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How To Stop Smoking Tips [Ultimate Guide]

How to stop smoking is a question a lot of us seem to be asking.

However, this is a very hard thing to do, trust me I know. I started smoking when I was in high school. I was trying to be cool in company. A lot of people start this way.

First of all, we all know that it is so harmful. In addition we all keep saying that we are going to stop.

Smoking and coffee helped me a lot through college, I just could not imagine studying without a cigarette. This grew little by little and I got to a point that a cigarette was not leaving my hands.

I was smoking around 2 packs a day. It was disgusting. The smell of cigarettes was everywhere around me. In my hair, fingers, skin. Everywhere.

However, when my husband and I started talking about having children I immediately thought about how to stop smoking. I knew that if I would continue I would put my future child at risk.

It was not an easy path to stop smoking. However, I got through it.

I know that many of you tried to many times to stop smoking cigarettes and failed badly. It seems like every time you try you return an even bigger smoker.

I will give you some insights that I wish I had when I was trying to stop smoking. Get comfortable, this is going to be a long read.

How To Stop Smoking

No matter how convincing the facts against smoking are, what smoker needs is not only facts and statistic data, but a plan and programme which will help him stop smoking.

If there is a desire to stop smoking, it has to be done immediately, not in phases. Reason is that it is better to survive first couple of days, rather than prolonging it for weeks and months.

No long suffering is easy. It is better to solve that dilemma at once. This is usually easier to do than you think.

When I say this I want to help smoker to resist the craving as fast as possible, in the best case scenario 5 days.

After stopping with smoking, first three days are the worst. However, at the end of day five most of the smokers feel that craving for a cigarette is significantly smaller or that it is gone completely.

If you can stick to this for 10 days you can already think that success is at hand. You need to be decisive. Tell yourself “I have decided I will not smoke again.”.

You need to repeat this to yourself often. From the moment you get up in the morning, until you fall asleep. While you are saying this you need to believe it. Make yourself believe it.

This is the right moment that by your will power and reason persuade yourself that cigarettes are bad for your organism.

Don’t for a second forget connection between mind and body, as this can give you answer to the question how to stop smoking.

Every day repeat your intention by saying the words with more and more will included. Don’t forget that this positive decision has direct influence in reducing organisms physical need for smoking.

This leads to drastic reduction for need.

how to stop smoking

Will Power

By fully utilizing your will power, you will not only reduce craving, but in time you will put your bad habits under control of your mind.

In the moments of strong desire for smoking, you need to look at your clock. Watch that point move second at a time.

No matter how strong your desire for a cigarette is, every smoker can last a minute without a smoke. If you last a minute, you can last one more.

This is more than certain, however, pay attention to one more thing. When three minutes pass, intensity of your desire for a cigarette for the next our will increase every day. Therefore making your will power stronger and stronger.

There are certain rules smokers who are asking themselves how to stop smoking need to abide.

These rules will help them get over the crisis which will come in waves in this path for new life.

How To Stop Smoking – Rules To Follow

Bathe More Often

This truly is time to relax.

You need to bathe in warm water for 2-3 times a day for 15-20 minutes. Smoker should be relaxed.

If you feel that you can’t handle it without a cigarette, go under the shower again. This is good as you cannot smoke under the shower.

Next to this you should find another way to relax. Rub yourself with a bathing glove. This procedure is familiar on the plan of medicine rehabilitation. It is known as vascular gymnastics.

It will calm down your nerves, increase circulation and therefore making smoker feel exquisite. Here is what this procedure is made of.

First, you should get up couple of minutes than you usually do. Fill your sink with water. Dip the bathing glove in water, and then squeeze it good. Rub one hand with the other until the skin of the rubbed hand is red.

Keep rubbing until there is satisfying pink colour which is consequence of increased peripheral blood circulation. Some may feel that it takes too much time for the skin to become pink.

This in fact tells us that peripheral blood vessels are expanding slowly. However, if you repeat this the next morning it increase the speed your skin becomes pink.

If you use colder water every morning you will achieve better effect. Next morning add the other hand to the process. On third day you should do it in this order. Left arm, right arm and then chest.

Some people with great will power add ice cubes into water for morning rub. Cold, fast and strong rubbing will awaken the smoker and stimulate him for work without feeling desire for cigarette.

Drink A Lot Of Water

You should drink 6-8 glasses between meals. Write it down if it is necessary. The more liquids you drink the more nicotine you will eject from your organism.

Don’t drink alcohol, importance of liquids I am talking about does not include beer or wine.

People usually don’t seem to realize importance of liquids for normal functioning of every organ in their body. Brain tissue, for example, are made of 75% water.

Nervous system cannot function without enough amount of liquids. In the beginning you might have to force yourself to drink water as you get up in the morning.

Later you should drink two glasses between breakfast and lunch, and additional two more in the afternoon. This is 6 glasses in total.

These 6 glasses of water, with additional fresh fruit juices will have beneficial influence on your kindeys.

