Chrono Diet For Beginners – Ultimate Guide

I have prepaired super ultimate guide for chrono diet. All you need to know about chrono diet, but you didn’t have someone to ask.

Chrono diet is much mentioned today. It has its rules, you can eat everything, you can’t eat bread or you can. And many more informations.

You are thinking about getting into chrono diet adventure so everything sounds interesting. The most important thing is that it gives results.

How to start?

Starting Chrono Diet

How to start chrono diet?

You have heard about chrono diet and you want to follow that way? You must have so many questions.

What to eat, when to eat it, can I eat candy? Can I skip breakfast? And so more many questions.

In this diet, it is good that you don’t have to worry about calorie count. But you must eat in specific time and combine food correctly.

Basic rule in chrono diet is to have at least 4 and max 6 hours between meals.

This is actually healthy way of dieting. It teaches you to eat right things and avoid everything that could cause cellulite and fat. I hope that my experience fighting these things could be helpfull.

I have managed to get rid of cellulite and get my legs and thighs in shape in a relatively short period of time.

For breakfast you should eat healthy fatty food. Eggs, cheese, bacon and you can combine this with carbonhydrates. But make sure that carbs you intake are slow to release sugar in blood.

For lunch you can eat pork and beef, without bread.

And finally for dinner you need to eat lighter proteins.

Let’s check that a little more.

Beginner rules for chrono diet may seem complicated. However, basic rule to start with is to combine your food better. Eat carbs and proteins only for breakfast.

For lunch stronger proteins are made, such as pork or beef. For dinner it is best to eat lighter proteins, such as white meat or fish.

chrono diet

Why is combining food important?

Idea to start with is that food is used differently in different times of day.

It can also be preserved for later, which leads to fatty storage. Food is absorbed in different ways, depending on the time of day it is eaten.

So, if you eat sugar and fats in the evening they will be stored in your body. However, if they are eaten in the morning they will be great energy source for thay day.

It is important to eat three meals. Between them around 5 hours should pass to regulate sugar levels and insulin in your body.

With chrono diet for beginners, training intervals are also recommended.

It is for the best that your training is in the morning or during the day, not at night.

Skipping meals is forbidden, especially dinner, which is avoided in other diets.

Chrono diet is fastly becoming popular, because you don’t watch how many calories you intake. You lose weight gradually and it doesn’t return if you follow these rules.

It is important to say that you shouldn’t stick to this rules necessarily. They are there to be follow, but for starters you should take care about eating in the right time. Without sugar.

Ideal combination of food will come in time. In addition if you combine food wrongly nothing bad will happen.

Chrono diet is made up from two parts. First part is named restriction.

Chrono Diet For Beginners – Restriction

Just as the headline says, in this part of the diet some groceries are removed and this is restrictive diet.

This phase is used if your goal is to lose weight.

Idea of chrono diet during restriction should make individual plan for every person.

In addition, before starting this diet, it is necessary to consult nutritionist and do food intolerance test.

Similarly after that is done, food that is proven bad for you should out of your menu. This will help your body lose toxins.

Since I have explained difference between chrono diet and restriction, people that don’t have excess weight will not need restrictions in their diet.

For them it will be enough to change bad habbits in life, eat healthier. Therefore the body they need will soon follow.

Rules For Beginners In Restriction

As I have mentioned before, during your day you will have three meals and a snack.

However, during restriction period you only have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Therefore no snack.

You must not skip meals or should you make them light. You shouldn’t feel hunger between meals and succumb to different temptations. Eat every meal plenty.

For beginning, it may seem there are too many rules. Don’t worry, they are easy to remember.

Coffee is allowed two times max. One after breakfast and one after lunch. Drink it without milk, sugar and cream.

Breakfast is the most important meal during restriction and you should eat it before 9 AM. This means that lunch should be around 14h and dinner around 19h.

Eating between main meals is forbidden. Why is this so important?

If you practice eating snacks between meals certain hormones are activated when they are not supposed to. This leads to fat storage and is bad for your health.

All sugars are cut from diet, even honey. There is no sweet in the form of food whatsoever.

