How To Get In Shape For Summer 2020

How to get in shape for next summer? Well, it is simple. Start now.

We all know basis of good diet and workout. But in addition there is a lot other things which can improve our chance of losing weight.

With weight loss, diet is 80% and workout 20%, therefore keep that in mind when you eat that piece of cake.

There are lot of exercises we can choose and many of them really have effect.

However, not everything is in weight loss, health is also important. In other words, we do feel better when we lose couple of pounds, but there is something special when we start healthy routine.

If you only remember to workout and take care of your diet when you put on your bathing suit, maybe it is time to change the way you think and start to get in shape for the summer.

Cellulite, excess weight and loose skin are only some of the reasons why some ladies cannot relax on the beach.

Therefore it is for the best that you start your preparations for the summer of 2020 right now.

how to get in shape for summer 2020

How To Get In Shape – Cardio

If you avoid aerobic workout, start by doing 20-30 minutes, twice a week.

In addition, for the first two weeks start with low intensity to let your body get used to this kind of effort.

After that, increase intensity and extend time up to 45 minutes. However, do not do this too much, because next to fat you can lose muscle mass. This means flatter butt.

Training and healthy diet should become something you do every day. I recommend expert help for a personal trainer, as this is safest and fastest way to body you want.

Combining Workout

To get to your goal fastest, you need to combine weight training with cardio.

Whatever you do, do not thing you will get better results by forcing yourself too much. In addition, doing this can only set you back.

When it comes to weight training you should start with 3 trainings a week, however, they shouldn’t last longer than 1 hour. After 1 hour of training you degrade muscle and not fat.

Train with intensity with small breaks between exercises. Make your own workout plan, but if you are not experienced enough talk with people in the gym, they will surely help a lady.

When it comes to streching many people neglect this. Stretching prepares you for intensive training and reduces posibility of injury. You need around 5-10 minutes so don’t skip this.

Here is a beginners workout routine I have prepared for you, it combines cardio with whole body workout. Beginner Training For Summer Body

how to get in shape for summer 2020

How To Get In Shape – Abs

Flat stomach, abs and tight legs are what all ladies strive to have.

Most of the time when we see women who have just this we feel envious.

Why shouldn’t we all have what we want? No matter how you look now, if you start this very moment you can get lower body right in time for summer.

Here is my article with common misconseptions about abs. Find out more about abs here.

So? What have we said so far?

Your body is yours for you to shape it how you like, however. This is always a hard thing to do. Most of us are unsatisfied with how we look.

Don’t look at those instagram models and movie stars, doing this will only give you the impression that you cannot do it.

Use that time in doing squats, sit up or go for a run.

Therefore, start your workout now, dedicate yourself to becoming a better person and diet + exercise will help you in doing so.

Here are some advices I have prepared to answer your question. How to get in shape for 2020?

#1 Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal during the day.

Many people think that by skipping meals will help them lose weight faster, however, oposite thing happens.

Breakfast is very important in losing weight. Therefore, having healthy breakfast every day is very good for your organism.

It is important to eat something in the first few hours in the morning.

#2 Avoid The Scale

It is very hard, trust me, I know.

Scaling yourself can be very discouraging. Instead of measuring your weight try to feel changes in your body.

Set goal you want for a period of time, and in the end you can measure yourself.

#3 Set Goal

Set goals for yourself and stick with them.

To have a specific goal will help you keep to your weight loss plan better.

Be careful and set realistic goal. In addition you can write what you have done during the day, that will also help you realize your goal.

#4 Limit Alcohol

You have ejected sweet drinks out of use, however, alcoholic beverages have a lot of calories.

Many people on diet, that drink, have problems with losing weight because of those calories.

If you must, limit yourself to a glass or two of red wine, after that it is time to go home if you want to realize your goal.

#5 How To Get In Shape? – Be Active

How to get in shape? Be active.

Always find a excuse to activate yourself.

Before you go to the toilet, do a couple of squats, before going to sleep do some crunches etc…

Give yourself conditions, before you do anything you have to do couple of exercises. In addition it will be interesting, you’ll be active and you will get in shape.

#6 Eat Green Veggies

Green vegetables are exquisite food.

In addition to that, it has many minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Spinach and kale are the most popular ones. Adding these vegetables in your diet you will give your organism a prize.

#7 How To Get In Shape – Juices

Make smoothies from your favorite vegetables and fruits.

Avoid generic juices that are full of sugar. Drink thos you make, they are good as they are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Be creative!

#8 Cut Carbs

Pastas, pizzas, bread, rice… All of these have no place in your diet if you want to lose weight.

They are delicious, that is true, but they add a lot of unnecessary weight. Not all carbs are bad. Whole grain carbs are desired. Just stay away from white carbs.

#9 Take The Stairs – How To Get In Shape?

Stairs or elevator? Stairs!

Try to make this a habbit, wherever you are. Taking the stairs is great cardio and helps lose weight. Once you make this a habbit you will see changes.

#10 Reward Yourself

Give yourself a cheat day.

Instead of choosing ice cream choose something with protein. Hamburger, fat steak, whatever you want. Do not forget that in this day you only get one meal like this.

#11 Throw Unhealthy Food Out Of Your House

Eliminate the temptations.

It happens often that when we are on a diet it is ok to have some candy in the house. Some people can resist it and some cannot.

It is for the best to eleminate temptation so you do not have to think about eating it or not.

#12 Prepare Your Food In Advance

This trick works perfectly.

When you have healthy meals for the whole week you will no stray and order pizza or something alike.

#13 How To Get In Shape – Find A Diet Buddy

It is hard to stay on diet while everyone around you eat unhealthy.

If you and your best friend decide to eat healthier, it will be a lot easier. To have a friend motivating you is very positive thing when it comes to diet (and in general also).

#14 Silence Your Need For Candy

Worst part about diet, is that you can hear candy calling for you.

To avoid this when you hear that call eat a healthy fruit. There are a lot of recipes how to make sweet, but healthy snacks.

#15 Eat In Moderation

Moderate diet is one of the best advices anyone could give you.

It is allowed to eat food you like, but there has to be limits. However, this doesn’t mean you can eat one chips a day, but one smaller bowl a week.

You will silence your desire to eat unhealthy, and still be in your diet.

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