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Full Body Home Workout [Detailed Guide]

Can there really be full body home workout? Of course there can. So many of us give their trust to their personal trainers and put their hard earned money in gym owners pockets.

However, you can get your body into very good shape in the comfort of your home. I have adjusted this article to cover everything  for beginner workout at home without equipment.

Couple of words for you ladies. What is a modern woman?

Successful, strong and happy with herself. We gain our confidence on ourselves. Above all by working on us, our inner beauty and our sexy looks. This is how concept called functional training came to exist.

This is what every woman can adopt and improve her looks and overall health. Functional training is one where you train movement and not muscle building.

By choosing correctly different exercises you will accomplish your goals in interesting way. You do not need additional equipment for these.

I have decided to split my article in three categories each for group of muscles you can workout at a time.

These categories will be:

  • upper body muscles
  • core
  • legs

Of course that you can combine them however you like. It is all up to you. I am only here to show you that you can achieve what you want even if you are unable to go to gym or pay a personal trainer.

Full Body Home Workout – Upper Body

Upper body workout at home is not an easy one. As a matter of fact none of these exercises are easy. However, they bring results.

It is important to remember why your are doing these workouts. You are doing them for yourself..

Upper body exercises are very important to be done although many women tend to avoid them as they are scared they will get buff.

This is not the case. With these workouts you will just tighten your upper body and get the line of your body in order.

Push Ups

It is hard to say where or when they came to be. However, it is positive that they got their affirmation in the army as vital part of physical activity.

Biggest advantage of push ups is that you do not need additional equipment therefore they fall into category of exercises for full body workout without equipment.

In addition they can be done anywhere, and what is most important they activate all important muscle groups in your body.

Push ups are exercise which primarily activate muscles of chest and triceps, and then frontal part of shoulder muscles.

However, during push ups large number of arm and core muscles are activated as stabilisation, providing correct form for doing this exercise.

This means that push ups are also an exercise which makes abdominal muscles stronger.

full body home workout

Mostly everyone knows the correct way to do push up as it is only one position. However, different position of your hands can in numerous ways activate different muscle groups.

Most important thing when doing push ups is that you need to keep your shoulders straight in line with legs and butt. You need to lower yourself until you are inch away from the floor.

Chair Dips – Triceps Dips

Equipment needed: you and a chair. Just set it up and get to work. This exercise will attack your triceps muscle, primary muscle of the arms (responsible for all the work although bicep gets more attention) and it can improve your stature by pulling your shoulder muscles in place.

full body home workout

Because of natural process of growing old skin loses its elasticity, this is especially the case with women. You cannot stop aging, however you can do enough to slow down your arm skin from being saggy.

As I already stated in this full body workout at home for beginners, these exercises will do wonders for you and this is one of my favorite ones.

This exercises can do wonders for you, however this is only the case if you have enough time and motivation to commit.

Trust me when you feel pressure in your triceps you will know you are on the right path towards the looks you want.

Find out more about chair dips(triceps dips) here.


Shadow boxing is exactly what its name says it is. You are boxing with your shadow. This method is used in individual boxing technique.

This method develops individuality, quickness of mind and thoughts.

Perhaps it is best done in front of mirror so that you can follow your movement completely and see mistakes you are making.

Stand in boxing guard, bend your legs a little and start punching.

Combine this however you want, it is for the best to imagine your enemy or someone close to you that just irritated you.

You can do this as a warm up as it is very good cardio exercise, and above all it is great exercise for you whole shoulder region.

These are the exercises I do for my upper body home workout, I will mention one more you can do, however you need weights to do it.

Full Body Home Workout – Core Exercises

Everyone wants to have their body sculpted to perfection.

We can all agree that women tend to give most attention to core and lower body exercises. Most of us tend to workout just for looks and I agree that it is very nice to have flat stomach.

However, many of these core exercises are very important for your health. You cannot only workout abs and not do exercises for your back core muscles. It is not right.

Combine them and you will see results that you always wanted.


What could be easier than holding you bodyweight only on your arms and toes? A lot of things I can tell you that, there is nothing that I hate more than doing this… BUT IT IS EFFECTIVE! For doing plank I have only one advice. Do it as soon as you wake up, because your body will not know what it is doing so you can at least do couple of minutes of plank and trust me it will be worth it.

full body home workout

We keep our body tight in position of push up for at least one minute. However, the answer on how long we should keep this position is a little complex.

Experts opinions are divided. Some think that plank is an exercise we can do daily, ranging from 10 seconds to 1 minute. Actually how much we can take it.