As a matter of fact, this increased intake of fluids will make your kidneys work intensively. However, result of that will be reduces craving for nicotine and all that in the first 24 hours since you stopped smoking.

After 24 hours, you can reduce water intake, however, continue with fresh fruit juices.

Do not forget about the decision that you made. I have decided to quit smoking.

This is how this how to stop smoking article will help you.

how to stop smoking

Be Well Rested

You should get plenty of rest in the first 5 days, eat regularly in specific time and go to rest in specific time.

During these five days you should not go out at night. You need to do whatever it takes to preserve peace of  your nervous system. Therefore you should start planning to go to bed somewhat early than usual.

You need to give your nerves rest, as tiredness in all its shapes is great enemy to will power.

Just because you are used to working late at night, many people take away the rest their nervous system needs. This is why they sometimes wake up more tired than they were when they went to sleep.

With tired nerves like these which under the influence of old habit crave cigarette, there is no possibility to start campaign against anything. Especially cigarettes.

Whether exhaustion comes from lack of suitable rest or just overworking, in any case smoker should give himself enough sleep during these five days.

Don’t Be Static After Eating

After meal, you need to get out of the house and walk. Breathe in fresh air. Do not sit after eating, because when you do you will want cigarette more than anything.

To make it easier on yourself get out of the house.

We all had a habit to eat well and after that sit in our favourite chair, lift our legs, and light up a cigarette.

At this moment our favourite chair would be a double trap. It still smell like the thousand cigarettes you smoked in it. In addition it is bound to our habit.

If you sit in that chair, you will be surrounded by the smell of cigarettes in that chair, carpet and curtains. Therefore it is not surprising that craving for smoking is equal to torture.

Having this in mind, walk after every meal should become a rule for smokers which MUST be followed.

Right after eating give your favourite hobby a try or go for a walk. Do anything you want just do not sit.

Here is another reason for this rule.

It is estimated that brain cells need 5 times more oxygen than other cells in your body need. Out of this comes a conclusion that reducing oxygen for your brain we can damage our mental functions.

Out of this comes logical assumption that reducing mental functions will reduce our will power which in this moment is vital.

In addition medical research point to the fact that frontal brain is most sensitive on lack of oxygen. These are the parts of brain which help your will power and common sense.


Because of that in the next few days when the part of will power and calmness is vital you should go out for a walk.

To make smoker stronger than his need for cigarettes it is important to say to himself “I have decided to stop smoking”, drink a glass of water and start breathing deep.

In a matter of minutes you will feel that need fading and you will feel victorious. This need will in time be weaker and in the end you will get rid of cigarettes.

Stick to these rules daily.

If you thing that working out will help you fulfil your goal here are my favourite exercises you can do in the comfort of your home.

How To Stop Smoking – Role Your Diet Plays

Pay Attention To What You Drink

You should avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, coca-cola. In addition you should avoid all sedatives and any stimulants to strengthen your nervous system.

Only drinks you can consume should be milk and juices.

Many smokers, in their attempt to get rid of cigarettes double the coffee, unaware that coffee can increase their desire for cigarettes.

With habit to smoke with coffee, caffeine stimulates nerves, and this is what should be avoided. It is important to remain calm as you can be.

Other great enemy of will power is alcohol. In any form, alcohol attacks brains ability for reason, will power and thinking.

Above all, you should consider alcohol your number one enemy for the duration of next few days.

In every group of people who are trying to quit smoking, we find large number of those who are on the right path. Until that fatal afternoon when they are on a cocktail party or in company of drinkers.

Many of them go there to drink one beer and as usual they succeed. However, we all know that one drop too many can lead up to half a pack of cigarettes.

This happens because alcohol beats will power.

To find out more if coffee is healthy or not click here.

Avoid Heavy Meals And Candy

Food that every smoker likes is very spicy food. Most of the smokers tend to eat more meat, and enjoys fried and heavy meals which make quitting cigarettes almost impossible.

They like spicy food because cigarettes dulls their sense of taste. Usually there is a need for large quantities of strong spices just to feel taste at all.

When you stop smoking you suddenly awaken your sense of taste from years of numbness which can lead to desire to eat more of your favourite food.

This moment need will power again. It should go like this “I have decided and I am not going to stop now!”.

This is why you should avoid strong additions to meals such as: mustard, paprika and anything too spicy.

If you need advices on how to cook healthy meals click here.


During these five days you cut meat and food fried in oil or lard from your menu.

You need to give your organism ideal chance to strengthen itself by eating fresh food make the simplest way possible.

Some people feel that spicy stake is by itself good enough to be source of strong desire for smoking.

Desire is probably increased by presence of purine which is found in meat. In addition increased amount of ammonia which is released by decomposure of high proteins from meat can stimulate central nervous system.

If the steak is richer that much ammonia which is produces is higher.

If you try to replace meat with fish, this will also have good influence in reducing cholesterol in your blood.

