Fitness Motivation – Get The Most Out Of Yourself

At least once in your lifetime you have postponed healthy habits, starting to workout and all those little decisions, for that key day when you are going change your life. I will be focusing on how fitness motivation can help your everyday life and improve your health.


Why do we postpone what is of utmost importance for our health?

Answer lies in our lack of motivation. To finally start with healthy habits and fitness way of life, we have to change a lot. Our routine has to change. That certainly is not easy and simple.

Because we have lose all the bad habits, we often fall into temptation to give it all up and go back to our old way.

To stay strong in these situations right motivation is needed.

Before you start with some major changes, you first have to know that the road your are going to walk is not easy. Despite that you do not want to go back.

You shouldn’t step on fitness road with harsh rules and bad attitude. Change is hard by itself, if you put more weight on yourself it will make you give up.

Fitness Motivation And Goal

Before you find true fitness motivation, you have to promise yourself to go into change step by step, without overdoing it.

Motivation should be found deep in yourself. Ask yourself the questions why do you want to:

  • lose weight
  • workout
  • live healthy and happy

Which ever goal you have it will motivate you. In the end it will give you strength to strive to it and in the end realize it.

Find the goal, put it in front of yourself and work it day by day. Baby steps will help you get to the goal. Skipping steps will only get you tired and lead you to giving up.

Finally, what you need to know is that every step is a step towards your goal. For every change you need to compliment yourself and you will be more motivated to go on.

Similarly, one more thing to get you closer to your goal is writing results down. When you see success on paper you will get additional desire to work even harder to improve results.

Another Thing Or Two On Fitness Motivation

Just to be clear. Motivation, especially fitness motivation, if it is not based on right reasons, dissapears quickly.

And then again, to blame motivation that it is short lasting will not do any good. Effects of showering also last shortly, but we do it everyday.

Fitness motivation is something you repeat every day. Untill you stop thinking about it and it becomes habit. From that healthy habit your new lifestyle will come to life.

I am not motivated to train every day. But, i am used to exercising every day.

I don’t fancy the idea to leave my warm home early in the morning, when everyone is asleep to run or workout.

But after that… After that i am thankfull to myself that i have done it.

Motivation is bigger picture, made out of thousand details.

You Have Decided To Train?

You did?


Training benefits are numerous, if your fitness motivation survives then you can expect incredible physical and mental gains.

fitness motivation

Fitness Motivation – Training Benefits?

Many people who train usually links training for gaining muscle mass or losing weight.

But, a lot of them also predicts interesting mental benefit you get with training.

People who workout regularly have reduced stress levels and what is most interesting, these person endure stressful situations better than people who do not.

In addition, these persons also have more:

  • energy
  • condition
  • balanced body weight
  • better levels of sugar in blood
  • higher level of good(HDL) cholesterol
  • better blood pressure
  • and a helping hand in quitting cigarettes

Despite all of the above, most people do not train. A lot of them are not aware what kind of benefits are just around the corner. While most of people who do workout, quit before getting the benefits.

Statistics have shown that around 70% of people who start going to the gym do not last a month. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • unrealistic expectations
  • do not know how to persist in what they are doing
  • no goals set
  • no idea how to workout

However, did you know that you get most progress in your first year of training? Believe it or not, in just one year you can get 9-11 kg of muscle (if that is your goal).

I believe you now understand why you need to stay motivated. If you can train in continuation for one year, you can expect miracles.

Here is some fitness motivation to help you on your goal.

#1 Success Will Not Come Over Night

People often forget this important fact.

They have unrealistic image of themselves and others. They are mostly created by the media, tv, and social media.

A lot of people live other peoples lives, this is why they don’t get to know themselves. Today it has become practise to follow certain people on their instagram or facebook profiles. Their habits, behavior, language and other activities are unconsciously replicated. In this way they become role models, because of what they own or what they have achieved.

However, you do not know these people. Of course everyone will post best version of themselves on social media. Also, photoshop has become avalaible, that most of the pictures are remade.

In the end, it is important to mention a lot of people that use steroids. Because of that, their look at the moment is not consequence of healthy lifestyle.

If we take a look on people who gained their looks naturally you know they haven’t done it over night.

When you know these things, traps of disappointment are easily avoided. These traps lead to quiting or searching for a faster and unhealthy way of progress.

Keep in mind that training has to be a tool in building better health, adn not medicine in treating your complexes.

If you train this way, success is certain. Which leads us to second fitness motivation.

#2 Perseverance Always Pays Off

Best confirmation of this can easily be found when we look on people who made something in their life. Even when no one believed in them.

However, most of us do not look upon these people, because most of the time we cannot identify ourselves with them. They stay in the wonder domain compared to us, as we see ourselves as mediocre.

That is why we go to people that are like us, and easily forget examples of perseverance. These examples should remind us that anything in life is possible, if you believe and are persistent enough to see things through.

You must know someone from your enviroment who has made incredible results, in any sphere of life, even they haven’t me extraordinarly inteligent, talented, etc. However, that person had incredible persistency to work more and more, to achieve more, progress more.

Similary you must also know someone who despite their numerous talents did nothing. That person did not have the necessary motivation to keep him pushing.

#3 Fitness Motivation Is Having Realistic Goal

Motivation is key to any success. When there is none, you probably won’t see any results. It is vital to know why we are doing what we are doing and give it meaning.

Take for example person who goes on fitness journey to lose weight. If their goals is to lose 20kg in 6 months, for sure that person will see more results and stay persistent than person that just works out just to lose weight.

Firstly it has a clear goal how much weight it wants to lose, and recognises time period in which it wants to see the change.

Other person, has undefined goal, which will not motivate it to keep going on. In this way it is likely that after few lost kilograms it will stop working out.

It is also very important that your goal is realistic. This way you will avoid unnecessary disappointments, which will only cost you motivation.

fitness motivation

It is unrealistic to lose 10 kilograms in one month. Even if you could, your goal wouldn’t have meaning, because you would only hurt your health. What is this about? You just can’t lose this amount of weight in this short period of time in healthy way.

#4 Create Training Plan That Fits You

Often people that do workout can’t decide important things in training:

  • sets
  • reps
  • weight
  • exercises

If you do not know these things, than definitely you will not know how to train. You can be persistent as you like, have incredible fitness motivation, but if you do not know the way how to realize your goals, than it is all in vain.

Here you can find excellent exercises you can do in your home that will surely help you get through first days of working out.

#5 Imagine Future Self

Do you want to be slow, sloppy tomorrow as you are today? How do you like that lack of self confidence when you go to a party wearing something like parachute?

A lot of people find motivation in themselves, when they find out how they want to live tomorrow. Put that image in realistic time period, you will hardly lose motivation. This is when your journey becomes interesting and inspiring.

How To Regain Fitness Motivation If It Fades?

By using these rules, fitness motivation will be there. At least for a certain period of time, because the results will be there.

However, what if it goes? Especially when there is no clear fitness result? What to do then?

You can change the way you workout. New exercise or complete change of training program, it is up to you. It is important that is necessary change that can change your will to exercise.

Maybe you can start working out with someone who has similar goals as you. It is easier to workout in company.

Sometimes you should change the space you workout in. If you have been spending a lot of time in the gym, maybe you should go outside.

Also, it is important to gain workout habits. Then you will automaticaly do a lot of things. When the motivation is low, discipline will help you see through the training.

You won’t even notice when the training has ended.

fitness motivation

I hope this text can help you realize your potential and help you with your motivation.

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