AIP Diet – Introduction To Autoimmune Protocol Diet

AIP diet brings revolution to how we treat diets as a tool to treat various diseases.

Autoimmune diseases are numerous conditions which appear due to loss of immune tolerance of organism to its own antigenes. In addition it is about diseases in which organism attacks its own cells.

Any disturbance in immune system weakens that system, which leads to numerous conditions. Some might be mild alergenic while others can be heavy immune diseases.

Autoimmune diseases often cause symptoms like tiredness, lack of energy and will for everyday activites. Therefore reducing congitive functions.

Sugars, processed foods and groceries which contain gluten are used daily in our diets. However, it is proven that they incite inflammation. They should be reduces od eliminated completely out of our diets.

This diet is highly recommended by dr Datis Kharazzian and PhD Sarah Ballantyne.

What’s AIP Diet?

This is a way of dieting which helps you cure your immune system.

AIP is suitable for everyone who is diagnosed with autoimmune diseases or they suspect they have one.

This is extremelly balanced and nutrition rich diet. In which you don’t consume groceries which inflame your bowels and activate your immune system.

You will not be missing a single vitamin or mineral. Therefore making this diet suitable for your whole life.

If you do have autoimmune disease which causes additional intolerance to food it needs to be taken into account.

It is mostly focused on inflammatory bowel disease. This leads to autoimmune diseases as antibodies are produced in your bowels.

Many diets don’t help enough and most of the time there is a trigger which stimulates bowel inflammation. AIP diet is focused on healing you bowels.

Autoimmune disease can’t be cured because once your organism learns to produce antibodies it doesn’t stop. In addition, sickness can be put into remission.

Goal is to remove all groceries which contain components which have inflammatory effect. This acts as a trigger which contributes to over multiplication of fungi which are bad.

Diet is simple but strict. However, eating forbidden grocerie can provoce immune reaction and lead to inflammation.

Gut Flora

In our digestive system lives entire colony of microorganisms.

Around 1.5-2 kg of bacteria help us as we are in symbiotic connection.

This micro world is not just any chaotic mass, but well organised society in which every kind has its purpose. Some kinds dominate and controll others.

These bacteria have very important functions in our body. Important to that measure that we wouldn’t be able to survive without them.

Healthy people, for instance, have essential and useful flora. It is made up of bifidobacterium, lactobacteria, propionibacterium, peptostreptococcus and many others.

In addition normal gut flora is made of oportunistic flora. It is made up of bacteroides, peptococcus, staphylococcus, yeast and many others.

In healthy people this number of microorganisms is limited. Therefore it is under control of essential flora. However, if they are multiplied they can cause various diseases.

Numerous microorganism we intake through food and drinks are called transit flora.

If bowels are protected by useful flora, transit microorganisms can’t do no harm. However, if our gut flora is disturbed these bacterias can also cause diseases.

Therefore our gut is actually a filter or barrier which protects us. They prevent harmful things we intake go through inside our organism.

In addition they protect our bowels and protects us from outside intruders. Bacteria, toxins, chemicals, parasites and undigested food.

What Is Intestinal Dysbiosis?

Our gut flora plays important role, therefore it is important to keep this micro world healthy.

However, with modern lifestyle and fast foods this is becoming nearly impossible. Therefore intestinal dysbiosis is becoming more and more common.

Bad composition of gut flora, lack of useful bacteria which lead to bad bacteria to multiply. This in addition disturbes all of the above.

Gut flora is destroyed by:

  • antibiotics and other medicine
  • diet rich in sugar and processed carbonhydrates
  • toxins like gluten and refined oils
  • stress
  • age, physical endeavors and toxin exposure

Overuse of antibiotics which are common destroy useful bacteria in bowels. This is when bad bacteria starts to multiply.

However it is often the case that antibiotics are prescribed for viral diseases. In addition this is very bad as you cannot act upon virus with antibiotic.

It takes up to 6 months to renew healthy gut flora. When taking antibiotics you must take probiotic also.

Also, when taking antibiotics it is important not to eat sugar or starch. This is because fungi multiply when they are fed sugar and starch.

Other medicine also destroys gut flora such as painkillers, steroids and contraception medicine. Most of the medicine prescribed today has bad influence on gut flora.

Other main reason for intestinal dysbiosis is modern diet. This is based upon convenience and not nutrition. Diet rich in sugar and refined carbonhydates incites multiplication of fungi.

Especially candida, therefore this helps parasites form in our intestines.

What Is Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

When not under controll of our useful friendly bacteria, oportunistic bacterie get to bowel walls. Therefore hurting it and making it leaky.

Bowels are a filter through which should only pass basic molecules of nutrients. However inflammatory bowel disease means that our gut walls are getting further away.

Therefore creating cracks on our gut wall which leak into blood stream harmful things. Viruses, bacteria, fungi and its toxinx, undigested food components.

Undigested proteins get into blood stream. There immune system recognizes them as foreign body and attacks them.

Therefore leading to inflammatory processes.And also alergy, food intolerance and autoimmune diseases.

Unbalanced gut flora and inflammatory bowel disease can lead to many diseases:

  • eczema, asthma, alergy, food intolerance
  • chronic bowel inflammation such as Crohn’s disease
  • anemia
  • diabetes 1, hashimoto, rheumatoid arthritis
  • depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia
  • adhd, add, dyslexia, autism

Food that iritates:

  • grains and gluten
  • legumes
  • dairies
  • industrial oils and margarin
  • sugar
  • industrial refinements(sausages)

AIP Diet Basics

This diet is focused on elimination.

