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Hibiscus – 9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Japanese Rose

Hibiscus, rather known as Japanese rose, is popular tropic flower.

There are many traditional beliefs connected to it. Such as one that it carries good mood with itself because of its beauty.

It is part of Malvaceae family which has around 300 kinds.

All of them can grow up to 6 feet and can mostly be found in tropic regions of Southeast Asia.

There is around 500 kinds of hibiscus, and they all differ in shape, size and flowers.

Color can vary between white, yellow, pink, orange, red and purple.

hibiscus health benefits

It can be used as an ornament as it doesn’t require much and it is beautiful.

This is a one year plant which blossoms during the whole year.

Its pretty flowers are called flowers of love or flowers of beautiful women.

This tradition comes from Haiti, there the hibiscus is national flower and symbol.

In India, flowers of hibiscus are used for making wedding festoons.

In addition to all of this there are numerous health benefits of hibiscus and I will write about them also.

What are the benefits of hibiscus tea and how it can  be used to improve your life in the most natural way there is.

You may have hear about not drinking this tea during pregnancy and that will also be in this article.

But first, lets find out how it can be grown in your home as I am sure large number of you are interested in.

Growing Hibiscus In Your Home

Growing this plant is very simple as the plant is not demanding.

If you wish to have Japanese rose in your home, plant it on sunny place,however, it should be protected from the wind.

It does not need special kind of hummus and the only condition is that it should be well drained.

Pretty flowers of hibiscus come in vast numbers, from June until first frost.

Plant can reproduce in May and you can use plastic bag to cover t.

Perfect ration for soil should be a mix between garden soil, forest soil, turf and sand in 2:1:1:1 ration.

When growing Japanese rose in flowerpot it is important to change flowerpot every year.

growing hibiscus in home

When the plant blossoms in maximum flowers do not move it, but replace the upper part of soil with another.

This should be done for 2-3 years. Pruning of hibiscus should be done with tips of longest branches to form nice and thick crown.

Watering this plant should be done moderately in the winter and vastly during hot period.

It is important to remember that Japanese rose does not like cold.

With cold weather leaves start to fall off and flower is not as pretty. If you keep flowerpot in dark place you will not see results you want.

Usage Of Hibiscus

As you already know out of hibiscus world known tea is made.

This tea can be drank hot and cold, during the whole year, and has refreshing effect.

This refreshing effect is indicated by its colour and taste.

Carcade is very popular in North Africa and Egypt, where it can be bought in shops and street markets.

It is said that this tea was favourite one for pharaoh’s and healers used it for lowering blood pressure.

During traditional weddings in Egypt and Sudan, carcade tea was served mostly cold.

There are many other drinks made of this flower.

In Jamaica it is popular to add ginger, rum and honey into mix with hibiscus.

In Trinidad & Tobago they produce beer with addition of carcade tea.

Since the old days in Panama they make traditional drink made out of flowers of this plant, tiny pieces of ginger, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Dried flower, which is considered a remedy, can be found in health food shops across the U.S. specially in California.

Many people tend to boil wine and add cinnamon and hibiscus for perfect taste.

What Are The Benefits Of Hibiscus

Although it is mostly known by its pretty flowers and tea, people tend to forget that it has various health benefits.

Parts of the flower can be used in making jams, spices, teas, soups and sauces.

Flowers are used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic sphere.

There are certain kinds of hibiscus of which unripe offspring is used for eating.

Eating improves appetite and it has great effect in treating cold, cardiovascular and nervous diseases.

In addition it cures swelling in upper respiratory tract.

It helps with keeping fluids in organism, stomach problems and circulation issues.

It can be also used as a mild laxative and diuretic.

In food and drinks it is used for its smell, taste and color.

How Does It Work?

Healthy benefits of hibiscus come from enzymes, oils, vitamin C and flavonoids.

Therefore it also works as an antioxidant.

Fruit acids in hibiscus can work as an laxative. Some scientists think that other ingredients of hibiscus can lower blood pressure, reduce spasms in stomach, bowels and uterus.

Above all hibiscus can work as an antibiotic for fighting bacteria.

