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Buccal Massage – Natural Facelift For 2020

New revolutionary way to contour your face is called buccal massage. This is what you have been looking for.

This new method may seem a little extreme but it works perfectly.

We all know massages to be comfortable for body and face.

There is no doubt that you are familiar with various face massages and learned something about techniques and effects they have.

You also know that by massaging you stimulate surface of your skin and muscles beneath.

However, massaging went a step further.

Buccal massage helps contour facial muscles from inside your mouth.

This type of massage will sculpt your face the way you want.

buccal massage

Whether you decide to massage yourself or let someone more skilful do the work effects of this massage are undeniable.

Be it relaxation, shiny beautiful skin or anti age effect this massage gives you should give yourself this unbelievable experience.

Lets dive right in and find out what makes this sculpture lifting massage so revolutionary.

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What Is Buccal Massage?

Name comes for Latin word bucca which means cheek.

For those not familiar with this treatment, sculptural face lifting or buccal massage started in the 80’s.

This form of face massage is now in its renaissance thanks to Meghan Markle which swears that this massage is what is making her face beautiful.

This new, popular technique is focused on improving circulation, muscle tone, lymph drainage, wrinkle removal on mouth region, as well as lower cheek and chin region.

Massage is done by massaging inner and outer side of cheek only by fingers. Hence the name intraoral massage.

Sounds crazy, especially having someone else do this massage to you.

However, if you are looking for natural way to make your face as beautiful as it could be keep reading.

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Buccal Massage Benefits

This form of massaging is considered ultimate facelift without having an operation done on yourself.

The numerous benefits it has speak for themselves.

This massage helps with:

  • improving circulation
  • releases tension in jaw
  • redefines relaxed muscles (facelift effect)
  • helps with lymph drainage of face
  • reduces face bloatedness
  • removes wrinkles
  • great anti stress therapy
  • reduces migraines
  • helps your face keep that youth look no matter the age

Problem is that buccal massage is not widespread, but make the effort to find someone that does it, it will pay off.

buccal massage

What Makes Buccal Massage Effective?

To understand what makes this type of massage effective you should know what this massage is made of.

Masseuse, in my case, quickly massages lower part of your face for 30 minutes.

Treatment is made up from two parts.

First one is massage of your face for 30 minutes and the other one is the one done intraorally for 30 minutes also.

First part of the treatment is focused on lower part of your face.

With energetic moves masseuse rubs, pinches and stretches your face upwards. There is accent on cheek bones and chin.

Just to make your life easier, do not worry about hygiene, this massage is done with rubber gloves. It is the same as with your dentist.

In the second phase finger go deep into your mouth up to where the cheek is connected to cheek bone.

Fingers are moved and therefore muscles are moved also in different direction. Gums and lower part of cheeks are also massaged.

I found a video explaining how it looks.

It may seem a little strange, however, just by looking at this video you can do it yourself.

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Does Buccal Massage Hurt?

Well, yes.

Buccal massage can be painful, especially if you have a tight jaw because all of the tension we suffer in this modern times.

It depends on the person.

But you should not feel any pain after a while, specifically when your jaw and mouth are relaxed.

After few treatments the pain will go away or it will be reduced to minimum.

Who Can Benefit From This Type Of Massage?

Thanks to stress, unhealthy lifestyle, age and gravity, our face starts to change, lose definition.

Sometimes we wake up with bloated face, wrinkles start coming and muscles on lower jaw relax.

If any of these things above is your problem, you should try structural facelifting.

Massaging both outside and inside of your cheeks incites blood flow and improves collagen production.

After 30’s amount of collagen in tissue starts to drop.

As years pass it is reduced. Our face needs something to shake it, to make the blood flow, to feed tissue and skin better.

Buccal massage does exactly that.

When we are angry, or under stress, most of the stress is accumulated in lower jaw.

Sometimes you catch yourself clenching your jaw. This prevents you from relaxing or laughing.

Face gets some strange harsh and crude expression. This is not helping us look youthful.

Fact is that buccal massage is non invasive method which gives fantastic facelift effects.

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How Many Treatments Are Needed?

You can see results of buccal massage even after one treatment.

In conclusion, effect after one treatment lasts for a whole day.

However, this type of massage has cumulative effect. To have better results you should have more treatments.

Around 1-2 treatments a week during 8-10 weeks.

After you go through 4 consecutive treatments, in around 2 weeks, you will see a constant change of your face.

When series of treatments is done, you can do it once a month to keep this new found beauty.

You may have noticed that I mentioned circulation couple of times.

Improved circulation immediately makes skin look better.

Better circulation is actually key for youthful look as more oxygen and more nutrients is all that skin needs to resist bad outside influences.

Although inside of your mouth is the last part of your body you thing about massaging, many people claim that it releases tensions from the jaw.

In certain beauty parlours buccal massage is done after cosmetic fillers or Botox.

It is also very good for treating acne scars.

Side Effects Of Buccal Massage

Massage is an relaxing experience. Right?

Well that it also the case with buccal massage. However, if you watched video you may think that it does not look pleasant.

This should not stop you from trying.

However, if you hate the thought of other peoples fingers in rubber gloves in your mouth, or you think that it will be too painful for you, there are other types of facial massage which are more pleasant with great effect.

I will be sure to write about them also, these massages are:

Above all we nurture our face with cremes.

This is a great chance to massage my face. Every massage is welcome even the one when you do not do what the masseuse does.

Lets say that you have natural cream against wrinkles.

Its components are nutrients and active matters picked and incorporated to increase collage production, to soften skin, hydrate it and give it power of self regeneration.

When you put it on your face rub it in in circular motion.

This type of massage should last for at least several minutes. In this time skin will absorb the cream.

After this the skin is shiny and has beautiful colour and youthful glow.

Think of this as a perfect way to start the day.

Can You Practice Buccal Massage At Home?

Yes and no. It is better to leave this treatment to experts.

No, because you are not skilled enough to do right massage moves which will shape your facial muscles the right way.

Professionals claim that they know exactly how to “set up” your muscles from the inside of your mouth.

In case that you are persistent in intention to do this massage at home, take care of your hand hygiene and use sterile gloves.

If you have Botox do not do this alone.

I think that there are more reasons to avoid buccal massage. Therefore I would not recommend it for you doing it alone.

You should not do buccal massage if you are low pain tolerance, if you have sensitive gums.

If you are younger than 35 you should not do buccal massage as you do not have the need.


Whether or not you think that this massage is for you, one thing is for sure. It gives results.

If you really do not have enough money to do this type of massage and want to do it by yourself I recommend watching enough videos to learn as much as you can.

Buccal massage may not be pleasant but it will have wonderful effects.

Everything we do demands some pain or effort to make it work, this is exactly the case with this massage.

If you are older than 35 and feel that you need some kind of facelift, I highly recommend this non invasive method.

At least give it a shot before going under the knife.

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