Its purpose is to remove food which causes inflammation. Therefore reset your immune system while adopting better habits in diet.

It is often directed to cure intestinal dysbiosis. It is considered that autoimmune conditions can cause little holes in bowels.

These holes can allow leaks of food in other parts of body and start immune system. Its basis is paleo diet but it is even more restricting.

To find out more about paleo diet click here.

It promotes food rich in vitamins and nutrients. Therefore supports food with omega-3 fatty acids.

You must follow strict plan of diet for couple of weeks before you start adding new food. Some people follow AIP diet for a short while. However others tend to choose AIP as a long term choice.

It takes time to add new food in your diet. In addition it is best that you add it step by step.

Add new food each few days and oversee if you have any reactions to it. If you notice unwanted effects eliminate it again.

Although autoimmune diseases can’t be cured, you can reduce their symptoms. Therefore one of the ways to live with autoimmune disease is AIP diet.

Strict Paleo Diet

Diet itself is based on findings about our ancestors(paleolithic or old stone age is historic period around 10000 b.c.).

Although first association on this diet are large quantities of meat it still doesn’t mean that we should eat raw meat and roots.

Avoiding grains, sugars and processed foods can do wonders according to dr. Cordain. Concept of paleo diet is based on human evolution before neolithic period when food has changed drastically because of agriculture.

Author of this diet claims that grains weren’t part of prehistoric human diet. Therefore they are added to our menus in the time of agricultural revolution around 10000 years ago.

In the last 200 years industrial revolution has impacted what we eat in great measure.

In addition all these artificial additives which increases duration of food are very harmfull for us.

All these changes have considerably damaged our health and are main suspect for diseases of modern age. These are obesity, diabetes, cardiac diseases and cancer.

Basis of paleo diet is that we should eat the way we ate tens of thousands of years before. Before industrialisation and agriculture.

I should also mention that paleo diet is very popular with many celebrities.

How To Start AIP Diet?

Optimizing your diet can help reduce symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

Food for autoimmune diseases needs to be different than what you usually eat. With that in mind AIP is introduces. AIP is some sort of pale diet.

It is strictly defined which groceries to eat and which not to. It is also prefered to pick which groceries to eat certain amount of time and which to eliminate completely.

AIP means AutoImmune Paleo Protocole. This is a life choice of food and diet which helps get immune system into normal state. Therefore remove inflammation and antibodies.

AIP mostly deals with bowel inflammation. Inflammatory bowel disease leads to autoimmune diseases as antibodies are created in them.

It has for goal to remove all groceries wich contain components which may have inflammatory effect.

You should start with 6-8 weeks of protocole without cheating. And longest period without reintroduction is 2 years.

AIP Diet List

AIP diet is very restricting. There is a long list of foods you shouldn’t eat.

This includes ome of the groceries you avoid if you follow paleo diet, such as:

  • grains
  • legumes (beans, soy, peanuts, humus)
  • dairy products (including raw dairy products)
  • processed food
  • refined sugars
  • industrial seed oils

AIP diet also excludes following food which are not always forbidden in paleo diet.

  • eggs
  • nuts and seeds
  • tomato
  • paprika
  • potatoe
  • alternative sweeteners
  • emulgators

You should also avoid non steroid anti inflammatory drugs(NSAIL) and alcohol while you are on AIP.

Now that you know what you shouldn’t eat it is time to learn what you can. Basicaly your diet should be rich in meat and vegetables.

  • coconut products including coconut oil
  • olive oil
  • fermented foods unless they contain dairies
  • vinegar
  • red wine
  • honey
  • maple syrup
  • herbs

While on AIP you can integrate some foods in limited ways. Fruits are controversial in paleo and AIP diets. Some recommend elimination of fruit. However others say you can limit it to 20-25 grams of fructose on daily basis.

You can moderately use unrefined salts and teas which are not based on seed, such as green and black teas.


Many people with autoimmune diseases have removed gluten from their diet. However, many didn’t see the wanted results. Therefore it is not up to gluten.

Gluten truly is a problem. But there is also problem with your bowels reaction to similar components in other groceries.

All grains and legumes contain proteins on which we react to if we are sensitive to gluten. It is the same case with milk protein cazein.

This is why this elimination diet is the best way to find out on which groceries you are sensitive on. After period of strict diet, when you felt symptoms dissapear you can add new groceries.

This is how you find out if they cause reaction. When to add new groceries is up to you as it is individual.

Pros And Cons Of AIP Diet

Since AIP diet is very restricting it may be hard to follow it through.

It can be hard to incorporate it into your everyday life. Make sure to avoid food with high percentage of fats and cholesterol while you are on modified AIP diet.

You might see that pros of AIP diets are larger than burdain of its limitations.

Diet it primarily focused on healthy food. Therefore it is most likely that your body will react in positive manner.

When that happens you can enjoy your diet. Much so if it results in reduces inflammation processes.

AIP Diet Conclusion

Those with autoimmune diseases can have large benefits from AIP diet. Diet is meant to reset your immune system by avoiding foods which cause inflammation in your body.

Collectivelly autoimmune diseases are the most common cases of health issues. Examples lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Chron’s and psoriasis.

Autoimmune diseases can’t be cured but can be remissioned. AIP diet tends to reduce some of the symptoms of these diseases.

Although your diet has large influence on that, it is not the only way to reduce unwanted inflammation.

Stress reduction, enough sleep and avoiding unhealthy habbits such as smoking or drinking.

Reducing those can also help you feel healthier and contribute to reduction of inflammatory symptoms of your immune system.

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