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Best Names For Boys vol.1

Here you will find list of best names for boys and what exactly do they mean.

However, choosing a baby’s name is not that simple.

You should like it, others should like it, it shouldn’t be too common and not to old, not to simple and not obsolete.

It is important that you and your partner like it, this is what narrows it down.

Why is the choice of name so important?

Besides of the fact that we will say that name a million times in the future, therefore we should like what we hear.

But by choosing a baby’s name we project an image of ourselves, our taste and personal attitudes.

I created 6 simple questions to help you choose your baby’s name and how to choose from this list of best names for boys.

Am I trying to please my or my partners family by choosing this name?

Do not do this. You and your partner should choose a name you like.

Are you sure you want trendy name for your baby?

As many other things, names also can be trendy.

However, keep in mind that the name that is trendy today can be found old in 10 years, or even 2 years.

Know that you child will carry its name for the rest of its life, choose carefully.

What kind of nicknames can come out of that name?

Believe it or not, this is one more thing to worry about.

You may call your child however  you want, but you cannot imagine what kind of nicknames come out of kids names.

These nicknames will stick to them for the rest of their lives.

Does the name you have chosen fit with your surname?

Write it down and say it together, couple of times. If it looks and sounds well, there you have it.

Is it important what others think of your kids name?

Sometimes parents on the start of the pregnancy chose what name they are going to give to their child.

However, when they hear comments from their friends or family they think again.

For example your parents are associating that name differently from your friends.

Do you have a right to change your mind?

It is completely normal that you change your “taste” when it comes to names.

The name you liked 3 months ago may sound completely different now.

Or during pregnancy your baby will kick a little more and show temper, therefore you choose different name.

Best Names For Boys

When I started learning English language at the age of 7 I was profoundly fascinated with old English names.

There was something in the way the names were pronounced, the way they simply glide of off tongue.

This is why I have decided to create list of old English names with certain addition.

I will show you which people are associated with these names, where these names come from and what they used to mean.

Hopefully I will help you a little bit in choosing your baby’s name.


My personal favourite.

I say this because I have my first born name Alexander.

I am not sure why I like this name so much but I just do. It is perfect name for a boy, so strong and related to many great people.

It may not be the most common English name. However, how can you not like a name which in its core means “protector of men”?

This is what ancient Greeks had in mind when they gave their children this name

It was carried by those hardened by battle, those who are ready to give everything for their family.

Isn’t that what most of us think our children will be? Protectors of their families and good men in general?

Not to mention that nicknames derived from this name are Alex, Lex or Xander. Therefore I think that this name should be taken into consideration.

Few notable people named Alexander are Alexander The Great, Alexander Pushkin and Alexander Rae Baldwin III.

best names for boys

It is nice to have my kid share name with the greatest conqueror this world has ever seen.

Also Alexander Pushkin is one of the greatest writers ever and a man who died defending his wife’s honour.

This name is not English per say, but indulge me with this one, it is my kids name.


Angus is a boys name which means either one or choice.

It is an old Gaelic name, this will be the case with most of the names on this list

This is a very nice name in my opinion as it is short and has power to it.

Sir Angus Deaton, Angus MacAskill and Angus T. Jones are couple of known people who carry this name.

Just to keep you informed Angus MacAskill is tallest recorded man in history which did not have gigantism.

best names for boys

I also had to include Angus T. Jones which I found adorable in Two And A Half Men. In my opinion he carried the whole show.


Christopher is an English version of this name which means cross bearer.

It is pretty name to give to your child as it carries certain dose of elegance with it.

It is often used by believer of Jesus Christ, therefore you can assume that persons named Christopher come from religious families.

Nicknames based on the name Christopher are Chris, Topher or Toph which are very nice in my opinion.

It can be related to strength as discoverer of America, Thor and Superman carry name Christopher.

Reeve, Hemsworth and Columbus are the notable ones I picked for this name.

best names for boys

I picked Hemsworth because in this day and age he is probably the most famous out of the three Christopher’s I picked.

Therefore ladies feast your eyes.


Douglas is perhaps the most masculine name on this list of mine. How is Douglas on the list of the best names for boys? Well…

It comes from two Gaelic elements combined. One being dubh which means black and other one is glas which is stream in Gaelic.

It is a strong name and very good choice for parent who means to raise its child to be strong both physically and mentally.

Couple of notable people named this way are Douglas Stanhope, Douglas Costa, Douglas Adams And Douglas H. Wheelock.

Out of these the name that stands out for me surely is Douglas Adams.

This prominent author wrote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, one of the most popular interstellar comedies of all time.

In addition to all this let’s be honest, Doug is not half bad nickname.

Best Names For Boys – Edmund

Out of the names from this list Edmund is probably the most noble sounding name.

Prosperity and protection is what this name carries within itself.

Ed, Edd and Eddy are variations of this name which I find very nice to be used as a nickname.

I really could not find any notable people named Edmund but that should not be of much concern.

Perhaps your child will be the most famous Edmund in the history of the world.

He will certainly be the most important one in your world.


In the old days when gave you child name Frank it meant that the child is free.

Name in its base means free man. In addition you will give your child opportunity to approach any girl with the sentence “May I be Frank with you?”

It is very nice although forgotten name as we do not see that many kids named Frank. This is why Frank is on the list of best names for boys.

Franks with the last name of Zappa, Sinatra and Herbert are the ones which get on my notable persons list.

best names for boys

It may be that the two musicians are more famous than Frank Herbert, but the science fiction writer is one responsible for Dune. Which is one of the best sci-fi novels of all time.

However, winner of this list is Frank Sinatra which is one of the most famous singers of all time.

Best Names For Boys – Hugh

Base of the name Hugh comes from the word hug.

This means “heart”, “mind”, “spirit”.

It was very common among noble men. Name came from the Normans who brought it to England where it became common.

It is a variation of Hugo or Hugues, Ugo, Higo.

Most popular people who are named Hugh are Hugh Jackman, Hugh Grant, Hugh Laurie and of course Hugh Hefner.

old english names

I personally would not mind if my kid was associated with the first three actors on this list.

However, I do not know if you would share my opinion on Hugh Hefner which I will keep to myself.

As you will find out in this article each name has its good and bad carriers. The question is how much do you mind the bad ones?

It was not easy creating this list of best names for boys, but I do hope I gave you some help in choosing the one best for your boy.

I will be adding couple of more articles related to this as well as best names for girls.

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