No fruits, not for meals or between as it contains fructose. Milk and yogurt are out as they have lactose.

When it comes to other dairy products they are allowed only for breakfast three times a week. Just don’t combine two different dairy products in one meal.

White flower is not used while every other is allowed. Chrono bread can be eaten only for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are without bread.

You need to drink two litres of water daily. Lemonade and herbal tea is also allowed. Anything you drink shouldn’t be consumed half hour before and after meals.

Alcohol is out. You can have a glass of red wine, usually for dinner.

Prepare meals on butter or lard.

If you are interested in lard benefits click here.

Eggs are allowed. For breakfast whole for any other meal only egg whites.

Beans, beetroot, carrot and rice are forbidden. Every other vegetables are allowed.

It is all you can eat. This is the favorite meal.

Once you go on this chrono adventure, inform yourself with advices and recipes for restriction. They will help you be better in combining foods.

Once you get the hang of it you will see how much easier it will be for you.

Chrono Menu For Beginners Out Of Restriction

To understand chrono diet perfectly I have prepared couple of recipes you can implement in your daily diet.

Most of people stick with chrono as it can help lose weight without being hungry.

Just follow rules of combining food when it comes to chrono diet for beginners.

Chrono Breakfast For Beginners

Breakfast in chrono diet is most important meal and shouldn’t be skipped by any means.

Eat carbs, proteins and fats.

Here are some great ideas for diet breakfast.

Eggs And Bacon

This meal is very nutrient breakfast which will make you feel full untill lunch.


  • salt and pepper
  • bacon
  • quarter spoon of paprika
  • one third spoon of chilli powder
  • 6 eggs
  • butter
  • curcuma
  • coriander

Avocado With Smoked Pork

This recipe consists from avocado, garlic, parsley and lime juice. It can be eaten with smoked pork.

chrono diet


  • one mashed avocado
  • chopped tomato
  • onion
  • chopped garlic
  • coriander by taste
  • salt by taste
  • parsley

Mash avocado with fork. Add other ingredients and mix them well. Let it rest in fridge for couple of hours before consuming.

Lunch For Chrono Diet Beginners

Similarly lunch should be the biggest meal durin the day. It is important to eat between 13h and 15h.

It should be large and without desert or snacks. Don’t eat anything at least 5 hours after lunch.

You should eat more proteins such as beef, pork or lamb. In addition carbs should be removed from lunch. Also eat more vegetables in the form of salads.


This steak is incredibly delicious.


  • parsley
  • garlic
  • soy sauce
  • apple vinegar
  • mustard
  • chilli powder
  • salt and pepper
  • steak

Mix all of the above, in addition, rest it for one hour. Fry it.


Make delicious lunch for you and your family. This simple recipe will leave them stunned.


  • ginger
  • parsley
  • paprika
  • worchester sauce
  • salt and pepper
  • 4 turkey breasts
  • teaspoon of butter

Mix first five ingredients on the list. Put marinade over turkey breasts and leave in the fridge for couple of hours. Fry every side for 4 minutes.

Chrono Diet Dinner

During dinner you should eat proteins, therefore it is the lightest meal in the day. In addition of fish you can add salad.

Sweets are allowed, but only in the noon between lunch and dinner not in the morning. For instance dark chocolate with at least 70% of cocoa.

Similaryle you can have a glass of red wine, and dinner should be eaten at least 2 hours before going to bed.

Tuna Salad With Vegetables

This is above all very tastefull salad anyone can make. It is therefore great way to eat more vegetables.


  • tuna
  • chopped avocado
  • onions
  • garlic
  • lemon juice
  • salad leafs

Chrono Diet Cook For Beginners

If you wish that your chrono diet becomes part of your everyday life, in addition, maybe you should afford one good cook book.

In other words, in every cook book there are lot of explanations how to prepare and serve food. Similarly there are lot of advices which can help and which will make every chrono beginner a chef in chrono diet.

It is important to know that chrono diet is rich in meal choices. This is why it is in addition considered very simple to use and is good to try.

Similarly results will come which you can notice by your looks. But most importantly you will be healthier.

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