Cooking Healthy Meal – 9 Advices On How To

You have decided to eat healthy? Good for you. However, you are missing certain knowledge on cooking healthy meal. These days there is a lot of talk about healthy food, but, in the sea of all the information, a person doesn’t know where to start.

Which groceries are considered healthy and what to combine with them?

To get the answers you need lets first define what healthy food actually is.

cooking healthy meal

#1 Eat More Raw Food

What is healthy food?

Healthy food is “live” food which will give you the energy you need.

Therefore it is for the best to eat as much raw food. Similarly avoid, cooking, frying and boiling. When you eat raw food, you use all the enzymes from it. Enzymes help digest the food better, and in addition absorb it better.

Although our body manufactures its own enzymes, it doesn’t make enough. In addition our body wastes a lot of energy to make them.

Because of that, after eating large quantities of processed food you get tired and sleepy. This happens because body transfers all of its energy to deal(digest) with eaten food.

However, what stays in your stomach rottens and it is good for numerous diseases. That being said, it would be ideal that you add at least one raw meal during the day. Similarly, more would be better, to preserve more energy for other activities.

For cooking healthy meals, you should look to avoid complicated recipes.As they tend to keep you in the kitchen longer.

Turn yourself to simple and healthier recipes, where you will process food minimaly. Then you will have more time for other activities which have nothing to do with cooking food.

Here are some groceries that will help you reduce your appetite.

#2 To Cook Healthy Meal You Should Tend To Boil Your Food

Next to raw meals, you should also have boiled meals, as some groceries just have to be boiled. That is the case with legumes, as they are poisonous otherwise. Peanut is one of the rare ones which do not need to be processed.

Grains, should also be processed and they can be made into bread and bagels. Also you can consume different grains in the form of cereal.

Some groceries do not need to be cooked, although they are good to be eaten grounded. Others can be eaten as they are (sunflower seed, pumpkin seed).

When it comes to nuts, they can be eaten raw, or they could be eaten cooked.

Here is a list of foods that are good for you:

  • all sorts of fruits and vegetables
  • rice, quinoa, amarant
  • beans, peanuts, soy, string beans(legume)
  • soy products
  • cold made oils
  • unrefined salt, preferably himalayan salt
  • honey
  • all nuts
  • all seeds
  • mushrooms

All the groceries above, are rich in:

  • healthy fats
  • aminoacids
  • fibers
  • vitamins
  • minerals

Eating these foods every day reduce risk of getting numerous diseases.

Find out more about boiling food.

#3 Avoid Unhealthy Foods

Which foods are unhealthy?

You have probably noticed that list from above doesn’t contain meat and dairy products.

Unhealthy food are groceries that have high levels of calories from sugar and trans fat. They almost have no fibers, vitamins and minerals.

These groceries are often called empty calories, as eating them does more harm than good for your body.

Instead of healthy nutrients, they give your body only high levels of unhealthy calories, which can lead to different diseases.

To remember them easy here is the list:

  • fried food like fries, chips and other fast food as they are full of fats
  • white bread
  • alcohol contains only empty calories and they are antinutrients
  • coffee based drinks as they are full of sugar
  • candy, sodas and drinks that are also full of sugar
  • all industrial products
  • processed meat as hot dogs and hamburgers

Cooking Healthy Meal

Now that you know which groceries are healthy and which are not, all that is left is to learn how cooking healthy meal works.

As already mentioned raw food is the best for you, but most of the time cooking healthy meal is unavoidable.

cooking healthy meal

#4 Avoid Frying Food

Frying your food changes the structure of it.

Boiling is allowed as is cooking, but they are best done on low temperatures. Steam cooking is very desirelable and recommended.

When cooking grain, legumes and nuts, they should first put in water. This is how you reduce cooking time, and in addition will preserve more energetic values. Therefore, this means more vitamins, minerals and protein. Also you will digest this food easily.

Make sure you do not add salt, sugar, oil, vinegar or spices, because that will destroy vitamins and oils will become toxic. Tend to add them after cooking.

#5 Never Skip Breakfast, Start Your Day With Energetic Meal

A lot of people make huge mistake by skipping breakfast. Instead, first thing they grab is cup of coffee and cigarettes. However, skipping breakfast will not make you slimmer.

If you skip breakfast, you will surely go hungry during the rest of the day and then you will grab first food you can find. Instead of quality meal, you will just eat empty calories. By doing so you will slow down your metabolism and have problem with calories.

Instead of skipping breakfast, start your day with energetic meal. Your organism, and mostly brain, needs fuel to function in a good way.

So it is key to have quality and tasty meal. When you start your day in this way, rest assured that you will have a lot more energy to do everything you have planned.

In addition you will be happier because healthy food affects positive hormones.

In my household we start our day similarly. As soon as we wake up, we drink water and, after doing usual morning activities(bathroom), we start to make healthy meal(breakfast).

Our breakfast is mostly made of fresh fruits with nuts and seeds, or cereals.

A lot of people ask does this breakfast keep us full untill lunch. My answer is always yes, considering that we eat around 10 different groceries for breakfast.

#6 Short Grilling Is Cooking Healthy Meal

Just heat the upper heater in ove on the highest temperature. If you are grilling chicken, spice it up with lemon juice. If you prefer fish spice it the same way you did with the chicken.

When the pan is heated, put the spicy meat or fish and put it back into the oven. No need to turn the meat. Chicken is grilled around 15 minutes.

#7 Braising Is Healthy Way To Cook A Meal

By cooking food this way loss of healthy ingredients is reduced to minimum.

You can add broth to make it tastier, instead of broth you can add chicken cube or some hot water with yeast extract.

Heat the broth in stainless steel pan. When the steam comes, add vegetables and braise it by recipe(couple of minutes most of the time).

In the same way braise meat. Broth which is the main ingredient in braising, usually has 1% of fat which helps getting rich tastes from your groceries.

#8 When Cooking Healthy Meal Your Groceries Have To Be Diverse

This is probably the most important thing about healthy food. Only then will you be able to eat all the necessary macro(protain, fat and carbs) and micro(vitamins and minerals) nutrients.

If you combine multiple grocieries you do not have to worry about protein intake. In case you are physicaly active you can complete you diet with animal based proteins.

#9 Stop Collecting Recipes – Collect Ideas

When i started cooking healthy meals I had fear that something will go wrong. In other words I thought i couldn’t make healthy and tasty meal.

Because of this I always made food by the recipes. The more fear I had, the more these fears became reality.

Luckily my husband said I shouldn’t fear and told me I need to improvise. What did he think by that?

If I don’t have the needed ingredient I can always replace it with something else. When it comes to spices, do not look the recipe, rely on your own taste.

Only then I started enjoying cooking healthy meal. Kitchen became a place where I can create something new, healthy and tasty. Something that will make my family healthy and happy.


So far I have discussed general things when it comes to cooking healthy meal, but now I want to share something with you. Something that turned my life around.

Some people are completely persuaded that healthy food cannot be tasty. What is this about?

Most of these people connect healthy food to different diets, some to lose weight some to cure their diseases.

However, diets are not always connected to healthy food. All these magic formulas that you are fed with have yo yo effect.

I hope I have helped you in how you should approach cooking healthy meal. This has helped me a lot, as I always strive to live healthy and long life.

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