Does Hard Work Pay Off – It Is Important To Know [2020]

There is something that all people need to know.

One and only universal truth there is.

Nothing is for free, nothing will come to you if you hope for it. You need to work hard to get where you want to be.

They ask themselves a question does hard work pay off? Of course it does.

Hard work pays off. This is one of the most important things that you can tell yourself.

I see more and more people getting through their days just hoping that something will come to them all by itself.

More and more young people, simply stuck into their own reality.

This is not the way it should be done.

This is not how I want my child to grow up to be.

Hard work beats talent and hard work beats luck.

does hard work pay off

Of course, there should be a little bit of both for you to succeed completely, but teach yourself what you want to do.

If you can’t, do not be afraid to ask the person who knows the way to improve yourself for advice.

I sincerely hope that you will get a sense of this while reading this article, that I will get through and that you will realize this.

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Does Hard Work Pay Off – Perseverance

When Jadav Payeng saw thousands of snakes and reptiles dying on the banks of Brahmaputra river, he burst into tears.

However, he decided that he will not allow for animals to get hurt this way.

He was only 16, and he started planting trees to renew that area.

After 3 decades he created a whole new ecosystem there.

Does hard work pay off you’re asking, stick around and find out.

hard work pays off
Brahmaputra River

Whole world heard about this story in 2008 when Indian wildlife preservers, while chasing hundreds of elephants, stumbled upon his creation.

They stood in awe while seeing what a single man did on his own.

This forest is now called Molai by the nickname of Jadav, and it is home to dozens of different species, including tigers, deers, rabbits, monkeys.

This man wouldn’t have succeeded if he did not have perseverance.

Without it there is no great deeds and no small successes.

There is no scientists, artists or athletes that will say that perseverance was not important on their way to success.

Whatever we do it is important. Whether it is something important to us or for the whole world.

You need it if you want to lose weight, finish college, progress in your career.

Perseverance In Daily Life

When it comes to perseverance as a trait needed to succeed, we do not need to talk only about historical or imaginary people.

Recently conducted psychology research has shown that perseverance is the best predictor of high achievements.

It does not matter in what sphere you want to succeed, perseverance is crucial.

Researchers define it as “persistence and passion towards long term goals”, and as such it gives us strength to cope with bad periods in our lives.

It does not matter if these periods last for a day or for a whole year.

You may think that this does not give the answer to the question does hard work pay off, but it all be clear really fast.

Perseverance allows reaching long term goals in spite of unavoidable misfortunes that life brings to us.

In hard times like these we ask ourselves does hard work pay off.

This is when this ability to overcome challenges make us stronger and more skillful in doing what we want.

Part of what people call life are questions like that, does hard work pay off, this is why it is important to know that coping with bad situations will only make you stronger.

We Can All Be Heroes

You feel like I still haven’t answered the question does hard work pay off?

But here is another good news, fact that most people possess capacity to develop perseverance.

One of the techniques relies on imagining that we are a hero on its mission.

Instead of finding excuses and reasons why it would best to give up, this is excellent way to practice perseverance even when it is hard.

Besides, this is how we can find new and positive aspects of different situation which could go by us if we see things only from one perspective.

This of course does not mean that you should search for trouble and dive into danger so that you can focus on perseverance and positives.

But change of perception can do a lot of good things.

There is a difference if we look upon something like it is injustice or trouble, or on the other hand as a challenge that has to be overcome.

This may seem arrogant at first, to see ourselves as heroes, but the fact is that new perspective can be a good ground to fight troubles.

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If you are asking yourself frequently “does hard work pay off” and you do not know the answer maybe you haven’t set your goals right.

Hard work does pay off if you know what you want to do and towards what goal you strive to.

does hard work pay off
Pick Your Goal And Direction

It is important to know your goals, your abilities and your capability to improve in order to reach your goal.

This is how you can give yourself the answer to the question. Hard work pays off.

Why Is Setting Goals Important?

Goals help us define purpose in our lives.

They give us numerous advantages even before reaching them.

These advantages are:

  • personal growth
  • responsibility
  • focusing on achievement
  • better decision making
  • skill and talents development
  • goals are great motivators.

Write Your Goals Down

Start with brainstorming, transfer your ideas into goals you wish to reach.

Write them down in any form.

People that write their goals down have higher probability to achieve them, this helps them remember the purpose of their activities.

After you have written your goals down, next step is to start transforming them into concrete claims.

You need to have them defined to start striving towards them.

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Start Moving

After defining your goal the next step is to start moving towards it.

Many people fall into traps by watching successful people and dreaming that they will reach that sitting and doing nothing.

Imagine if you find an article about weight loss.

You start for a day or two, until your muscles are sore and then you quit.

