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5X5 Workout – Strength Program

Is strength trening answer to many questions? This 5X5 workout may be the solution. Check out what is the definition of 5×5 workout and program.

In the world filled with instagram models, steroids, sylicon impants… It is time to bring inteligence, logic and common sense into workout.

Here the focus will be on power, health and longevity, in other words we do not need to care about taking photos of our bodies and post it on social media.

There is nothing wrong in looking better, however, our ulterior motives should be health in any way. In addition, to want something more, better and deeper than what is promoted to us.

How Important Is Strength Development?

It is very important. Above all, strenght improves every other physical activites, as it is basis for all human athletic movement.

I will give you one example, in order to make this theme closer to you and clarify why strength is important aspect of training.

If we take a thirty year old obese woman for example. And therefore she feels bad because of her look and health and wants to start some kind of training.

For instance that will get her tired, sweaty, it may help her to lose couple of pounds, but it will not make her stronger.

Similarly we take the same person, and teach her how to do deep squat, she will not only become stronger…

In addition she will be more elastic and mobile. Her balance, coordination, even precision will improve because of neurostimulation strength training gives.

The same person will also be more explosive because explosiveness is product of strength.

Explosiveness is actually strength observed in speed. In other words, she will be more agile, faster and will be able to jump higher, all thanks to strength training.

In conclusion, no matter what your goals are, strength training is root of all training and it should be first on your list. Not because strength training is the only thing you should do.

In other words strength training can improve all other performances you care, including your health and look.

Strength Training Benefits

Physical changes aren’t the only benefits you get with training. In addition training actually makes you a better person in emotional and mental sense.

By sheer will power or accepting difficulties is something that will teach to appreciate every gained good with gratitude and modesty.

Discipline and good habits will get off of (harmful) internet, video games, porn, chatting, and above all losing time in general.

This is therefore especially important for younger generations which are molded by media and social networks.

Safety is, in addition, very important mental aspect which training gives us. As it is very important for young people, which are, unfortunately, more and more filled with fears.

This doesn’t mean that 5×5 workouts and strength training should be used to develop cocky self confidence.

It should add to developing good character, safety, simplicity, and modesty.

Here is link to find out more strength training benefits.

How Does 5×5 Workout Develop Strength?

As we now know why strength training is important for you and its benefits. It is time to deal with key question. How to become stronger, above all, how to train your strength smartly.

This, suprisingly, can be a really tought question. Specially for beginners who get into gym for the first time and see all them machines. In other words, they do not know where to begin.

To clarify and simplify this, I will give 3 basic criterium to decide which exercises to do:

#1 Choose Exercises Which Use The Most Muscles

You might wonder : “What exercises are those?” These are exercises in which most joins moves, in other words bend.

For example, when bend your arm in elbow you use biceps. But if we take squat for example, your hips, knees and ankle move. Therefore, almost your whole body.

This means that by doing squats you use more muscle mass than when doing leg extension where you bend only knees.

#2 Pick Exercises With Which You Can Lift The Most Weight (WITH PROPER FORM)

Squats, again. Squats are king of exercises, as they active most muscles with which you can lift the most weight.

If you do squats without weights the question is how much will that squat empower you?

If you haven’t exercised before, you will gain strength doing squats without weights. In conclusion you will gain some strength, but after that you will just improve your muscle stamina.

On the other hand, if you do weighted squats, not only will you go stronger but you will also improve your endurance.

#3 Do The Exercise In The Most Efficient Movement For Strength Development

Today we can see how people lift a lot of weights in short movements.

Here the goal is reversed. You should do the exercise as deep as you can, but safely.

Important thing is that you exercise is correct and safe. Focus on doing certain movement, form if you will, of doing the exercise, not the weight.

In other words this should be the most important for you during every training.

If you make the slightest mistake that can cost you a big injury. Then you have to, in best case scenario, to rest at least 4-5 months.

Above all it is important to train smart.

Lets wrap up what we have learned so far.

By chosing strength exercises, you first need to meet the first criteria. In other words, pick exercises which use the most muscle mass

Then second criteria comes. Pick exercises with which you can lift the most weight in the correct form.

In the end third criteria is left. Do the exercise movement as efficiently as you can.

Basic Exercises For 5X5 Workout – Strength Program

By meeting all three criteria, we come to 4 basic exercises for strength training:

  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Bench Press
  • Overhead Press

Quick note here: All of the said above is for women and men. Do not media conform how you should look and workout.

Before you get more solid answer why these four exercises are basic for strength training I will tako about training itself.

Effective training is simple and hard. On the first look these words seem a little contradictory but they are not.

