Amazing Cabbage Health Benefits [2020]

There are numerous cabbage health benefits, and by the end of this article you will be introduced with all of them.

Whether it is boiled, fresh or packaged, cabbage should be in your diet.

It has many different nutrients and health benefits.

It is rich in cellulose, which helps digestive tract, helps heal wounds, acts as a prevention for cold and cough.

Cabbage is important grocery because of its acid which slows down transformation of sugars and carbohydrates into fat.

This is one of the reasons cabbage is essential in various weight loss diets.

cabbage health benefits

Sweet and sour cabbage, but also brine, are remedies against chronic constipation.

Good cabbage brine is excellent hangover cure.

When talking about cabbage health benefits it may seem a little cheap to say that cabbage is rich in vitamins in minerals.

But it is one of the most looked over groceries which has all that our organism needs.

There are many sorts of cabbage, but red and white cabbage are the most common ones.

It is assumed that wild cabbage was brought to Europe by Celtic conquerors around 600 b.c.

Ancient Greeks and Romans first starter cultivating it, and it was considered “panacea”, remedy which cures numerous diseases.

In the middle ages this vegetable was also known as poor man’s cure.

But to learn all cabbage health benefits we need to know what cabbage is made of.

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Composition Of Cabbage

Cabbage is a grocery with small energy value.

In addition, cabbage is rich in nutrients and biologically valuable matters, such as hydrosoluble vitamins which are dissolved in water.

Even 100 grams of cabbage will be enough of needed daily intake of vitamin C as it has around 50mg of it.

cabbage health benefits

There is also vast number of other nutrients in cabbage.

Vitamin A, calcium, protein and certain amount of iron.

Cabbage also has chlorophyll which is herbal hemoglobin and can be used for treating numerous diseases, even anemia.

One of the few people that should not eat cabbage are those which have chronic stomach and bowel diseases.

It is rich in fibers, and also contains magnesium, calcium, manganese, folates, vitamins A, B1, B2 and B6.

Cabbage health benefits are also due to its richness in potassium, omega-3 fatty acids and phytochemicals indole and sulforaphane.

Juice made from fresh cabbage is efficient in curing stomach ulcer, which is confirmed by research in which patients drank a glass of this juice.

This lead to complete curation of patients in 10 days.

Reason for this are high levels of glutamin and amino acids which are fuel for cells in the walls of our stomach.

Phytonutrients from cabbage, especially indole-3-carbinol, sulforaphane and indole have antioxidant benefit for our organism.

They cleanse our body from toxins, and indole-3-carbinol helps detox estrogen and reduces risk of breast cancer.

Now that we know that cabbage is made of it is time to go on and learn about cabbage health benefits.

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Cabbage Health Benefits

We use its leaves on burns and injuries, while cabbage brine is used to cure hangover.

However, cabbage health benefits go way beyond these remedies.

As a natural antiseptic, cabbage acts preemptively as a cure for many diseases.

In Serbia, cabbage was always thought of as a poor man’s grocery, without any important health benefits.

The truth is that in fresh condition cabbage health benefits are undeniable, while by cooking it many of them are lost.

This bad opinion that Serbians have about cabbage is probably because we tend to eat it cooked rather than fresh in a salad.

While we are at it, in Serbia it is a saying that storks bring babies, but in many European countries it is thought that babies are born in cabbage.

Exactly because of these old stories, cabbage is a symbol of important thing such as human life.

Enough talk about these things, lets get right into cabbage health benefits.

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Cabbage Health Benefits For Digestive System

Sour cabbage is rich in probiotic bacteria.

These are good bacteria which benefit our digestive system.

Because it has very good balance of micro organisms, this grocery is always recommended in case of diseases caused by gut flora imbalance.

This goes especially after antibiotic therapy.

Sour cabbage fastens metabolism, and meals rich in this vegetable are digested faster.

It is excellent for liver and blood cleansing, therefore it is good for whole organism detox.

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Excellent Diuretic

Because of its antibiotic benefits, cabbage is excellent for fighting Helicobacter pylori bacteria.

This bacteria is one of the main causes for ulcers.