An older study has shown that 1 gram of hibiscus extract has great effect on levels of cholesterol.

In addition, people with high blood pressure which drink hibiscus tea three times a day can lower their blood pressure.

This looks promising but you should not rely solely on hibiscus tea for treating your blood pressure.

Hibiscus also has benefits when it comes to next problems:

  • loss of appetite
  • cold, coughing, sore throat
  • constipation
  • stomach issues
  • retaining water
  • heart issues
  • bad immunity
  • flesh wounds
  • insomnia

However, it takes more data so that hibiscus could be considered cure for these problems.

If you are having problems with insomnia click here to find out what is the best natural treatment for it.

Unwanted Effects

Hibiscus is considered safe for most people as unwanted effects are unknown.

However, it is not safe to be used during pregnancy.

There are known cases of hibiscus causing menstruation, which can lead to spontaneous abortion.

Considering that there is not enough data on safety of consuming hibiscus during breastfeeding it is not recommended.

Suiting dosage of hibiscus depends on multiple factors such as age, health condition and other factors.

There is not enough scientific facts which can make dosage more precise.

Amazing Top 9 Ways Hibiscus Tea Affects Your Body

Hibiscus tea has benefits for high cholesterol, increased blood pressure, flu, cold, making your skin young, excess weight.

However, here are amazing ways hibiscus tea affects your body.

1. Reduces Cholesterol

Hibiscus tea helps reduce levels of bad LDL cholesterol in your body.

This in addition helps protect your heart from various diseases and keeps your blood vessels safe.

Hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic attributes of this tea can be useful for people who suffer from diabetes.

Research done on patients with type 2 diabetes showed that consuming this tea lowers cholesterol which helps keeping this disease under control.

2. Protects Liver

Antioxidant means of hibiscus tea helps treat liver diseases.

Antioxidants help protect your body as they neutralize free radicals present in tissues and cells.

why hibiscus leafs turn yellow

As a matter of fact this tea can help you improve health of your whole organism.

3. Helps With Fighting Cancer

Tea made of this beautiful plant contains protonic acid which has anti tumour and antioxidant attributes.

Hibiscus slows down growth of cancer cells, strengthens organism and helps with consequences cancer has on organism.

4. It Is Anti Inflammatory And Anti Bacteria Agent

This plant is rich in ascorbin acid known as vitamin C.

Vitamin C is necessary ingredient of body which stimulates immunity.

Because of this vitamin you will be protected by diseases, cold and flu.

It can be also used for treating consequences made by increased body temperature.

5. Hibiscus Tea Reduces Menstrual Pains

One of the main advantages of this tea for women is reducing spasms and pains during menstruation.

Besides, it can help you regain hormonal balance, which can reduce symptoms of menstruation and menstrual cycle.

It will also reduce mood changes and depression.

6. Fights Depression And Anxiety

As it is rich in vitamins and minerals, this tea can help in calming down your nervous system.

hibiscus fights depression

It is used for reducing anxiety, stress and depression as it calms mind and body.

If you need advice on how to fight emotional dependency click here.

7. Helps With Constipation

This tea helps with better bowel movement.

It has diuretic effect so it can be used for treating constipation.

It will also help with health of your whole gastrointenstinal system.

By drinking this tea you will also reduce risk of getting bowel cancer.

If you have a bad stomach problems click here to learn now to solve them.

8. Weight Loss

It is very useful for losing excess weight.

After consuming food rich in carbohydrates you should drink hibiscus tea.

Extract of this wonderful plant reduces absorption of starch and glucose, therefore it can help with weight loss.

It is no wonder that you can find hibiscus extract in various weight loss medicine.

If you want to lose weight fast with one simple meal click here to find out more.

9. Lowers Blood Pressure

With hypertension, especially for adults, hibiscus tea is quite a remedy.

To achieve desired effects you should drink at least 3 cups of hibiscus tea.


Whether you want to grow this plant because of its beautiful flowers of for its health benefits you will not go wrong with this plant.

Easy to make tea has numerous health benefits for your organism, just avoid it during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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