You also need to avoid candy in this period.

If you eat food with high percentage of sugar, your organism will need higher amount of vitamin B1 to burn sugar in blood

In addition when you higher amount of sugar your reserves of vitamin B1 which should strengthen your nervous system will be used to burn increased amount of sugar in your organism.

If you do not listen to this advice you senses will be disturbed.

Having in mind all of the above, you need to give up all candy in the duration of these 5 days.

This will for sure help your nerves keep that desire for cigarettes quiet.

Eat More Fruits And Nuts

You should eat fruits, vegetables and nuts how much you want. If you are interested in how to stop smoking you should follow this through.

Person that is quitting cigarettes should in this period eat large quantities of fresh fruits. This is your opportunity to eat well.

It is best to eat fruits and vegetables with your meal, not between meals. You can also entertain yourself with chewing gum if you must.

As a reason against stopping with smoking, smokers usually say that they will get fat. They often wonder what is worse. To be overweight or to expose yourself to risk of bad consequences of smoking?

You should not worry about your weight for first five days. If you are following this through you may gain some weight because you have increased amount of water you drink.

Do not forget that fluids are important to get rid of excess nicotine out of your organism.

However, problem of excess weight really is important but smokers will deal with this much easier than they assume.

Power of their will has increased significantly and has preserved them from foods and drinks which are harmful.

This will power is now powerful weapon in their fight against excess weight.

Most of the people find it easier controlled than desire for smoking. Therefore stay brave and keep going!

Additional Vitamins

For smokers to intake increased amount of vitamins, especially vitamin B, which will help smokers nerves when there is nicotine shortage, they need to take one to two spoons of wheat germ between meals.

As a replacement for wheat germ, you can take one to two spoons of barm, which is good source of vitamin B complex and protein.

One of the ways of taking barm is next: Mix spoon of dry barm in glass of tomato juice, close your nose and drink it.

This ways is good especially for those who feel cheated just because they have to drink this and not some medicine.

If you find it hard to take either you can go to your doctor which can prescribe vitamin B in capsules.

how to stop smoking

Alternatives To Smoking

Maybe text on how to stop smoking is not for you. I hope that this is not true. However, if it is not for you it could be good that you get familiar with alternatives to smoking.

I will only write about those I am familiar with and have researched a little about them.

Nicotine Patch

You have all probably seen the comercials about nicotine patch.

Nicotine patch still has leading role in fighting symptoms that occur due to lack of cigarettes. Reason is simple. Only thing you have to do is to stick it.

Patch releases nicotine into your organism through your skin(transdermally) into blood stream and maintains levels of nicotine in your blood.

According to dr Michael Fiore, nicotine patches are succesful in 13-77% cases of people who are trying to quit cigarettes.

When apstinence is defined as 6 months without a cigarette, success is around 22-44% in comparison to 5-28% or patients cured by placebo.

There are certain reports that say that patch can improve bad mood which is characteristical for period when you are quitting smoking.

As a problem it is mentioned that people get skin rash on the place where you put patch, However, some have problems with insomnia and are nervous.

If you are having trouble with insomnia click here to find out natural ways to cure it.


If you are searching for alternative for cigarettes there are always e-cigarettes.

According to study done in Great Brittain 18% of smokers which used e-cigarettes didn’t go back to regular smoking after a year.

Study was done on 886 smokers and is a test on how e-cigarettes are efficient for quitting smoking.

E-cigarettes or vape products do not contain tobacco and do not burn anything. They are filled with liquids which often but not always contain nicotine.

Heather inside turns liquid into steam which is inhaled. There is no burning hence no smoke.

how to stop smoking

Studies show that people who went from cigarettes to vaping, have tendencies to use advanced products.

This allows them to switch tastes easier and combine different batteries with atomizers. But how is it when it comes to secondary smoke?

Biggest damage of secondary smoke like increased risk of respiratory disease, infection, lung cancer and heart attack is connected to burning. Around 75% of smoke comes from burning.

With e-cigarettes nothing is burning, and data shows that nicotine and other harmful materies levels are far lower than in smoke produces by cigarettes.


IQOS is a product created by Philip Morris Internation, largest tobacco company in the world.

They probably see that there is future in products which do not burn tobacco in order for it to be smoked. This is exactly what IQOS is.

With IQOS there is no burning, combustion or smoke. Specially made tobacco is heated so that it produces nicotine rich vapor. In addition to this you can smoke this wherever you want as it is not classified as cigarette.

I have not really tried this, at the economical point of view this is not really a good thing.

You still have to buy cigarettes to put them into the heater.


If you have made it to the end of this article I can say only one thing to you. It is going to be hard. But you are not alone in this.

These advices I have made for you will help for sure. You should follow them all if you really want to stop smoking.

How to stop smoking is not an easy question to answer. You will need a lot of commitment and devotion.

And remember YOU WANT TO DO THIS. You will power will help you with this.

Above all this can increase your will power to take the next challenge easier.

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