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Chair Dips – Oblique You Arms Perfectly

chair dips
It’s everybody’s wish to have nice looking and stronger arms. This is why chair dips are perfect exercise as home workout for your arms. Although most men give more attention to biceps muscle, women prefer workoing out triceps, which is more improtant for your arm oblique.
Triceps is really much bigger muscle than biceps, so it is important to pay attention to this muscle to achieve, size, definition and arm strenght. There are couple of exercises which can help:

  • dips
  • narrow bench press
  • triceps bar workout
  • dumbell workout
  • triceps rope workout

But in this case I have decided to show you variation you can do without parallel bars. It’s mostly done with bench, but you can use chair, bed or anything like that.

Let me explain how chair dips are done.

Turn your back to the bench, and put your arms on it. Straighten your legs or bend them slightly in your knees. Back and head should be kept straight and are not to be bent during this exercise. Keep them straight to avoid any bad movement which can give you injury.
Now, lower yourself slowly, stay in lower position for a few moments and get back up.

This exercise is a great way to strenghten your arms which you will see for yourself.

It is excellent for begginers. Which are still not strong enough to do classic dips, so this is a great start.
If you are new to training. Start with your feet on the ground. If have some strenght you can put your legs on other bench to make the move more difficult. You can also increase difficulty by adding weights in your lap.

You should be carefull when doing bench dips or triceps dips if you like.

It is because shoulder is in a difficult position so it is not reccomended for people who have even a slightly indication about shoulder injury.
Here is a short video which can demonstrate how it should be done.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjFa9zSDO-E&feature=emb_title


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