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Garlic Health Benefits- Natural Cure Everyone Needs

Garlic is the natural cure everyone need and garlic has numerous health benefits.

We can all for sure relate garlic to vampires, or defense from them. However, there garlic has so much health benefits. It could be hard to explain them all in one article.

We can all remember times when we found it too gross to eat garlic because of it smell.

However, I cannot imagine cooking without garlic. The taste it gives to almost every meal is superb. When you add garlic health benefits into all that.

You get win-win situation.

garlic health benefits

Today, modern medicine only confirms all of old knowledge about this vegetable. In pharmacies around the world we have large amount of natural products based on garlic. They are used as cures and preventive means.

But first things first. Lets find out what garlic is.

What Is Garlic?

Garlic is a plant which has strong scent and spicy taste. Cloves of garlic are protected by a membrane.

Garlic flower is white or pink which are grouped into simple terminal shield, which opens before blossoming.

Garlic blossom from June to August. This plant loves light soil, preferably sandy soil with less moisture.

Considering that garlic plant is sterile, it does not produce seeds and is therefore multiplied only vegetative production.

However, various sorts of garlic which are produced today confirm that they could have only be created by generative multiplication.

It is assumed that loss of fertility came because of degeneration, which came as a result of long time vegetative multiplication.

Therefore, garlic sorts that are maintained today are not much different from its primitive forms from the past.

Only when generative reproduction of garlic is achieved, by combination or recombination of genes, can there be new sorts if garlic bred.

This new garlic will have different taste, smell, resistance to high temperatures.

Garlic Origins

It is considered that it comes from central Asia from which it spread into Mediterranean.

In the Mediterranean it is on of the oldest plants. It has been grown there for 5-7 thousand years. In old medicine of many people you can find garlic.

Through the history garlic is known as a natural remedy. It is known that ancient Egyptians, while building the pyramids, gave their slaves garlic to keep them in good shape.

Aristofan advised Greek athletes to use garlic regularly to be prepared for Olympic victories.

In addition Virgil always suggested that garlic should be in every intelectuals diet as it improves their sexual potency.

American soldiers used it in civil war. However, in the other half of last century they used it as an antiseptic.

Many English botanists claimed that garlic helped prevent bubonic plague. In China and India to this day remedies are made out of garlic.

Garlic Remedies

In traditional medicine garlic is attributed to many healthy benefits. This is why it is being used on many ways.

However, portion of people use it regularly while others not so much as they cannot endure its taste and smell.

However, when given opportunity, everyone would like it as a salad or spice for their meal.

Even best chefs around the world like to prepare it simple. Olive oil and garlic over yesterdays bread is surely a treat for everyone.

Garlic in its fresh state usually has:

  • 64% of water
  • 26 non nitrogen matter
  • nitrogen matter 7%
  • mineral matter 1,45%
  • fat 0,06%
  • eteric oil 0,1-0,36%

However, there are many different enzymes that exist in garlic. And above all numerous vitamins.

This is what leads us to next part of my article.

If  you are searching for more extreme healthy plants click here to find out more about horseradish.

Garlic Components

It has around 400 active ingredients, rich in vitamins and minerals such as:

  • adenosine
  • allicin
  • aminoacids
  • fibers
  • vitamins A, B1, B2, C
  • iron
  • enzymes
  • eteric oils
  • iodine
  • calcium

Main ingredient is allicin. Which possesses incredible antibacterial, antivirus, antioxidants properties.

Science has also confirmed that allicin improves blood flow into genitals, and in addition we can say garlic is natural aphrodisiac.

Garlic and it’s components have undergone countless researches which have proven it’s benefits.

One of those is how they work against infections caused by bacteria and viruses.

It also has anti cancer effects. Constant consuming of garlic reduces risk of getting cancer, specially of rectum and kidneys.

Here is another great vegetable that can help you improve your health.

What It Cures

Firstly it reduces blood pressure and levels of cholesterol.

It is proven to be a very good antibiotic, therefore it is used for colds and flu, and is used as preventive measure.

It reduces risk of getting cancer, increases immunity and improves antibody production.

Protects blood vessels and reduces risk from heart attack and stroke.

Reduces tension and improves overall mood, thanks to mineral selenium.

When used in smaller amounts, as addition to meals that cause gases(beans), reduces flatulence. Garlic is great antioxidant, it slows aging process and efficiently protects from chronic diseases.

Interesting thing is that babies drink larger amount of milk if mother had consumed garlic before breastfeeding. And it will prevent your babies from getting belly cramps.

During the beginning of flu season it is good to eat garlic as it has numerous health benefits.

This vegetable efficiently kills bacteria, viruses and fungi.

So it can prevent further sickness development. If you still get sick, it is good to use garlic, because it helps with coughing.

Garlic Health Benefits

It is still unclear how garlic components work in body, but it really is natural antibiotic.

In addition it can be great means to clear your nose. Above all it has anti inflammatory effect, kills fungi and certain viruses.

But what diseases does it help with?