Most of the people who go to gym want complicated and light training. But this training can hardly be effective. Simple and hard training is what you want.

If you want to lose weight and gain strength that is not complicated. However, it is also not easy, because it needs constant and hard work.

We can say life is like training. If we want quality life, we have to be persistent in forming good and healthy habbits, which are indeed very simple, but for most people they are hard to adopt.

Just now we get more concrete answer to next question.

Why Are These Four Exercises Basic For 5×5 Workout And Strength Training?

As I explained earlier in the text. You need to pick exercises which use the most muscle (#1 Criteria), with which you lift the most weight(#2 Criteria), in the most efficient movement to develop strength(#3 Criteria).

These exercises are squats, dead lift, bench press and overhead press. I will talk about them in more detail.


Squats are exercises in which we put bar on our back, squat and get back up. Therefore our whole body is under weight and here’s the point.

It is simple exercises, and therefore it’s the hardest one. For that reason a lot of people avoid squatting.

However, body responds to this exercise in a way it doesn’t respond on any other exercises. In muscle, hormonal and testosterone level it improves.

5x5 workout strength program

To find out more about squats click here.

Dead Lift

Dead lift is simple movement of lifting the weights from the ground with straight back and chest up front.

Our back in this way grow stronger and become more resilient to injury.

To repeat myself again, train smart, right and safe.

5x5 workout

Bench Press

Bench press allows us to lift the most weight by using upper body.

Muscles activated are:

  • chest
  • shoulders
  • triceps
  • biceps
  • and even abs, but in smaller amount

5x5 workout

Overhead Press

In other words you lift the weight above your head.

As squats, this exercise puts whole body under stress, starting with our head to our feet.

Muscles that get the most out of this exercise are shoulders and trapesius.

Potisak se jednostavno izvodi tako što se teg podiže iznad glave. Kao i čučanj, to je vežba gde je celo telo pod teretom, od naše glave, pa sve do naših nogu. Mišići koji su najviše aktivni kod ove vežbe su ramena i trapezius.

5x5 workout

5×5 Workout Program

This program is meant for average and beginner trainers.

Program is widely used and scientificaly proven, therefore if you stick to it, results in strength improvement and muscle mass increase are guaranteed.

It is very simple and easy to follow.

It is done 3 times a week and will not take more than 40 minutes of your precious time. You can guess the exercises done(the ones I mentioned above).

We will split them into two groups:

  • A – squat, bench, overhead press and barbell row
  • B – squat, overhead press and dead lift

In the first week you train by next pattern

First day – Workout A

Squat: 5 reps, 5 series, 3-5 minute break

Bench: 5 reps, 5 series, 2-5 minute break

Barbell row: 5 reps, 5 series, 2-5 minute break

Second day – Rest

Third day – Workout B

Squat: 5 reps, 5 series, 3-5 min rest

Overhead Press: 5 reps, 5 series, 2-5 min rest

Dead lift: 5 reps, 1 series, 3-5 min rest

Fourth day – Rest

Fifth day – Workout A

Squat: 5 reps, 5 series, 3-5 min rest

Bench Press: 5 reps, 5 series, 2-5 min rest

Barbell Row: 5 reps, 5 series, 2-5 min rest

This is A/B/A week.

In the second week you do B/A/B.

After that just repeat cycle.

5×5 Workout Strength Training Notes

Start light, with smaller weights to get used to pushing, pulling and squatting three times a week.

Focus on right form. So that you could in addition add weights safely. This is very important, because if you start with big weights, not only could you hurt yourself, but you will probably miss the next, and that is the beginning of the end.

Do not skip trainings. Rest every other day.

If you are beginner, dont hesitate to start with just the bar. After that you will in three months (beleive it or not) you will be able to squat 100kgs.

Be well educated on correct for and for every exercise, do not be scared to ask for advice.

Additional Guidance For 5×5 Workout Strength

Adding weight

For each training you should add 2.5 kg of weight on every exercise. With squat and dead lift, you can add up to 10kg if it is too light for you.

If you get to the point that it is too hard, reduce the weight by 10% and continue training.

Warm Up

Before you begin your training. Do couple of warm up sets. Start with empty bar, and add up by 10 or 20 kg untill you get to your weight with which you do 5×5 workout.

With getting stronger your should extend your warm up.

Dead lift and barbell rows, considering they are the last exercises to be done, do not need too much warm up.


Strong abs keep you from getting injured. Abs are very important for health of your spine, as they are support your spinal column.

There you go, I think this is about everything you need to know when starting 5×5 workout for strenght.

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