Foods For Paleo Diet – Rules For Paleo Diet

In this article I have decided to talk about foods for paleo diet and introduce you to rules for paleo diet.

Paleo diet has intrigued me in the most interesting way so I will share with you what I have found out about it.

Many diets today focus on calories count but paleo diet is taking us back to our ancestral roots.

foods for paleo diet rules for paleo diet

What Does Paleo Diet Mean?

Paleo diet is result of professors Loren Cordain‘s research.

Diet itself is based on findings about our ancestors(paleolithic or old stone age is historic period around 10000 b.c.).

Although first association on this diet are large quantities of meat it still doesn’t mean that we should eat raw meat and roots.

Avoiding grains, sugars and processed foods can do wonders according to dr. Cordain. Concept of paleo diet is based on human evolution before neolithic period when food has changed drastically because of agriculture.

Author of this diet claims that grains weren’t part of prehistoric human diet. Therefore they are added to our menus in the time of agricultural revolution around 10000 years ago.

In the last 200 years industrial revolution has impacted what we eat in great measure.

In addition all these artificial additives which increases duration of food are very harmfull for us.

All these changes have considerably damaged our health and are main suspect for diseases of modern age. These are obesity, diabetes, cardiac diseases and cancer.

Basis of paleo diet is that we should eat the way we ate tens of thousands of years before. Before industrialisation and agriculture.

I should also mention that paleo diet is very popular with many celebrities.

Paleo Diet Basics

Starting from assumption that human organism hasn’t adapted quickly enough to sudden changes to our diet.

Therefore people who spread paleo diet try to sync our organism posibility with its needs in the safest way possible.

This method means turning back the clock slowly when diets were much simpler than they are today. As they are, in addition, much healthier than those today.

To bring that model of diet it is necessary exclude a lot of groceries on which we are used to. That of course will not be easy.

For the first week or two, you will feel side effects but that phase is temporary and after comes relief.

Point of “caveman diet” is to remove all groceries which need industrial process to be made. Unfortunately these groceries make the most of our usual diets.

Counting calories are not priority, as calories we intake during paleo diet are healthy calories. It is not the same if you eat 500 calories of chips or fresh vegetables and fruit.

In addition you should know that weight loss depends on ratio of consumed calories and spent energy during the day.

Foods For Paleo Diet – Grains

We have learned that grains in its base for contribute to health and weight loss. However, in paleo diet they are on list of forbidden groceries.


Dr. Cordain leaves them out of the menu of paleo diet, simply because the caveman didn’t eat them.

Basic reason for their elimination is that you can get fibers and proteins from vegetables, fruit, meat and nuts. In addition presence of gluten and lectin have certiain bad influences for organism.

Lectins are natural toxins found in grains and are not digestable. Therefore they are considered highly dangerous for our stomach.

Corn and potatoes also have bad reputation in paleo diet. They are rich in starch, and they are the most genetically modified vegetables.

This goes for most of the grains, that is the reason why we should think about how we feed.

Unstoppable industrialisation of everything makes paleo diet more popular among people who tend to feed healthy.

Depending on your curent body weight and your habbits, by respecting rules of paleo it is possible to lose around 15 pounds in one month.

Results can vary, but take in consideration that this, as many other diets, came as a result of research in goal of improving quality of life. Not exclusively as weight loss plan.

Foods For Paleo Diet – Freedom

Another attractive fact in this dietary program is “freedom”.

By freedom in foods for paleo diet I am talking about three meals a week by your choice, regardless of paleo menu. This means you can cheat three times a week. But do it smartly.

If you smell pizza, eat a slice or two, burger, anything you liked to eat before paleo. Free meals use on the expence of your pleasure but also gain.

Milk, which is forbidden, is ideal for some of free meals. One of the main reasons this diet is critisized is lack of milk and dairy in it.

Milk is the most popular source of calcium, phosphorus and many other vitamins and minerals. But all those elements and usefull chemical compounds are found in some amounts.

Groceries you can eat and those you can’t in paleo diet will be talked about in this article.

Foods For Paleo Diet

Foods for paleo diet should include all three meals, including snack need to be balanced.

For breakfast scrambled eggs or omelette in combination with favorite vegetables are recommended.

For lunch you have large number of options. One day you can eat your favorite fish and the other day you can eat any salad with chicken.

Snacks should be fruits or nuts.

Dinner can be lighter. Salad with chicken or other meat.

Groceries to eat when on paleo diet:

Forbidden groceries:

  • dried meat and sausages
  • sugar and products enriched with sugar(cookies, chocolate, ice cream)
  • salt and products enriched with salt
  • sunflower oil and other refined oils
  • butter
  • grains
  • legumes
  • potato, soy, corn
  • milk and dairies
  • yeast
  • alcohol and coffee(glass of wine is allowed every couple of days)

Paleo Diet For Athletes

Athletes needs are different on the matter of how hard their physical activity is.

Track and field have completely different needs than boxers of bodybuilders. Still, all athletes have something in common. They all need better means to perform and faster way to recover.

Click here if you need tips to do after training.

Paleo diet is perfect for these very important segments in life of athletes.

Proteins from meat such as chicken, turkey, beef and fish have large amounts of amino acids which improve muscle recovery after hard training.

foods for paleo diet

In high intensity sports like soccer, boxing, wrestling or sports which include sprinting intervals it is necessary to use advantage of time after workout when body needs rest.

