Baby Snoring – Concern Or Not?

I have a snoring baby.

As if my husbands snoring wasn’t enough. And my God can he snore. It is like ceiling is going go fall off. Sometimes I must change the room where I sleep.

Thank god he doesn’t read this as he always says because he is so tired.

However, that is really not what I am going to talk about today. I am slightly concerned about my baby snoring.

Therefore I started researching to find out if my concerns have grounds or not.

I found out some interesting things about adults snoring and baby snoring.

Causes. Consequences. Treatment. How to prevent it.

baby snoring

What Causes Snoring?

During sleep, throat muscles relax and tighten, therefore tongue goes deeper into your mouth. When you breathe vibrations are made between relaxed muscles and throat.

These vibrations cause the snoring sound which can be gentle, or in addition, like a freight train.

The more the airway tightens the more throat muscles vibrate, causing louder snore. Sometimes throat walls come together and block airway causing potentially dangerous condition.

This condition is called opstructive sleep apnea. This is serious condition with negative health consequences.

There are several factors which cause snoring including gender as men have higher risk of snoring than women.

Aging process contribute to weaker throat muscles, anatomy abnormalities of nose and throat.

However, if there is inflammation of airways such as respiratory infection or season alergy, they can also cause snoring.

Sleeping pose also has significant influence on posibility of snoring. Most people snore less when they don’t sleep on their back.

However, because of its effects on relaxing muscles, alcohol can also increase chances of snoring.

One of the greatest dangers is obesity, especially fat around your throat.

Here are couple of diets I have already written about so that you can have some insights on how to start dieting.

To find out how to start PALEO diet click here. To Find out how to start CHRONO diet click here.

Also here are some advices on how to lose weight for the following summer of 2020.

Baby Snoring – When Is It Risky?

As your baby grows, its airways develop and in time snoring should stop or be reduces. However, it can come back when first teeth start to come out. This is because babies produce more saliva than usual.

If loud snoring doesn’t stop then you should start baby’s health journal.

Follow babies breathing and pay attention to every change that happens. If snoring is getting worse you should mention it to your baby’s doctor.

Rarely it can affect baby’s breathing, but doctor can recommend special test during which baby’s breathing is overseen during its sleep.

You should also rely on your instincts. If you are worried about snoring you should talk to doctor and ask what it is about.

For starters doctor will probably see baby’s airway to check if there are any block or there is structural problem with airway.

In certain cases nasal septum is deviated on one side which can cause partial opstuction of airway.

Therefore your baby breathes more air in and out through free nasal cavity and that causes snoring.

Increased tonsils can also be cause of snoring or loud breathing. However, this is mostly the case with older children, rarely with babies.

But in any case doctor will check out baby’s tonsils to make sure there are no structural abnormalities.

In the very end, doctor will just follow how your baby breathes. Some babies suffer from laryngomalacia  and that can cause loud breathing.

This is when cartilage which protects airways is not fully developed. However, as baby grows cartilage becomes as it should be stopping loud breathing.

It should happen at least in the sixth month of age.

Baby Snoring Consequences

Night difficulties in breathing often affect children negatively.

Kids that snore suffer twice as much from chronic night cough. Besides, they have more probability to suffer from cold and ear infections.

In rare cases night dificulties can cause your child to lose a lot of strenght during night to it develops slowly.

Snoring affects childs productivity. Kids need energy so that they can be focused on things during the day. This is why they need deep calm sleep.

If sleep is distressed it can negatively affect their mood and slow them down during the day.

As a consequence of reduces oxygen intake into brain there can be abnormalities in childs behavior.

Being tired during the day, hypermobility and paleness appear more often with children which snore.

Baby Snoring Solutions and Treatment

Most of the time baby’s breathing is loud, however, it reduces as baby grows and leanrs to swallow excess saliva.

Sometimes baby snoring is a sign that airways are not clean as they should be.

When someting is interfering with breathing process, baby needs to breathe in stronger so that air goes over obstacle which causes sound like snoring.

Here is how to keep baby snoring under control:

Keep baby’s nose clean. If you think your baby’s nose is full you should clean it with salt water at least once during the day. You can buy drops in pharmacy, or you can make it yourself by adding quarter of spoon of salt in two dl of water.

Clean baby’s airways with steam. Let hot water stream in your bathroom while doors and windows are closed, wait for the steam to be made. In addition enter your bathroom with your baby and stay there untill steam goes away. Practice this before sleeping. You can also put air moisturizer in your baby’s room.

Remove all alergenes from baby’s room. It is really important if your baby is breathing loudly and has increased secretion in airways to remove all alergenes. Forbid your pets to enter and remove all the things that are only collecting dust.

Change your baby’s sleeping position. Most of the babies fall asleep in positions that are not good for their breathing. Try to change the position they are in during their sleep to find out which position suits them best. You can also try putting small pillow under their head to prevent saliva going in their nose.

baby snoring
Stereo snoring.


Sometimes us mother can raise panic when there is no need to.

I know that we all want what is the best for our little babies but sometimes things we encounter are like that by sheer nature.

Baby snoring is not something that you should leave to case, but remember that there are many factors about snoring and your baby is just a small meat loaf that still needs to develop.

I remember my first night when I heard my baby snore, sleepless, tired and worried. But soon, after consulting with doctor, I have realized that this is how things work.

There will always be things to worry about, however, snoring is something that is normal for infants, but you should always consult your doctor to remove any doubts and to clear your mind.

Hopefully my husband will not read this but this stereo snoring I get from him and my baby will surely affect my daily activities.

However, I have just ordered ear plugs so there is some hope for me and my sleep.

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