How To Seduce Husband After Marriage

Many ladies have problems and have to ask themselves how to seduce husband after marriage?

Your husband is a person you are so long with that you started treating him like you own him. This can go a long way, maybe you stopped noticing him.

Maybe you ask yourselves why should you seduce your husband again? Isn’t he seduces for life? He is not. Don’t wait for him to think about that.

It is normal for a man, past fourty, but what comes out of that thoughts is what matters. He might decide this is the last moment to make a major decision in his life therefore shut you down.

You need to help him choose that he is happily married and wouldn’t change a thing about you. But, how much change is there for you?

On the other hand, what will you do after fourty? Kids are already big enough for you to read them bedtime stories and homework has become too hard for you.

You parents are still in good shape, in the workplace you have a steady status you enjoy. What is left is your husband with his crazy years.

How To Seduce Husband After Marriage – What Does He Think?

Similarly he is in a same situation as you on the matter of parents, children and workplace. He thinks nobody needs him anymore. He wants to know if that truly is the case.

If you want to seduce your husband after marriage for one night, you just need to dress provocately and put some perfume and he is toast.

However, if you want to make this work all the way through don’t go spending money on such things. In the end you will have them, he will buy them for you.

How To Seduce Husband After Marriage

What To Do?

Start with subtle changes, small, already forgotten things.

Don’t ask him all the time: “Do you like what I made for you?” or “Did you see I put back button or your shirt.”. When he doesn’t know he even lost it. He has magical power – power of listening.

Listening what you have to say. I’m not talking about obedience. I am talking about simple paying attention on what is being said. To listen to others means stopping everything else.

To listen verbally and nonverbally showing that you are there and that you care about what he is talking is truly a sign of attention you need to show.

You acceptance of person talking you can show by asking questions or disagreeing to what is being said.

It seems so simple and that is understandable. If you try, however, to remember how your family communication looks like you will probably think about how it happens along the way.

This is what bartenders, prostitutes, wives and lovers have in common. They listen to what others have to say ( or at least they pretend they do).

They listen in different circumstances but they don’t object, don’t give advices. Let’s not go into other aspects of their job, but the fact is that many clients pay for feeling of being understood.

Why not use this in your marriage? Show real understanding about this? This will payout for you multiple times.

This is one of the answers on how to seduce your husband after marriage.

How To Seduce Your Husband After Marriage – Why Should You?

Why would I wan’t to seduce my husband? This question may come to a lot of ladies.

You are a long period of time together, you bring up your children together and everything is normal for you.

However, very often, women tend to give other things attention forgetting about their husband. Difficulties with children, washing and cleaning, these things tend to take most of your time so you don’t have enough energy for your husband. Enough!

Stop torturing yourself and your loved one, or else you will soon find yourself in a situation where you two don’t recognize each other.

It is time to return passion in your love for him and your relationship.

Every woman should have ability to seduce, because that ability is for our half of mankind. Remember gays, courtizans, mermaids which know much about conquering even the most sophisticated man.

Seduction demands constant work on yourself. It needs to be relaxed, vulgar but also with a dose of humility. By combining similar traits woman can seduce their partner again.

You will read in many magazines how secret in longevity of marriage is to have small rituals.

Pick one night a week to go out, communicate, play sexual games to return passion to your bed, visit marriage council.

Maybe this works for some marriages but I will offer you little different ideas.

Of course that every woman wants admiration, respect, fireworks from their husband. But the thing we want the most is to know that he is still crazy about us.

In addition here is one good news, contrary on belief that men lose interest in time, experts think that men have gen for long term passion.

However it is up to you to give in some effort to make it spark.

#1 Take Care Of Yourself

Every man pays attention to how you look. Don’t assume that they fall on soul, this is wrong assumption.

Men like women that smell nice and take care of how they look. It is important to keep your hair and nails in pristine condition and to dress nicely.

Don’t use everything single piece of makeup you have, use basic products. The main thing is that your face is nurtured and fresh.

We should thing about hair removal. Many men like to have bikini zone waxed. Other like mild shave, it depends on their preferences, but you should know by now how your husband likes it.

Tend to remove excess “vegetation”.

#2 Choose The Right Scent

Important place in every womans life is taken by perfume. It shouldn’t be too sweet or bitter. Choose fresh scent which after 2-3 hours becomes subtle.

You husband should smell it from distance of 40-50 cm, not from 2 meters. Explore every types of aroma, visit perfume stores to pick just what you need.

Pay attention to body scent. Make it a habbit to bath with bath bombs, add sea salt, essential oils. Use cream or shower gel with aromatised ingredients. Pachuli, lavander, honey and almond.

After that use lotion that will make your skin smooth and silky.

Open your closet, exclude clothes that are not perfect. Prefer see through blouses, which leave space for imagination when your husband sees that bra you are wearing.

Mini skirts leave space for that halters your husband will see for sure.

Pick clothes which emphasise your womanhood. If you choose pants wear them tight. If you are above average with communication send pictures of some sexy underwear.

Ask your husband which he would like better. Reaction will come fast.