Meal which has 110-220 grams of protein like pumpkin or fruit should consumed 30 minutes after workout so that muscle tissue recovers better.

The harder the training the more carbonhydrates you need. Some athletes need two meals with proteins and carbonhydrates to recover their muscle.

For everyone else, meals should be made out of protein, vegetables, healthy fats and low carbonhydrates.

Just a reminder that there are no grains in paleo diet, therefore you will get carbonhydrates through fruits and vegetables only.

Paleo Diet For Autoimmune Diseases

Many researches have shown direct correlation between grains, legumes, dairies with autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumathoid arthritis, MS.

Many people that do suffer from autoimmune diseases feel great relief when they remove these groceries and try paleo diet.

They should also reduce eggs, tomato, paprika, spices and nuts and seeds.

These groceries, although approved by paleo, can make problems for people who have autoimmune diseases.

Remove them all together with grains and legumes for at least a month to se considerable difference.

Principles Of Paleo Diet


Consume natural groceries. Be aware the fast food restaurants and mini markets are full of bad refined industrial foods.


Don’t consume corn, rice or any other grain. If you do choose to eat them, do that from time to time. By toxins and anti nutritional matters, wheat is worst of all while rice is the most harmless.


Avoid sugar, corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. If you must make your meal sweet use stevia. If you accept paleo diet as your basic way of eating food, in time your taste for sweet will become very delicate. Something that was once mildly sweet will be too sweet for you. And different vegetables will become sweeter than you could have ever imagined.


Don’t use oils made of grain and seeds. Canola oil, corn oil, sunflower oil… Make your own salad dressing or mayo. Don’t eat fried foods in restaurants. They are fried in oils that are easily spoiled. Avoid all hydrogenized fats as they contain harmfull artificial trans fats. Instead use lard or unrefined coconut and olive oil. Don’t be scared of saturated fats, they are healthy.


Don’t use soy. Some sorts of fermented soy can be good, under the condition that you are not intolerant. Soy is goitogen substance, which means that it disturbs tyroid hormones production therefore preventing iodine asimilating by thyroid gland.


Don’t eat beans and other legumes. If you do want to eat the moderately.


Stay aware of omega-6 to omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in your food. Most of the population intakes too much omega-6. Relation of omega-6 to omega-3 in todays society is 17:1! It should be under 2:1. To achieve balance eliminate oils and eat nuts that are rich in omega-6 only from time to time.


Eat enough high quality meat. Preferably meat from animals that were fed on pastures. Avoid meat treated by antibiotics and hormones as much as possible. Increase red meat consumption.


Consume eggs. A lot of eggs.


Regularly eat fish.


Eat vegetables. Vegetables are extremelly good if spiced with healthy fats.


Increase nuts intake. But be aware of omega-6 fats in some nuts. Least omega-6 fats are in australian nut, indian nut, pistachios.


Eat enough fermented food. These are very usefull for health of your stomach.


Use vitamin D supplements depending on its level in your blood. Try to get as much nutrients from your food/


Some people need weeks to get used to paleo diet. It is not unusual to feel a little lethargic while your body adapts to use fats as main fuel instead of carbonhydrates.


If you want to lose weight reduce carbonhydrates intake. Limit fruits, vegetables, dairies and nuts. Losing weight should be done gently don’t starve yourself.


Sleep well and sleep enough. Give your body time to recover during night. Don’t abuse your body by not letting it get rest it deserves.


Pay attention to how your body feels. Experiment to find what it suits the most. If you have health issues, try different kinds of food by system of elimination. Eliminate every single one of problematic kinds of food for a month and see if you feel better without them. Final goal is to look, feel and be better than ever.


Identify your kinds of healthy foods and eat them in variety. Try new kinds of food as your taste will evolve in time. Different people will consume different kinds of food on paleo diet, depending on their body needs, health status and way of life. You need to find what is the best for you.


Skip a meal or two occasionally. Especially if there is no good for you. Try intermittent fasting.


If from time to time you cheat on this diet, don’t judge yourself. Instead, remind yourself what was your motivation to change how you eat. But don’t make it a habbit to plan when you are going to cheat on paleo diet.


You are 100% responsible for your life, happiness and health. Don’t fall unto usual standards or dogmas just because a lot of people believe in them. Read, think, question and judge for yourself.

Paleo Diet Pros And Cons

As I said before, paleo diet is created as an answer to diesases of modern age. As a preventive measure against many types of diabetes, cancer, cardiac diseases and obesity.


So, basic advantages of this diet are in positive effect on your body. Groceries on paleo menu have low glycemic index, which helps regulate blood sugar.

Also, this way of dieting is friend to you blood pressure, and keeps levels of triglycerid and cholester under control.

Gluten intolerance is getting more and more common in modern society. Therefore paleo is excellent answer to that problem also.

Fibers from fruits and vegetables improve your digestive system.

Feeling full is guaranteed. This way of eating is not based on eating on specific time or specific amounts. You eat when you are hungry. How often you feel hungry is up to you.


Potential problem for this way of eating could be lack of calcium in organism as dairies are excluded.

However, you should also pay attention when you pick what meat you should eat. Fats from meat are basi energy source in this diet.

But, getting too much fats brings number of potential health issues so correct meat choice is crucial.

Foods For Paleo Diet – Rules For Paleo Diet Conclusion

If you are on paleo diet this can be very efficient way of losing weight and preserving your health.

However, maintaining paleo diet will not be easy, especially in the start when you need to lose all the groceries you are used to and are very tastefull.

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