In addition there are cabbage health benefits as it removes excess liquids from organism. Cabbage is great diuretic.

It contains many anti-cancerogenic and antioxidants ingredients.

But take care, cabbage juice leads to elimination of excess body fluids and lowers your blood sugar.


Cabbage has powerful antiglicemic effect, which means that this very healthy vegetable has the power to reduce blood sugar levels.

These effects can be gained by consuming small amounts of cooked or raw cabbage with every meal.

Other way is to drink cabbage juice twice a day.

Heart Diseases

Cabbage also contains polyphenol which is dissolved in water and reduces inflammation.

It prevents trombocites from forming and relaxes release of nitric oxide.

In this way cabbage prevents heart diseases and heart attack.

For this reason alone you should eat at least two spoons of cooked cabbage or glass of cabbage juice a day.


Cabbage leaves was used for centuries to cure ulcers, swelling, sprained and twisted joints.

Even today, certain hospitals in Switzerland use cabbage leaves to wrap them around joints of their patients with arthritis to reduce swelling.

If you want to make this wrap just squeeze cabbage just enough to make juice come out of them.

Put it between plastic foil and place it directly on the skin and wrap it with bandaid.

This will reduce the swelling and ease the pain that you have on that place.

It Eases Pain

Red cabbage contains a lot of antioxidants and other anti inflammatory compounds.

These compounds work together to reduce oxidative stress and prevent several inflammation factors.

When put directly on skin cabbage can reduce time it takes to heal a wound.

All that it takes is to wash and dry couple of cabbage leaves, put them on wound and wrap them around with bandage.

Leave cabbage over night to work its magic, and if possible repeat in the morning to use it during the day.

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Ingrown Nail

Many people use cabbage to remove mucus from ingrown nails and prevent infection.

Just wrap it around your finger with ingrown nail and let it work over night.

Remove the cabbage in the morning and repeat it following night.

Cold And Cough

Leaves of sour cabbage have great effects for problems caused by cold and cough and it helps with bronchitis.

As it is rich in vitamins and minerals it will help your organism deal with cold better.

It will also improve your lungs and bronchiae to fight coughing.

Cures Hangover

In Serbia, one of the main cabbage health benefits is that it cures hangover.

Cabbage brine is used incredibly well as a means to fight hangover.

Besides, brine helps stimulate pancreas and helps with food digestion.

Powerful Aphrodisiac

Many scientist believe that cabbage is the number one aphrodisiac.

German researchers claim that this grocery is most potent to increase libido.

Therefore use this new knowledge for your benefit ladies.

Cabbage Health Benefits – Sour Cabbage

It is known that sailor James Cook fed his crew with sour cabbage to prevent many diseases found when at sea.

It was also used to treat diabetes with it, also burns and inflammatory conditions.

There is way more cabbage health benefits in comparison to other vegetables.

Take note that red cabbage is up to 7 times healthier than the white counterpart.

Cure For Digestive Diseases

One thing that sour cabbage is different from raw one are probiotic bacteria.

Sour cabbage is fermented food rich in probiotic cultures.

This is why sour cabbage is important in curing diseases caused by imbalance of gut flora.

It has great effects on stomach and bowels, on their micro flora and helps digestion.

Sour cabbage also helps digest food rich in fats, therefore making metabolism faster and helps remove bad matters out of organism.

This is how it cleans blood, reduces aging and improves your organism.

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Heals Wounds And Burns

Sour cabbage helps heal wounds and has benefits in treating rheumatism.

You can use it locally to reduce itching on the skin.

On itchy place put sour cabbage leaf and wrap it with bandage or gauze.

If you have a headache put it on your forehead and wrap it.

To improve your mood and your health in general, eat at least 2-3 spoons of sour cabbage.

People that consume sour cabbage have their immune systems ready for everything.

This is why sour cabbage is recommended for older people or people with weakened immunity.

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Sour Cabbage Juice

Brine – sour cabbage juice has numerous health benefits.

It is rich with vitamins C, E, K and B, and vitamin U.

Vitamin U is one of the rarest vitamins, important for curing ulcers.

This brine affects fungi and bacteria, helps with ulcers and cures hangover.

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