#3 How To Seduce Husband After Marriage – Build Your Selfconfidence

Of course there is certain type of men which prefer modest girls. Still, most of them like confident women which operate by principle of “come, see, seduce”.

To gain selfconfidence, you must pay attention to your hair, body and look. Change your haircut, pony tails are a no no.

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, cut some weight and start going to gym. It is important to be ready before you go to “battle”.

If you need some advices to how to workout click here.

#4 Make Him Want You

After you get in shape, check your wardrobe and get selfconfidence it is time to act.

Seduction includes expectin pleasure so you need to act slowly. Be avalaible but then become disinterested. Main thing is to seduce, awaken interest and desire.

Example is next. During next phone call let your partner realise that you want to spend passionate night with him. Don’t let it out in the open, flert, make him understand development of events.

After certain period of time finish conversation implying importance of other things. At the same time, promise that you will call him only if he has time to spare.

How To Seduce Husband After Marriage

#5 Cause Jealosy

Making this is not easy. Focus on your womanhood, let your hair back, lift your dress in line with your socks to let lace see a little. It is important to look natural, not complicated.

When you have dinner at a restaurant, lift your index finger to call for waiter. After your husband notices you, put your hand behind your neck and seductively pull it alongside your neck.

You can cross your legs then continue conversing with waiter while your order.

This will light a spark in your husband, for sure there will be a dose of jealosy in his eyes.

Stick to your behavior, lead interesting conversation, but take your time. Your husband needs to know that you are very interested in that passionate night with him.

#6 How To Seduce Husband After Marriage – Be Open

Men are attracted to not only pretty and passionate women, in addition they like women that are open for dialogue.

Therefore, don’t try to drag him into bed, sexual aspect is not only physical but spiritual intimacy.

Let your husband know you are like him. Talk with him about funny things from your life, be open and thorough. In addition, men after fourty are very interested in women who know can talk about lot of things.

However, watch your tone, don’t scream and laugh too loud. Therefore, your voice should be deep and laugh honest. Respect your husband and try to keep up with his stories.

Similarly to seduce your husband again, he needs to know that he means a lot to you, which he does considering you are willing to read this article on how to seduce husband after marriage.

Be positive, friendly, honest and open, but do not repeat yourself.

#7 Flert

No seduction is complete without flerting.

Capability to send a look or seducting smile comes with practice.

Seduce your man, look him over the shoulder then slowly turn to him and pierce him with your eyes.

After he stops, concentrate on him. Start conversation. Try to speak with your body.

It is important that he knows that your are ready for the next step. Take initiative but don’t show desire for sex.

#8 How To Seduce Husband After Marriage – Be Proud And Praise Him

Let your husband hear how you use nice words to describe him. Be creative. It can mean a lot to him, as small as it is to you.

#9 Trust Him

For two people that are destined to help each other out, sometimes it is hard to take that help than give it.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that he is completely devoted to marriage. It is harder to accept love than to love. Funny, but true. Only advice I can give you about this theme is to trust him.

Give in to him completely and allow him to love you with all of his heart. In love you should give full throtle. This will make you feel better and contribute more to your relationship.

#10 Avoid Dumb Situations

Get your exes in a box and throw it out. Don’t try yourself out how resistant you are to them. Nobody doubts that you reliable but should you get yourself in temptation?

Your partner and relationship you have are more important than any friendship, let alone friendships with ex boyfriends. Every friendship that can bring trouble to your marriage should be avoided.

Protect your marriage in every way you can. Not because it is fragile, but because it is precious. Don’t go around flerting without need. Don’t experiment with roads that lead to destruction.

How To Seduce Husband After Marriage

#11 How To Seduce Husband After Marriage – Think In The Long Run

Marriage is not temporary it is for life. He will be with you untill death does you apart. You think of course that is the case.

Although we have commited ourselves to longevity and lifetime, in addition we can catch ourself to think that is not forever. As in, if he does this or that you will not tolerate. If you get fat he will leave you. This kind of thinking are no unusual, they are normal. Even when we don’t have serious intention to break up, we keep scepticism in our thoughts.

#12 Perfect Your Sex Life

You have all the time in the world to become really, I mean really good at sex. On sex per se, but making love to your husband.

This has to be among highest goals, to become perfect lover for your husband. And he for you. Ask questions. There is no need to feel ashamed if you do, this will help you achieve perfection.

It is less embarassing than for your partner to think that you are “OK” in bed.

Here are some positions you might I think might help you.

#13 Be A Mirror

Your husband is a mirror in which you see yourself. What you say to him gives him picture of yourself, picture in which he will believe in.

Be a mirror that shows positive things, you are smart, successful, fantastic in bed, you are the best. Can you make him be these things just by saying that? I don’t know. But alternative is truly horrifying.

What wife tells to husband is hundred times more valuable than what everyone else tells him.Don’t think he won’t believe you just because you are married.

He will trust all the bad and insulting things, similarly he will believe nice and positive things you tell him also.

I hope I have helped you with these advices. Help to spice up things a little bit, but also get things right where they need to be.

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