Cinnamon For Lips – Make Your Lips Wonderful [2020]

How to use cinnamon for lips to make them plump?

Does this look unreal to you, trust me I have not believed it until I tried myself.

Rich and plump lips are every woman’s dream.

Many of us are ready to have surgery to fulfil their goals.

We all believe that having fuller and plumper lips will make us look sexier and regain our confidence.

However, surgery has its downfall, you could have unnatural looking lips which will make your situation even worse.

You should love your face, accept yourself as unique and work with what mother nature gave you.

However, if you still want to do some corrections to your face you should first try with adequate care and good makeup.

Therefore, before you use extreme methods you should try those less invasive, natural treatments.

It happens that lips lose its softness, that they dehydrate so they may appear slim.

Why does this happen?

cinnamon for lips

Epidermal layer on lips is very thing, therefore natural protection from external factors is very thin.

Lips are like a sponge, they easily accept hydrating substances and become fuller.

However, they easily lose hydration and become dry, rough and wrinkled. But, I think I have perfect solution for you.

Using cinnamon for lips is a great way to make your lips full. You can use this treatment daily and quickly get the lips you want.

All you need is cinnamon oil for lips or just plain cinnamon.

Lets find out what is the secret cinnamon holds for our lips and how you can use it.

Why Cinnamon For Lips?

Cinnamon is a spice which is used to get better taste in meals.

Also, cinnamon is present in many home made recipes for beauty. In addition you can also use it for your cellulite.

It can be used in treatment of many skin related diseases, menstrual problems and heart issues.

cinnamon for lips

In ancient times people used cinnamon to cure spots, cold, digestion problems kidney problems and many other health issues.

So much benefits in one small spice, and one of them, believe it or not, is to make your lips look better than ever.

If you are buying different lip balms and glosses, read what is it them I guarantee that you will find cinnamon as main ingredient.

The skin on our lips is much thinner in comparison to the rest of our body.

Lips lack glands which moisturise skin.

This is the main reason why skin on our lips is dry most of the time.

Cinnamon increases blood flow in our lips and this is what your lips need to look fuller.

Important thing is to do peeling of your lips before you use cinnamon for lips.

Use soft brush to rub it on your lips to make them smooth.

You can use cinnamon oil for lips or powdered cinnamon for lips.

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Cinnamon For Lips Benefits

When it comes to cheapest solution to make your lips plumper cinnamon comes first.

Cinnamon helps remove dead cells from the surface of your lips.

At the same time cinnamon stimulates blood flow in your lips which helps you get beautiful pink colour of your lips.

Cinnamon for lips works as a mild irritation for your lips and affects flow of under skin fluid in your lips.

This is how your lips temporarily become fuller, richer and more sexier.

cinnamon for lips

At the same time, small wrinkles are getting flattened, lips are nicely shaped and gain healthy look.

Any time you want to enhance your look for event you cannot miss, prepare a quick treatment made of cinnamon for lips and you look will be dashing.

It will not take too much time to prepare, and only in three minutes you will have plump lips you always dreamt about.

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How To Use Cinnamon For Lips?

First thing to do is to make sure that you whole face is well washed and clean.

In addition make sure that you hands are also very clean, as you will be using you fingers during this treatment.

If you have lip gloss or lipstick remove it before continuing with this treatment.

Just to be clear you start this cinnamon treatment for lips with your lips completely clear.

Use a wet cloth and gently rub it over your lips. This will remove all the dead cells from your lips.

After this use your favourite lip balm in a thin layer, making sure that you cover your lips fully.

This will help you protect your lips and give your lips additional moisture before adding cinnamon for lips.

Use clear bowl and mix in half spoon of powder cinnamon with vaseline.

Put a little on your finger and spread it across your lips.

Make sure that you cover all the surface of your lips. Once your lips are fully covered with this amazing remedy press your finger and gently rub with circular motion for 30-40 seconds.

You will feel mild tingling which is normal.

cinnamon for lips

Cinnamon irritates the skin causing them to be plump which is your goal, right?

Leave it as it is for 3-5 minutes, after the time is up use wet cloth to gently remove everything from your lips.

You will see right away that your lips are pink, fresh and fuller.

There is not need to leave cinnamon on your lips for more than five minutes.

This period of time is enough to give your lips what they need.

If you leave them more than that you may swallow cinnamon or irritate your lips too much.

In the end use your favourite lip balm.

Do not skip this step as your lips now need moisture, and hydrated lips look more sexier and prettier.

Additional advice is that you can use a little salt in the mix.

However, take care that you do not swallow too much cinnamon as it can irritate your throat.

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Cinnamon Oil For Lips

Cinnamon oil is used the same way as you use cinnamon for lips.

It is necessary to make sure that your face and hands are well washed.

In a bowl add spoon of vaseline and mix with two drops of cinnamon essential oil.

Use toothpick to mix it up.

Cinnamon oil is natural product which does not have any side effects for your skin.

However, if your skin is too sensitive, or you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before you try anything with cinnamon for lips.

Cinnamon oil, when used, has another benefit for you. Cinnamon oil also freshens your breath.

Once you mixed enough, gently rub it on your lips for 2-3 minutes, then leave it on your lips.

You will feel mild tingling which is expected and normal.

cinnamon for lips

If tingling is constant and you have uneasy feeling, remove the mass from your lips and start over, but with one different thing.

Start with one drop of essential cinnamon oil. Reduce the amount of essential oil.

This concoction will help you get reddish colour of your lips and very natural look.

This effect will last for couple of hours. When the effect is gone you can use it again, making it your natural made lip gloss.

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Can You Use Cinnamon With Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil has large amount of minerals which provides with necessary moisture for your lips.

Coconut oil acts as fat layer around cracked and dry lips which protects them from cold air.

Oil contains vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidants.

At the same time coconut oil has different anti bacterial and anti fungi effects which prevent bacterial growth in cracks of your lips.

Combining it with cinnamon can be perfect solution for fuller lips.

Is Cinnamon Oil For Lips Safe?

Cinnamon oil is natural product and is used by many women to gain instant solution for natural look for their lips.

Cinnamon usually does not have any side effects, however, if you have sensitive skin you should consult with your doctor before using it.

To determine how much cinnamon oil to use you should try it on less sensitive part of your body.

Before using cinnamon oil on your skin, you must be sure that oil is of high quality.

cinnamon for lips

If it is bad quality product it may have negative effects on your skin.

Your lips are the most sensitive part of face and should be treated like that.

Before using any kind of product for lip care you must be sure that it is safe and that it suits your skin type.


This process of making the mass that you will put on your lips may seem a little boring, but trust me it will provide you with the results you want.

If you have thin lips and have desire to make them plump and stand out you should use this method.

I am not for surgeries and therefore I recommend trying all natural methods there are to make your lips fuller.

Lips are after all the most beautiful part of our faces and they need to stand out.

By using this cinnamon for lips method, your lips will get that natural reddish look we all want. In addition they will be plump and stand out.

Not to mention the price of cinnamon powder or cinnamon oil which you need in order to make that mass.

I highly recommend trying this method as it is non invasive and can provide you with great results.

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