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Detox After Holidays – Reset Your Body

During winter holidays it’s hard to resist temptations. All that food and drink that are just in front of you. But do you know how much toxins and harmfull materies you intake? I am here to help you with detox after holidays and will show you how to reset your body.

Not only during holidays it’s nesessary to take care about what you eat.

First step is to realize that strong food should be eaten for lunch or dinner, therefore leaving breakfast or any other meal lighter.

To help your organism remove toxins and large amounts of salt, more water should be on your hands.

What Is Detox?

Organism detox is process of removing harmfull materies which are stored in organism. In the past our bodies used to cleanse themselves. Modern life brought drastic changes in our enviroment. Therefore our bodies aren’t not able to keep track with the time.

Our organism is under additional stresses. Lack of sleep, bad diet, to much noise, reduces physical activity, bad air, water.

Organism is not capable to eliminate toxins alone.

Everything our organism processes goes through liver. In other words, harmful materies are degraded in our liver. After that through kidneys and bowels these toxins leave our organism.

If kidneys are full of toxins they cannot process harmful materies. Those will then become fat layer which after that causes excess weight.

Organism that is under lot of stress will lead to health decline. We start feeling bad, you may not be sick that moment, but symptoms will appear:

  • tiredness
  • sleepiness
  • apathy
  • bad bowel syndrome
  • acne
  • eczema
  • ulcers
  • cracked lips
  • sensitive eyes
  • bad nails
  • headache
  • menstrual pains

If you have one or more of these symptoms your organism is definitely out of balance.

Talk to the expert to bring your body into balance and organism detox is desirable.

When someone decides to lose weight and goes to nutritions, after that it is logical to recommend organism detox.

detox after holidays

Detox Definition

To completely define this process, we start with explaining toxins.

Toxins are substances which are basicaly made out of poison, therefore have negative effects on your health. Toxins:

  • metals
  • polutioners
  • artificial additions to food
  • pesticides

Toxins can be found everywhere… Food, water, air. In other words they cannot be avoid, but their influence could be reduced.

Considering we cannot spend our lives in hermetically closed suit, detox is logic way towards that process.

It is important to know what instant – quick detox doesn’t exist. Our organism is extremelly complex machine. In conclusion processes are complex.

If you are constantly tired, lack energy, sleepy, it is therefore recommended detox with food, teas, and other natural healthy ways.

Why Is Detox Important?

Our bodies are special.

They are still developing and adjusting to our way of life.

Therefore, our body has special defence system for self healing process. But still, evolution cannot follow the speed of changes in our life. After that one of the main changes in our body is increase in toxin intake. On daily basis we all come across these things:

  • smog
  • cigarette smoke
  • sugar
  • hormones and additives in food and drink
  • conservants in our food

Toxins come into contact with our skin over deodorants, perfumes, detergents, cell phones.

With all the stress, reduces physical activity leads to storing of lactic acid which is also a toxin.

Therefore body filled with toxins is a magnet for diseases and first things that come are:

  • tiredness
  • loss of concentration
  • bad memory
  • grumpiness
  • body sucumbs to infections
  • sinuses problems
  • alergies
  • bad blood flow
  • pain in joints
  • arthritis

In conclusion your body needs detox, however you might not know it.

Natural Way To Detox After Holidays

Body detoxifications naturally means intake of healthy groceries in healthy, moderate way. What does that mean?

This means that we should accept the fact that detox is a process, in other words it cannot be done instantly.

Therefore, you can convert your body in such way that after a period of time it is fully regenerated.

It has been proven that it takes around one year for old cells to be replaced with new ones, therefore it is the period of time for full body detox.

So called instant detox is needed when it come to sudden poisoning with toxins and unhealthy matters.

To reduce levels of toxins in your body, your first have to remove fast food from your diet. After that remove sodas, pasta, and all other groceries whic have artificial additives. Similarly remove coffee and cigarettes. Natural way to detox your body considers:

  • choosing the right diet
  • training and meditation
  • diets
  • clean air
  • water, water and water

Choosing the right diet

This has already been said. Adding more organic fruit and vegetables is always a good thing. In conclusion this it important to remove artificial substances and many additives out of your diet.

Training and meditation

Training is always recommended for detox, because by training and sweating we remove toxins from body. For instance meditation is focused on stress reduction and mental balance. By meditating you release stress which is one of the main causes toxins creation in your body.

Here is beginners guide to meditation.


Are you a fan of new, modern diets? Which have you tried? Depending on your condition, numerous diets have one goal. Detox diets are very popular, but they lack consultation with nutritionist. Organic fruits and vegetables are strongly recommended. After that we all see rise in liquid or smoothie diet, which has you intake fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

Clean Air

If you cannot control air polution you breathe outside, you can control air quality you breathe in your home. Cigarette smoke, bacterias, germs and your pet hairs can drasticaly effect air quality. If you get the change at least once a month go on a trip to the nearest mountain for some fresh air.

Water, water and water

Your body needs healthy fuel, and that is water. Not by coffee, sport drinks, just plain water.

detox after holidays

Body Detox After Holidays With Food

Hunger is first and basic need which is important in the detox process. Therefore all of the industrial made food is to be removed. Groceries that are recommended are fruit(apples, oranges, lemons) and vegetables(spinach, broccoli, carrot, onion, garlic, beetroot).

Beetroot is especially recommened for blood cleansing.

To find out more about beetroot click here.

Nuts and seeds are also recommended. Almonds, pumpkin seeds are excellent snack to cheat your hunger.

Body Detox With Teas

Teas are recommended for any state, condition or age. In addition they have cleansing function, therefore are impossible to avoin in daily diet.

Green tea is always recommended because it is rich in antioxidans which cleanse every organ in your body.

Nettle tea, in addition, cleanses your blood and improves your appetite for healthy snacks. Therefore it is natural “booster” of energy and coffee replacement. This is perfect detox after holidays.

Lemon Detox After Holidays

It is already said that the point is in the way of detoxing your body, not just what you eat or drink during detox.

Therefore lemon has been recognized as fruit with the highest amount of vitamins and minerals. Starting your day with glass of water and lemon is something you ought to be doing. Do not squish lemon because the pulp has all the necessary ingredients.

Drinks with lemon are excellent against tiredness, and also for toxing removal and weight loss.

I hope I have removed doubts you had about detox process. Important thing to remember is not to expect instant results, because cleansing your body from toxins is a process.

Here are some easy to make DIY detox recipes.

Mango And Ginger Smoothie

  • half a mango
  • 1 lemon
  • ginger
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 teaspoon of maca

Mix everything and blend it all together.

Green Tea And Citrus Smoothie

  • half cup of cold green tea
  • 1 banana
  • half lemon

Squeeze lemon and mix it with banana and green tea. Perfect for morning drink.



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