with 10 minutes and then gradually increase the time you spend jumping.

For some it will be very interesting, as you can play lot of different games while jumping rope.

Jump Rope Benefits For Stomach

It is not unusual for cellulite to appear on stomach. It is unusual if skinny people have, as it tends to appear on people with excess weight.

I have already talked about how jumping rope succesfuly removes cellulite from legs and it is well known that legs and butt are connected, therefore you are working out two critical zones at once.

For stomach, it is important to lose weight first and then fight cellulite. When excess fat is lost, jump rope is perfect training to get your stomach in line.

If you need instructions on how to get abs click here.

How To Jump Rope?

Rope is very light and small, therefore it is suitable to be carried everywhere.

To jump rope to fight cellulite you only need couple of square feet, rope and your good will. It is great way to fight cellulite in the comfort of your home.

What can be helpfull for your motivation is music, which will help you move better. If you want to combine some other things with this training I have some other advices.

You can get tight girdle which will help you burn fat faster. When we compress these parts we can notice increased sweating and evaporation of toxins trapped in our body.

After training do not be lazy to take a shower, this will help you relax muscles.

Did you know that there are over 25 exercises you can do with jumping rope?

It is important for you to construct warm up training. Don’t be suprised if you feel pain in you muscles, especially if you haven’t worked out in some time.

For starters begin with 5 minutes. Jump it straight by jumping simultaneously with both legs. You can change that however you like.

In further experiments with rope, you can jump with one leg for 10 minutes, and then with the other.

First you will notice skin cellulite removal and then in time that deeper fibrous cellulite.

Adjust training to your needs and enjoy the fun.

Best Songs For Jump Rope

I thing that working out with music is very important.

It gives us tempo and increases our performance while working out. This can be very helpfull when you do not have the will to work out.

It can help you achieve your goals even if you do not feel like it. Here are some of my favorite songs for jumping rope:

  • Mos Def – Auditorium (feat. Slick Rick)

  • Louie Austen – Hoping (Herbert’s High Dub)

  • Sahida Apsara – ft. Dub FX & Astro • Walking Free

  • Sahida Apsara – Radiant Star [ LIVE ] • Ft. Saritah & Dub FX

  • Fkj & Masego – Tadow


  • Moby – Love Of Strings 2013

You can find all of these best songs for jump rope on youtube.com and you can buy them if you want them to be on your phone.

jump rope benefits


What you need to know before starting to jump rope:

  • Lenght. When you stand on the middle of the rope handles should be around you chest height.
  • Avoid jumping on hard surfaces.
  • Perfect jump technique and then add jump rope into your regural exercise program.
  • Warm up. Raise your heart beat and warm up your mucles will light run or jumping rope.
  • Your body should be straight but relaxed while jumping.
  • Do not look at your feet. Eyes forward.
  • Legs are slightly bent in your knees.
  • Shoulders relaxed and elbows near body.
  • Do not jump too high. Unless you are doing more complex jumps.
  • Turn the handle in the wrist of your hand therefore removing the rotation of your arm or forearm.

Pick a part of day you find most suitable for this exercies. You can split it into sets, bring rope with you and do daily training routine whenever you feel like it.

I asked my friend to give me insights on how her jump rope journey started. She battled a lot of weight and came out as a winner.

“My nutritionist suggested jumping rope after I lost near to 25 pounds with dieting. After weight loss I was stuck with loose skin and a lot of cellulite due to sudden weight loss. I started jumping rope daily around 30 minutes. I even did it at my job, at lunch break as I cut some meals. Trust me that I saw great results after 10 days of jumping rope and this is what motivated me to continue. I now do it for fun also. There are no more problems with cellulite and hanging skin. I have also noticed improvement in my durability and energy. Keeping my body in good shape is very important for me now and enjoy.”


I personally love this exercise. It gives me necessary condition I need to have for my body.

There are numerous jump rope benefits and I cannot stress this enough, it is easily done everywhere. Stress relief, cardiovascular benefits and what most women find important is loss of cellulite.

Most of us find that looking good is very important, and it is, but health benefits that jumping rope brings cannot be measured.

In these complicated times we should strive to find some simplicity. Jumping rope brings just that, it is very simple to do.

Maybe we should all take a trip back to our childood and bring back some of that versatility we had when we were younger.

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