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Is Coffee Bad For You?

Is coffee good for you?

No one disputes that there are some usefull aspects of everyday consumption, but there are some unwanted and unhealthy things about it.

Especially if you add sugar, milk or cream, or if you drink it with meal filled with sugar, pastry or oat.

It is clear, in addition, that coffee is on top of the list for many people. Including me. But we should all know advantages and flaws of it.

It is also to know what is your top limit for coffee and do not cross it.

Therefore, right question is… Is coffee bad for you and your health or is it healthy drink?

Good And Bad Things

Just to separate facts from myths you should know this:

There are a lot of research funded by companies with personal interests in selling coffee.

is coffee bad for you

Antioxidants In Coffee And It’s Bitter Taste

When people say coffee is healthy they mostly think on its antioxidants benefits, which is correct.

It appears that research have shown reduces appearances of some diseases by drinking more(up to 3 cups a day).

These research show that there is distinct difference between people who drink and those that do not.

However, there are research that show that same benefits come from other caffeinated drinks, like green or black tea.

This suggests that it is mostly about caffeine as a substance which leads to health benefits, although coffee and teas contain antioxidants.

It interesting to notice that in it you mostly encounter group of antioxidants with more than 70 phenol substances. They are called chlorogenic acids.

These are bitter acids and mostly contribute its bitter taste.

Although antioxidants in coffee and green tea improve your health, there may be other stronger reasons which explain potential health benefits.

They are connected to its bitter taste.

Is Coffee Healthy ?

Numerous articles which have recently been published document health benefit of antioxidants but do not give attention to one of the main characteristics of coffee – its grain is bitter.

Bitter plants and food provide components for liver functioning.

In addition liver has function to support body in at least three ways:

  • clean blood
  • reduce sugar levels
  • improve your fat degradation

Bitter Plants And Bile Production

There is direct corelation between bitter plants, like coffee and emulsification to digest oils and fats.

This can be the most important positive thing about coffee.

If you have more interests in bile and its benefits click here.

Why? 5 Reasons:

  • average diet today is rich in oils and fats from unhealthy spectrum of trans fats
  • bitter food is used by the body to improve production of bile
  • bile is important in removing toxins from blood
  • bile is responsible for process of emulsification of fats
  • undigested fats and oils in blood disturb process of blood sugar regulation

Three Ways How Bile Improves Your Health

#1. Bile is toxin storage which are filtrated through blood over the liver. Liver uses bile to capture impurities (heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc…).

In this way they are isolated and bile which is moving through digestive system gets them out of the body.

In addition, similar function have fibers, chlorophyl, active charcoal which are mostly used in toxin absorption which do not go through digestive system with bile.

This lowers chance of them re absorbing.

#2. Bile helps us by degrading fats and oils before their entrance into blood stream, therefore improve blood sugar regulation

#3. Bile is mostly made out of cholesterol, which increases need for your body to use cholesterol. In addition it reduces or recycles present cholesterol.

Problems With Undigested Fats And Simple Sugars

If there are undigested fats or oils in blood, in combination with simple sugars there is increase in organism toxicity.

Therefore insulin capability to regulate blood sugar is disturbed. Insulin resistance is increased.

High levels of blood sugar lead to whole spectrum of bad consequences:

  • increase of fungal infections in body
  • high insulin levels
  • insulin has a job to store fat around your waist
  • in addition insulin has job to regulate tension of arteries wall

Digestive Body Enzymes

Many spices have bitter components and can support body organs with their nutrition values which produce digestive enzymes.

These organs are pancreas, bowels and liver.

Bitter plants and digestive spices contribute much more than coffee. Still, large part of population can tolerate moderate amounts of coffee and use these positive effects.

Bad Things About Coffee

Besides that new research constantly find new useful aspects of coffee, there are undeniable proof that there are many harmfull effects.

How To Reduce Negative Effects Of Coffee

If you are going to enjoy coffee, the least you can do is to follow next advices:

  • Drink only organic coffee. GMO coffee is on top of the list of groceries that are sprinkled with pesticides.
  • Research your favorite kind of coffee. Be sure where it comes from and how reliable it is.
  • Drink it without sugar, milk or cream. They kill health benefits coffee provides.
  • If you must, use organic milk.
  • Avoid cream which are not dairy based.
  • To improve taste, use nuts or cinnamon.
  • Grind it yourself.

is coffee bad for you

Bad Things About Coffee

There are two factors:

  • overstimulating adrenal gland
  • sourness of coffee

For instance coffee temporarily increases cortisol production. Hormone that is naturally designed to be increased for a short period of time during the morning.

Coffee leads to increase effect of this hormone which can last up to 12 hours or more.

Overstimulating cortisol leads to overuse of important aspects of human physiology, but also leads to reduction of basic reservoire of human energy in body.

According to tradition chinese medicine, this is jing energy which is in kidneys.

Coffee Health Risks

I will now give you negative aspects of coffee for human health, if in addition you drink it too much.

Moderation is key word here. Therefore it is about amout of coffee you drink. In addition everyone has to find its own balance.

Above all over consumption of coffee can lead to:

  • insomnia – If you need help with curing insomnia click here.
  • adrenalin tiredness
  • feeling weak in the morning
  • bad spleen functions
  • nervousness
  • hormone deregulation
  • longterm vitality loss
  • dehydration
  • memory erosion
  • fast growin old – wrinkles
  • increased body acidity and degradation of bones
  • loss of probiotics in bowels
  • digestive problems
  • increased inflammatory processes
  • anger
  • depression
  • increased sexual appetite – with reduces performances due to tiredness of adrenal hormone function


It has attractive taste and lifts energy. However, for most persons moderation is recommended.

In addition part of the population could benefit if they wouldn’t drink it at all.

Similarly if you drink it, buy it organically.

Therefore it is best consumed without additives.

However, you should combine it with quality diet.

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