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Health & Lifestyle – How To Keep Your Health And Improve Your Life

Preserving health is most important thing in our life. Without health we are not able to lead quality life. Find out here how to improve your health & lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle Is Impossible?

Many people today believe that it is impossible to lead healthy lifestyle.

It is because of this kind of thinking many people doesn’t take care of their health. In addition they put accent on other life activites. Especially younger generations, as their health is somewhat preserved. Although that is not as common as it was, as numerous diseases attack our young.

Although we are mostly familiar with this disturbing fact, still, many of us naively believe that it won’t happen to them.

That keeps us from changin our unhealthy lifestyle and keeps us tied to it.

Health should be taken care of while we still are healthy. When we lose it we have nothing to take care of.

Also, there are many people whose philosophy is “You have to die from something.”. You may be suprised, but death is not the worst thing that can happen to you.

It is much worse to feel physicaly powerless, while still being hungry for life. When your body limits you all that burden falls on the people closest to you.

To avoid this unhappy scenario, you need to know that your body has limits. Even your body needs backup in the form of methods, if you want to lead a healthy and long life.

In this article I will put accent on all those techniques which can help you improve health & lifestyle. They will definitely help you wait your old age as functional and vital person.

Do Not Mask Symptoms If You Want To Preserve Your Health

Before promised techniques, it is nessesary to mention one phenomenon.

A lof of people neglect their health until their body starts sending them signals. Sometimes it is headache, vertigo, insomnia, loss of appetite or something similar.

Whatever the symptoms are, most of use will seek some synthetic medicine. Here’s what’s the problem:

Although this medicine will probably mask symptoms, they will not do anything to the disease.

Think of it this way. If you have water leak in your apartment, you will call your plumber for sure, therefore fixing your pipes. However, if that plumber would just collect water in your apartment, each of you would agree that what he is doing is not logical.

But still, when it comes to our health, many of us do just that. Instead of “fixing the pipes” they keep “collecting the water”.

To be precise, instead of removing the right cause of the problem, they keep removing symptoms.

To make thins worse, by removing symptoms they just mask the real problem. Because, removing the pain, they do not remove the right cause of illness.

This is why symptoms keep coming back. Usually they come back stronger, or they move the place where it hurts.

In this way we unconsciously get in this circle where we can easily get some chronic disease. This is why it is dangerous to simply mask symptoms, which signal us that our organism is not fine.

This is the right moment to bring changes to your life, changes which will improve your health & lifestyle.

#1 Feed Healthy, Simple And Diverse

Cereals, seeds, vegetables, fruits and nuts are precious groceries. They should be eaten daily, because they all together are rich in:

  • protein
  • healthy fats
  • amino acids
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • fibers
  • antioxidans

Constantly eating these groceries has proven to reduce risk from getting numerous diseases.

Apart from eating these foods, avoid complicated recipes. They make you spend more time in kitchen. Instead turn to simple and healthy recipes. This way you will have more time for physical activities.

#2 Don’t Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast will not make you slimmer. In addition, if you skip breakfast you will be hungry enough to grab first food you can find.

Instead of quality meal, you will just intake empty calories which bring more harm than good. They slow your metabolism, and bring you trouble with calories.

Scientists confirm just that. If you skip morning meal, your blood sugar drops. After that, tiredness and vertigo appear and your metabolism is slowed dramaticaly.

Your brain recognizes this, in addition you become depressive and grumpy.

When, in some point of the day, you finally eat something, it will be harder to feel full. Avoiding breakfast slows metabolism and blood sugar will constantly be unstable.

#3 Avoid Empty Calories

When I say empty calories, I am talking about groceries that give energy as they are rich in fats and carbs. However, they have no nutrition values like vitamins, minerals or fibers.

Here are these foods to avoid:

  • deep fried foods
  • white bread
  • alcohol
  • candy
  • sodas

#4 Add At Least One Raw Meal To Improve Your Health & Lifestyle

One of the main benefits of raw groceries is use of enzymes they possess. Enzymes help you digest the food you eat.

When you eat processed foods, your body spends more energy on digest your food, this is why you feel sleepy and tired after eating.

This is why it would be ideal to add at least one raw meal during the day. To preserve energy for other daily activities.

health & lifestyle

#5 Avoid Snacks In Between Meals

Another unhealthy habits most of us are doing, is snacking between meals. Our stomach needs rest between meals.