Now you desperately watch the slim line of the instructor, this only gets you feeling down.

If you want to do something the best way is to start doing it, and start doing it now.

does hard work pay off

Think for a second, you must remember more situations when you wanted to succeed, but it all came down crumbling because you did not take action.

There is also the other fear, fear of failure, this fear is present with all human beings.

If you do not try you will not fail that is for sure, but you will not reach your goal also.

But does hard work pay off? With all the ups and downs?

Yes, hard work pays off, but you need to start now, start planing, start moving and you will reach your goals.

Remember the harder the road is towards your goal the bigger the reward.

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Stay Focused On Your Goals

Most common reason to give up and for lack of perseverance is that you lost focus.

This is the first mistake you can do. This is when we ask ourselves does hard work pay off?

There is a beautiful thought “You have to try the most when you can’t do it anymore”.

does hard work pay off

This is crucial moment when with the power of thoughts we must focus on our goal and remind ourselves why we are on this path in the first place.

Asking yourself does hard work pay off may be a problem for you.

In these moments we have to encourage ourselves and try to change focus to eventual award and achievement.

You need to find a way in which you can motivate yourself whenever you want to quit.

Does hard work pay off, is something that is not good to ask yourself. This is how you can think that the goal is not worth the road ahead.

Try to precisely analyze what went wrong.

Analyze your path towards your goal, and if you know what went wrong go back a couple of steps.

Work on your motivation, know why you failed, perfect yourself and move on.

Until you really give up your are still a winner, or future winner if you like.

Fact is that no success came overnight and that every success had a path made up of try’s, ups and downs.

This is why hard work really pays of.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Imagine that from where you are to where you want to be there is a hundred steps.

You start, climb, step by step and you trip and fall.

This is the moment where most people are demoralized and quit definitely, this is wrong.

Even if you fall, lets say on the tenth step, you will only go down a couple of steps.

does hard work pay off
Road To Success And Happiness

In these situations people tend to give up, surrender and find various excuses.

“It’s not for me. I will not make it. Its not worth the effort. I’m not made for this.”

Perception of oneself is what makes the difference between successful and people that fail.

Successful people are persistent and resilient.

They perceive the fall as one of the attempts that will get them to their goal.

People that fail tend to go through the line of least resistance.

Imagine that your goal is to run a marathon. You wouldn’t say to yourself that you couldn’t just because you barely ran 2 miles on the first day.

Learn From Others

Energy and persistence beat everything.

Patience, perseverance and dedication are unbeatable combination for success.

Ambition is the path to success, and dedication is the vehicle you are driving on that road.

Lack of persistence to blame for many unsuccessful lives rather than lack of lack and talent all together.

Dedication and persistence is an attribute that is gained throughout life and its intensity is formed by the environment that the person is living in.

We all know someone who is persistent, that has less talent or luck than us, but that person always succeeds.

Know that you can learn a lot from that person.

If you want to succeed at something, find someone who already has.

Learn from others, because, hard work always pays off in the end.

But is it that easy?

While we admire people who move the limits and succeed, most of us are great in finding excuses for lack of dedication in our own lives.

Dedication goes hand in hand with patience and self discipline.

The enemies are delay, fear of failure, hesitance.

In order to succeed, we all need to fight our enemies.

Fight delay with action, fear of failure with recent success and hesitance with motivation.

Does Hard Work Pay Off?

Of course it does.

I see more and more young people struggling to find their place in the world.

The problem is not that they do not have space in this world, the problem is that they are not willing to fight for it.

Mine and my husbands families are not rich, we did not get served on silver platters.

This is probably why we get along so well, we are both willing to fight for what we want.

We want to teach our child and our future kids that nobody is waiting for them to come along and take something.

We will teach them that they need to work, to put in hours and hours, to learn what perseverance and dedication means.

This is what we will do because as all parents we love them.

They need to know that through dedication and hard work they can succeed in everything they want.

This is how they will not get in the situation to ask themselves, does hard work pay off?

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In the day and age that we are living in, with vast information that we have access to, you are to blame if you do not succeed.

Does hard work pay off is a sentence that you should not even think about, let alone speak.

In anything that you do, be it your work, parenting, look, relationships, you need to work hard for anything to succeed.

Do not go through this world just watching other people and their successes, do something about yours.

We are all poisoned by these instagram influencers, instagram models and such.

They post pictures of themselves in baths filled with money and their ass cheeks spread.

That is your money in their bath, and it is your cheeks that they are spreading just because you allow them to.

Get up right now. Know what you want. Find out what you need to get it. Work your way towards your success and happiness.

If this article had any influence on you, you will for sure get something done in your life.

Something that will make you and people around you happy.

When that happens, come back here and let me ask you one question.

Does hard work pay off?

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