This is a long list, but it cannot be smaller as garlic health benefits are without a doubt one of the largest in vegetable world:

  • acne
  • allergy rhinitis
  • apoplexy
  • atherosclerosis
  • asthma
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • bronchitis.
  • cold
  • flu
  • headache
  • skin infections
  • spasms
  • loss of concentration
  • depression
  • diphtheria
  • diabetes
  • urinary track infection
  • impotence
  • heart attack
  • candida
  • cough
  • cholera
  • many types of cancer
  • stroke
  • swollen lymph knots
  • fertility
  • vertigo
  • metabolism problems
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • tiredness
  • eyesight problems
  • digestion problems
  • liver and stomach problems
  • nerve problems
  • memory problems
  • circulation problems
  • increased dandruff and hair loss
  • blood sugar regulation
  • appetite loss
  • gut flora stabilization
  • tuberculosis
  • herpes

Based on all of the above, you can say that garlic is one of the most healthiest plants in the world.

It effects skin, breathing organs, nerves, stomach, gut, blood vessels and immune system like nothing else.

Garlic Oil Macerate

It is produced by cold extraction with neutral oil. You take squished garlic with vegetable oils(preferably extra virgin olive oil).

Lipophilic ingredients of garlic turn to oily solution, in addition by pressing hard product is made.

Ingredients which are not lipophil are missing from oily macerates. Liquid product is mostly packed into capsules (vitamin E, antioxidants).

These capsules are then treated  to become hard and resilient to digestive juices. Product get very nice attribute of being garlic pearl.

In the market there are garlic juices, or drops with added sugar and various aromas, you can also find garlic syrup.

As far as quality seals go, for these products goes for every other medicinal product there is.

Due to reduces stability of allicin in water solutions, liquid products cannot be kept for long.

Expiry date should be defined clearly.

Garlic Treatment

However, when it comes to garlic treatment, is always indicated how much one curation lasts. It is up to your doctor to tell you how often to repeat it.

Certain doctors think that curation should last for at least 3 months. However, some suggest 3 weeks to 3 months.

It is considered that golden middle is for 6 weeks. If cases where there is no effect, treatment is interrupted or increased.

Certain data speak that garlic treatment effects starts quickly by taking the treatment and lasting long after it has been stopped.

In addition there is a proposition to treat yourself 2-3 times a year for 6-8 weeks.

In pharmaceutical products, garlic is mostly found in the form of oil macerate(1:1), powder made of dried garlic or essential oil.

All of the above is pointing that garlic deserves much more attention. In addition to attention it should have more and more place in our diets.

It is for sure that it helps keep our health.

However, it should be said that fresh garlic is best medicine.

Health Risks – Who Should Avoid Garlic

In addition to it being the one of the healthiest plants in the world it not without a fault.

Here are cases when you should avoid eating garlic as it can do more harm than good in these cases.

Patients before operation

It is recommended for patients which will have operation soon to stop consuming garlic at least two weeks before operation.

Above all this is the case as garlic would increase bleeding after operation.

People with low blood pressure

Garlic can theoretically reduce blood pressure. Therefore consuming it can cause too low blood pressure. This can cause various health issues.

People with liver problems

Although garlic has antibacterial and antivirus effect, it should not be used to prevent hepatitis

In addition, some elements of garlic can stimulate your stomach and bowels. Which can, in addition, inhibit secretion of digestive fluid.

Therefore affecting food digestion and increase symptoms for hepatitis patient. Above all sickness and vomiting.

Besides, some of garlic components reduce red blood cells and hemoglobin, which means that overusing it can cause anemia.

People with eye diseases

Group that should definitely avoid garlic is people who have eye diseases.

Traditional Chinese medicine promotes that consuming too much garlic for a longer period of time can damage eyes and liver.

In addition it can cause memory loss, ear buzzing and other medical issues.

People with diarrhea

Patients who suffer from chronic diarrhea should avoid raw garlic as it can stimulate bowels and lead to inflammation.

If patient had diarrhea, it should consume garlic in smaller portions.

If you are having problems with diarrhea you should try BRAT diet. To find out more click here.

Pregnant Women And Women Who Breastfeed

Garlic is safe to eat during pregnancy if it is used moderately. However, it is unknown exactly how much you can eat during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This is because there is not enough reliable information of its safety in these cases.

If you are having problems getting back in shape postpartum, click here for tips on how to.

Healthy Garlic Recipes

Garlic, honey and lemon. Fight aging process.

This recipe is perfect if you want to slow down that aging process we all have troubles with.

garlic health benefits

How to:

Grind 10 garlic heads and mix it with 1 kg of honey and add juice made of 10 lemons. Put it glass bowl and let it rest 9-10 days. After that, eat it twice a day with a tablespoon.

Eat garlic every day for 40 days. It will clean your blood, protect you from flu and other respiratory diseases. Fantastically improves immunity, good for anemia, cures chronic bronchitis.

Garlic And Lemon Recipe

For this recipe you will need:

  • 300 grams of fresh garlic
  • 1 kg of lemons
  • liter and a half of water

Peel the lemon carefully and mix them with garlic. Blend this as much as you can in your blender. Leave it overnight in a dark and cold place.

The next day mix it with water and boil it until there is only 1 liter of this juice left. Filter it good.

Put it in jars. Drink it 0,03l of this every morning before breakfast.

This will help you with:

  • blood pressure
  • triglycerides
  • high blood sugar
  • anxiety
  • appetite


Garlic in Serbia is a part of culture. Whenever I get a chance to speak to elderly they always talk about how garlic is important.

During hard times in Serbia they only relied on garlic as their medicine. Number of remedies with garlic as main ingredient can’t be counted.

In my opinion it should part of everyone’s diet.

Garlic is one of the many wonders nature gave us. It would be foolish not to use it. Right?

Above all you should at least give it a chance.

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