If pause between meals is less than 4 hours, stomach muscles have problem. They stop and don’t eject old food untill new one is digested.

It takes 2-3 hours to digest food and completely be used by your organism. And your stomach needs rest after 2 hours.

This being said it is ideal to rest your stomach at least 4-5 hours between meals.

Similarly, if you late at night, wait at least 3 hours before going to sleep. In case you do, you will wake up tired and have lack of sleep.

#6 Increase Water Intake

Our organism is 75% water. This is why adequate intake of this fluid is necessary for it to function properly.

Without food, a person could survive couple of weeks and barely couple of days without water.

Ideally, a grown man should intake at least 2 liters of water.

Water is necessary for all metabolic processes in your organism. It is important for kidneys, digestion, eliminating harmfull materies and termoregulating organism.

If organism is not used to intake water, fat is stored easily. When you increase water intake, these fats stored will begin to disappear.

Note: They will disappear to some extent, you cannot destroy whole body fat by only drinking water.

Water is one of the most valuable things and it can be found everywhere. This is why water is important for improving health & lifestyle.

#7 Get Enough Sleep To Improve Health & Lifestyle

Everyone has different needs for sleep. This is why general amount of sleep cannot be recommended for everyone.

Some people need 6 hourse while for others 10 hours of sleep is not enough. This also depends on age and physical activity. Only important thing here is to get enough sleep and you will see good results on improving your health & lifestyle.

Actually, good sleep is connected to hormones which are necessary for organism functioning. Because of melatonin release you should go to bed earlier as it is released only at night.

Find out here how to help yourself with insomnia.

#8 Be Physicaly Active And Spend More Time Outside

Fresh air has benefits for our mood and immunity. While working out is very good for our body.

Work out at least 3 times a week. While working out your metabolism grows and stays like that for 48 hours. If you make larger break your metabolism slows down. It should stay at high levels so that you will always have energy and be strong.

This is why training is recommended every second day.

If it’s bad weather outside you can workout in your home. Physical activity has numerous benefits for your mind and body. People who workout regulary have more energy, condition, balanced body weight, better blood sugar levels.

health & lifestyle

Here is perfect example of exercise you can do in the comfort of your home.

#9 Avoid Stressful Situations To Better Your Health & Lifestyle

If you are mostly sad or not in the mood that will affect your lifestyle. You will be followed by negative feelings as well as negative thoughts, which you will most of the time transfer to other people in your surrounding.

You will assess every situation in negative way, therefore your reaction will be negative also. In that way you will find yourself in negative circle, one from which is hard to get out.

Arm yourself with positive thoughts if you want to improve your health & lifestyle.

However, you are probably missing the way to stay positive. From time to time you will experience stressful situations in which your thoughts are hard to control. Here is one exercise to help you in these situations.

This exercise releases endorphin in your brain, endorphin makes you feel good. It is released when you say ‘please”, “thank you” or “I love you”. Your brain can also secrete negative endorphin when you curse or yell. This prevents your immune system from working properly.

However, if you want to make most of it you need to divert your thoughts from yourself and your own problems and focus on helping others.

To give someone a look, smile, nice word, hug, kiss, little sign of attention is something that doesn’t cost you anything. But, to someone who is on the other side sometimes that means everything.

This way you do double good, because seeing laughing face will surely get you to smile also.

#10 Take Care Of Your Spiritual Life

Each and every one of us is made from our body and our soul. To have good health & lifestyle, it is necessary to have balance between these two.

The same way you feed your body, you need to feed your soul. Feed it with books, articles, lectures, movies, music etc…

If everyone would give their spirit 10 percent of their time, they would notice significant changes in their life.

More and more people are starting to train their body, but when it comes to our spiritual life, many of us neglect its functioning. This leads to many mental illnesses.

This is why it is important to take care what you surround yourself with, starting with your company.

This 10 Rules Are To Be Used As Formula

By following these simple rules, you will get formula on how to preserve your health & lifestyle. It may seem impossible to do all of them, but when you start walking this easy guidelines you will see results, I am sure of that.

You need to remember that your health doesn’t have a price, there is no pleasure in life that is worth it.

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