Others say that we should limit it to 3 series for up to 60 seconds, on a note that beginners can do it for shorter period of time.

If you are a type which likes to do less repetitions and more series here is one suggestion for you:

  • get in plank position
  • tighten your muscles and stay in that position for 10 seconds
  • make a break for 5-10 seconds and get back into plank position
  • do this for 3-6 times

On the other hand, if you have no difficulties to stay in plank position for whole minute do it as it will increase your muscles strength.

Find out why this stationary workout is perfect for you here.


However you like them or don’t, you can’t avoid them. They are essential exercise and although plank is on this list, crunches and plank do attack same muscle group but there exercises are nothing alike. Plank is static exercise and crunches are dynamic. They are as important as all of the before mentioned exercises. They are essential stay at home workout.

full body home workout

All of these exercises I talk about in this article about full body home workout for beginners are ones you can adapt to yourself and your current situation.

There are so many variations on this exercises that I think I will write whole article only about them and their influence on overall health and looks.


Many of us consider core only to be abdominal muscles. However, back muscles are as much important as abs. Therefore I have added this exercise which does just that. Improves our back muscles.

Back muscles are very important as they hold our back straight and improve how we walk and look.

Lay on the floor with your face down. Keep your legs together and hands straight over your head. Simultaneously raise your arms and legs in the air holding your core stable.

Stay in top position around 10-15 seconds. Slowly return into starting position.

I really find it hard to do this exercise, but considering how much it helped me and relieved me from my back pain I do not intend to stop doing it.


Lay on your back and keep your knees bent. With keeping your abs tight, lift your hips until they are in line with knees and shoulders.

Maintain this pose and avoid any moving with your abs tight. Try to keep this position as long as you can. Rest around 30 seconds between sets and do it again and again.

This exercise will improve your overall balance and it works both abdominal and back core muscles. This is why it is very important to do this exercise at least once a week.

Lower Body Exercises


Good old squat. No matter the age, gender or weight squat is a must for everyone who want to improve their physical or mental health. Quadriceps femoris is a group of 4 muscles, located in frontal region of thighs and by doing squats you active the biggest group of muscles in your body and by doing so you burn much more calories than you ever thought. Not to mention that lower stomach belly everyone is trying to get rid of… Yeah squats help in loosing that also.

full body home workout

There are a lot of squat variations you can do in the comfort of your home. Full body workout without equipment can make you search for more and more variations.

However, I will only write about those I have already done myself.

Sumo squat. One of the variations, that only change it has in comparison to regular squat is that your legs are in much wider position.

Feet should be wider than your shoulders, therefore the name as it reminds on the sumo wrestlers starting position.

This variation hits those muscles that normal squats does not.

Find out more about squats and what they can do for you here.


Just like squats lunges are exercise that is easily done in your home. No need for space, equipment or much time. Lunges are on this list because if done right they can attack gluteus (butt muscle) much more than squat. Lunges can also improve your core strength and with that your endurance and overall strength. They are one of the best stay at home workout there is.

Lunges are a perfect exercise to make your leg muscles stronger, quadriceps most of all. However, when doing this exercise next to quadriceps, other leg muscles do their fair share of work.

Lunges as an exercise can be done without any equipment and this is one of the reasons why it is on my list. They are for sure, next to squats, best exercise there is for your legs.

And in addition, this is one of the main workouts for ladies as it will make your booty pop and make it perfect shape.

Find out more why lunges are perfect for leg workout.

Donkey Kicks

If you goal is to further improve the look of your legs and booty this is the right exercise for you. You will feel that those muscles you want work and see results very quick.

Donkey kicks targets your butt muscles like no other exercise can.

Get down on all fours with your elbows touching the ground.

It is important that you rely on your toes and elbows. While keeping your core muscles tight, slowly raise one of your legs without changing the position it is in.

Return the leg in its initial position and use the other one.

You now get it why they call it donkey kicks?

Step Ups

Step up is probably the simplest exercise on this list.

Stand in front of a chair with your toes in line. Put one foot on chair and then push up with your whole body. Get back in starting position and start with the other leg.

However, it keep in mind that your legs and butt muscles will cry doing this exercise.

They will get brutally good training and you will know that though it may be simple exercise it sure is not easy one.


I hope that these full body home workout exercises will do wonders for you as they did for me.

Keep in mind that you are not only working out your body but your mind also. If you feel a little bit better after working out it means that your are on the right path.

If you can get some time out of your schedule to workout I can guarantee that it will pay of.

Be it the payment in your better body looks or your calmer mind. Either way you win.

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