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Fast Metabolism – How To Get It?

It is important to know which groceries lead to fast metabolism.


Is your goal to eat healthy?

Or do you want to regulate your body weight?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, therefore you should get to know your metabolism.

In this tekst I will talk about ten groceries which will help you strenthen metabolic body functions and lose weight.

It is always important to remember that you can count your calories, you can regulate your meal portions, but there is no replacement for well balanced food and constant physical activity.

Fast Metabolism – What Is That?

Lets be clear what is metabolism.

To say it simple, metabolism is process in which calories from our food become energy(fuel). In addition metabolism affects how we spend that fuel.

Metabolism is made of anabolism and catabolism.

Anabolism is process in which energy is used to create new cells and tissue, similarly catabolism is preserving energy(in the form of fat) in our body.

Therefore catabolism helps normal functioning of our whole organism.

In conclusion our whole body weight can be presented as:

Body weight = catabolism – anabolism

Myth Or Reality?

It is well known medical myth that skinny people have fast metabolism. Similarly overweight people have slow metabolism. That isn’t true.

Reality is a lot different.

For instance, it doesn’t need to be that only skinny people have fast metabolism.

Research have shown that slower metabolism, similarly, is not reason of someones obesity.

Metabolism depends on many factors. However, on some of these factors we can influence and on some we cannot.

Old age is factor we do not have control of. Therefore, the older we get we lose more muscle mass and gain fat.

In conclusion, when we lose muscle mass metabolism is slowed. In addition, it is fact that speed of burning calories reduces by 5% on every 10 years of life.

Gender is also a factor. Men generaly have faster metabolism than women. Men are bigger and naturally have less fats.

Hypothyreosis, a less active tyroid gland slow metabolism and leads to gaining weight.

Genetic factors. In other words, some people are just lucky to have faster metabolism.

Winter Dream Metabolism

Main problem for most people is slow metabolism.

Many people complain of having slow metabolism, when in reality the do not know how metabolism functions.

It is speed in which our body burns calories we intake by eating.

In addition these people, in goal of losing weight, skip meals and therefore make a great mistake. Skipping meals just slows down your metabolism.

How is that?

Simple, just as other species, humans also have self preservation instinct, and in addition body reacts to starvation by slowing down metabolism. Therefore reducing calorie consumption so that we could survive longer.

On the other hand, when we start eating normally, metabolism stays slow for a while. After that is the reason why diets are mostly failing. Similarly this is why when you stop with your diet you add more weight than you lost.

Organism burns calories day or night, whether you are on the move or resting.

You need energy constantly, even when you sleep. This is why you shouldn’t skip meals. Longer the intervals between meals, metabolism is slowed more and more and falls into winter dream.

How to wake it up?

There is no point in working out if you increase fat intake after that. You do not gain weight because of lack of training, but because organism is filled with more calories that it actually needs.

You can, of course, eat food you like but it should be in certain amounts and spread into multiple meals.

Fast Metabolism – Golden Rules


When we don’t get enough sleep our metabolism is slowed.

Even worse, lack of sleep increases secretion of hormon ghrelin which increases hunger.

More And Less

Famous rule. It is true. Get 5-6 meals a day. Eat more often but smaller meals. Between 3 main meals, have a snack like fruit or yogurt.


Best time to train is when you can take that physical strain the best.

For most people morning is the best. Morning is time when certain hormones are at their peak, therefore they support metabolism. This is how you spend more calories than working out afternoon when hormone levels are reduces.


Long time a go, stress was usefull. Why? Cave men was under stress when food is scarce. Stress stars mechanism for survivale which slows metabolism to save energy in the form of fat.

Today, in most regions of our planet, there is no lack of food, however this stress mechanism is not changed.

Therefore, when we are under stress our metabolism is slowed. This is why it is usefull to find something relaxing.

Office Weight

Office job is killing me. How often do you hear this?

For many people office jobs and constant sitting at work is great problem. Most people gain up to 6kg in the first 3 months at their office jobs. However, there is no excuse. You can find time for training and regulate what you eat every day.

Sitting for more than 8 hours a day slows metabolism and increases risk of getting overweight. Similarly risk of diabetes, stroke and other diseases(sitting diseases) is increased.

