Abs How To Get Them

Learn how to get abs.

Together with lower back muscles make core of our body. Starting part of any serious workout programme is working that core. Most part of our movement we need in begin and end there. Abs are not only important for stabilization of that part of body, but are critical part of kinetic chain of the body.

  • Efficiency of running, walking, squatting, jumping, twisting and turning. Essetialy of any functional movement depends the most on efficiency and strenght of core.

Best abs for people who sit a lot and are not physicaly active.

This way of live demands very easy but efficient work on abs. This means we should first activate, or wake up, our core body with exercising 5-15 minutes a day. But keep in mind it should be done daily. It is enough to combine 4 different exercices which will cover your whole core. They are done 30 second each, 1 minute of rest at least 4 times.

– Upper Abs –

Probably the best exercise for upper abs are V ups. We begin laying down and slowly bring our legs up(up to 90 degrees), basicaly we are making L with our body. Our hands are behind our head, and are touching the floor. From here, mostly with power in our upper abs we bring ourselves up so that our hands touch our toes.

– Lower Abs –

Workout for lower part of abs in case of sedentary way of life, is basicaly what we are doing with V ups except we do not raise our upper body. You should take care when doing this exercise that your legs are slightly bent, to avoid hiperextension of lumbal part of spine. You can put your hands below your lower back.

Common misconseptions about abs.

So learn a lesson about abs and how to remove belly fat. Abs are abdominal muscles. You can hipetrophy them like any other muscle and just when your remove fat from them will they look like this.

abs how to get

There is some sense in working your ab muscles only if you later remove fat from them. How? In the kitchen. Very, very strict diet, and with a lot workout exercices.

To have very good looking abs you must have:

  • Very low levels of body fat <10 % , which for women can mean loss of mestruation.
  • Really strict diet, which means a lot of food will not be on your menu
  • A lot of serious workouts, free weight of weight, with serous weight, and those that are very complex exercices

Is it possible? Of course it is!

It just takes lot of dedication and hard work. Those that give “easy” solutions about getting abs are either lying or ignorant.

Find out what stay at home exercise would be the best for you.

Couple of reasons your abs aren’t showing.

Too much body fat.

Strong abs are not most important for showing your abs. Biggest part here holds body fat levels. If you have too much fat around your stomach then no matter how much you workout your abs they won’t be perfectly chiseled. Most efficient thing you can do to get there is to change your diet. Diet plan that can help you lower your body fat leves and reveal your abs.

Find out here how to lose belly fat quick and easy.

Your ab workout is not diverse.

Most people see abs as a small part of their body. But muscle system is a lot more complex. These muscles help torso be more flexible and rotate. If you do only one workout in endless sets you will not activate every part of your abdominal wall. They should be done from all angles to improve their growth.

You do not train hard enough to stimulate muscle growth.

In many cases the more is better. Doing the same reps in every serie you do may not do you good. Make system of more series with 15-20 reps for every exercise you do.

You work abs every day.

This is a very sensitive opinion. A lot of top flight athletes train their abs every day. However, there are different opinions. By doing lot other exercises you work your abdomen muscles also. So it is for the best to have a pause during working. For the best results they should we worked out 3 to 4 times a week.

You change your diet frequently.

A lot of people make mistake of doing very hard diets just to remove fat from your abdomen. But after such diet fat returns on the same place. Instead of crazy diets which lead to exhaustion you need to make one diet plan which you will use constantly.

Perseverance is the most important part of the way to perfect abdomen muscles. If you keep your diet healthy and train intensively you will have good form throught the year.

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