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5 Ideal Meals After Training For Muscle Recovery

You might think it’s enough to only train hard, but you must take in mind food you eat after hard training. If you want more efficiency and faster results, I recommend that after working out you eat one of these 5 meals.


This unusual vegetables has red pigment called beticyanin, which serves as excelent antioxidant, helps transfer oxygen to muscle and alleviates muscle spasm. Prepare it on you favorite way… Cooked, baked, or in salad.


Eggs of course are on this list. Rich in protein, considered one of the best meals you can take after training because they help with tissue recovery and they give muscles strenght needed. If you like them boiled are a better solution.

Greek Yogurt

With fresh fruit, this yogurt becomes ideal choice for meal after training. Not to mention that 100 grams of this great addition to my list has only 59 calories and 20 grams of protein.



Tasty and refreshing watermelon will help you rehidrate after workout and provide your body with necessary nutrients. Almost 90 percent of watermelon is made of water, and a portion of two slices has only 80 calories.


Excellent source of protein that your body needs after exercise. Amount of protein varies from person to person, but if you do cardio exercises like running you’ll need around 1.2 gram of protein by 1 kg of your body weight. If you are focused on strenght exercises you need more.

These meals are my favorite choice after hard training try and see what effect they have on you.


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