Here are 10 groceries I have picked to improve your metabolism.

#1 Water

Water intake improves burning calories and losing weight.

Research done in Germany, suggest that you improve metabolism function up to 30% after drinking half a litre of water. Water is also natural appetite suppresant.

Water washes out natrium and toxins from our organism.

This is why you should start your day with clean glass of water.

#2 Green Tea

Researches have shown that green tea extract improves metabolism and leads to weight loss.

Green tea is known as grocerie which leads to improvement of your mood and also has anti cancerogenic substances. In addition it is considered that green tea helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

It is newest trend with celebrities which are obsessed with losing weight. Green tea is a great antioxidant and should also be on your mind daily.

#3 Soup

Eat less and in the same time burn more fat by consuming one plate of soup.

fast metabolism

According to American Nutrition Association, soup is great appetite suppresant as it has combination of liquid and solid materies which kill your appetite.

In the research itself, subjects could choose between 3 appetizers with the same amount of calories:

  • chicken soup with rice
  • baked chicken with rice
  • baked chicke with glass of water

Subjects that picked soup had 100 calories less in the main meal. Soup is great for reducing hunger with small amount of calories.

#4 Grapefruit

Grape diet is not a myth. People that eat half grape with every meal on average lose 2 kg more than without grape.

fast metabolism

Grape is citrus and is rich in vitamin C. Therefore it lowers blood sugar levels. It is great alternative for apples and oranges, and can help regulate body weight.

#5 Apples And Pears

Overweight people that eat 3 smaller apples or pears will lose more weight than people that do not eat them at all.

It is known that persons who consume fruits intake less calories during the day. Next time when you have the urge to eat something sweet reach out for this phenomenal low calorie fruits.

Apples and pears are also rich in fibers and feeling full will last longer.

#6 Fast Metabolism – Broccoli

Broccoli is rich in calcium and vitamin C. This vegetable is also rich in vitamin A, fibers and pholates.

Broccoli is grocerie that has low calorie count and is rich in phytochemicals which improve your immunity and protect from diseases.

#7 Non Fat Yogurt

Dairies can improve your efforts for getting optimal weight. If they are in your diet program it will give better results than not having them at all.

Non fat yogurt is rich source of calcium, providing around 450mg of calcium(recommended intake for women aged 19-45) in 250 ml portion.

Similarly yogurt is rich in proteins and has all the healthy bacteria your digestive system needs.

#8 Turkey For Fast Metabolism

Proteins can help fasten metabolism, reduce fat tissue and build muscle. 100 grams of turkey breasts has around 120 calories and 25 grams of protein.

Turkey has specific taste, but if you have to eat meat let it not be pork.

#9 Oat

This grocerie is good for your heart and ranks highly on good and healthy carbonhydrates based groceries.

fast metabolism

Oat is rich in fibers which help fight cholesterol and is good for degrading fats. It will make feel full for hours and give you energy for your activities.

Bodybuilders eat oat for breakfast as it is rich in different nutrients.

#10 Hot Peppers For Fast Metabolism

Hot peppers can give you fast metabolism and silence your need for food. Here is why.

This food contains chemicals that temporarily stimulate your body to release more stress hormones which give you fast metabolism and lead to calories burn.

Here is a easily made recipe which will improve your metabolism.


Every one of these groceries will reduce your need for food. In addition they are low in calories.

Fresh fruits and vegetables or soup will kill calories in your meal and will give you space to eat more without going over daily calorie intake.

Fruits rich in fibers and oat will keep your digest system in balance.

Controling large meals is always important. Just because some foods are good for you doesn’t mean you should eat too much of it.

Eat several smaller meals and several healthy meals during the day.

In addition, next to diet, getting fast metabolism can be gained by working out.

Lets summarize.

Metabolism and weight depend on many factors, those we do not have influence on and those we do.

Diet, training, rest… Everything matters for getting results. Give yourself at least 1 hour for yourself and your organism every day.

Do not be that person that blames everything and everyone and doesn’t do nothing to change their life.

Having trouble motivating yourself for training, read here how you can gain the most out of yourself.

Don’t know how to workout, find out here basic exercises with weights and how they can improve you.

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