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ADHD Kids Symptoms – Is Your Kid Hyperactive?

ADHD kids symptoms, is your kid hyperactive?

Today, more and more children are described as “hyperactive”, so that expression has become very popular. If your child is lively, filled with energy, constanly moving, talkative, curious… That still doesn’t mean it is hyperactive. It could just be restless.

ADHD Kids Symptoms.

It is disturbed. In it’s “chaos” no sense could be found. It’s attention is very momentary.

All that it sees it wants to grab, when it grabs it just looks at it and leaves. Or breaks it. It’s capable of constantly interrupting unfinished activity, to start a new on, just to not finish it also.

Every new thing that catches it’s sight, makes it give it attention or touch it, and that is all.

Hyperactive child is a child with distressed attention.

Everything it sees, there is a need to touch it, everything it hears needs to see it. Neglecting anything it is doing at that moment. That attention is awoken without any selection or scale of meaning.

ADHD Kids Symptoms – Motor Unrest

Alongside with lack of attention there is a motoric unrest For these kids it is typical to look inexhaustible, not tired by it’s chase or constant mindless activity.

However, when given an assignment to do something, which need them to put their mind to it, to march as soldiers or draw something that requires precision of movement, they get tired faster than other children.

They are tired by their own will, to keep their attention in the same levels for a while, just like they tend to make their movements organized, to get to the goal they have been given.

Hyperactive kid, as all of them, wants to be succesfull, at least for a moment, if it cant be for longer period of time.

When it gets a hold of their own series of problems, new assingments are added, with somewhat harder demands.

Child will try to solve them, and by that overcome, learn, always with more and more optimism. That is important for every success in getting to know secrets of life, and know how to treat other people.

That is the road in which every child, specially hyperactive one, must take to improve knowledge and skills of sociating.

Given that, hyperactive kid has slower attention development and higher need for movement, and neither is suitable for their age.

Everyone has their diagnose, and their methods of prevention and treatment.

Restless Kid Meaning

Is the kid that is mostly “nice” or “golden”.

Most of the time parents are overprotecting, so the kid doesn’t learn the meaning of the word “no” in time.

Such overprotection has bad influence in childs maturity.

When a kid does what it does, it wants to.

Which means it is necessary to incite the kid to bring us something, to do what it can – and what give it meaning for itself and in feeling of group connection in the family circle.

That is of most importance for character development.

A two year old kid wants to touch and move things, three year old wants to play with them, to align them.

Four year old kid wants to draw… Curiosity should be driven from subject to subject, and help them realise themselves as someone who can do many things.

Alongside that we must teach our kids that there are limits to what thay can do. Limits that make behavior nicer.

If child has no limits, it will always behave incosiderately, which could appear as hyperactive.

From that behavior it could differ that when it finds something that it is interested in, it will postpone other pleasures and organise its game, make its own corner and find peace.

All children are obedient by nature.

They can’t wait to listen to their parents. It is important to lead them, not by principle but by understanding, by love.

Understanding your child, and give it possibility to understand you, that is the supreme act of love.

Hyperactive Or Restless?

Hyperactive child is trapped in its unrest. It is behaving the same in and out of the house. It is always as expected, disorganised and out of atmosphere that is in current situation.

Most of the kids have the characteristic to suprise you with unexpected behavior.

It all depends on relationship with its parents.

Is that relationship based on love or fear. Or with no relationship whatsoever-which are in fact non existing, so that child lives with no parental demands to it.

Apart of feeling of disaster when it doesn’t make something that is expected in front of people that are meaningfull for their parents.

Kids recognize tense atmosphere, when they don’t get needed attention, or when they get past parental control.

Health Is Always In Freedom

Restless kid can be alone. In can play with itself by building or crashing its toys.

It can play with others in silence. It is free in its ways of relations to other and itself.

Health is always in freedom, and sickess is always confinement.

Help Is Needed

Most of the time parents can’t objectively jugde behavior of their child.

If they suspect on problems, help can be found kindergarden or school psychologist.

However any suspicion of hyperactivity, or already confirmed diagnose, demands consulting nearest mental care service.


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